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1978 Dennis Dain Cook Bros. Racing

By J.T.,


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Classification Details

Brand Cook Bros. Racing
Model Custom Dennis Dain
Genre Race
Class Pro
Country of MFG USA
Year of MFG 1978
Finish Refinished
Condition NOS Perfect

Core Structure

Frame Cook Bros. Racing
Fork Cook Bros. Racing
Handlebars Redline Proline V bar
Stem Cook Bros. Racing Slantline
Headset TANGE
Gyro N/A

Wheel Details

Front Hub Cook Bros.
Rear Hub Bendix Coaster Redline
Mag Wheel N/A
Rim C&G Super Pro
Front Tire Schwinn Scrambler
Rear Tire Cycle Pro Snake Belly
Spokes Double butted

Divetrain Details

Cranks Ashtabula stamped
Pedals MKS rat trap
Pedal Cage N/A
Chain Schwinn
Sprocket Takagi
Spider Takagi
Bottom Bracket Schwinn

Seat Details

Seat Post Clamp Steel
Seat Post Laguna solid alloy
Seat Kashimax suede
Seat Cover N/A

Brake Details

Brake Front N/A
Brake Rear Dia-Compe 890
Brake Lever Dia-Compe
Brake Cable N/A
Brake Shoes Weinmann

Miscellaneous Details

Grips Malcolm Smith
Pad Set Cook Bros. Racing
Number Plate Dennis Dain's original 173
Decals Cook Bros. Racing original
Other N/A

Additional Notes

Dennis Dain was sponsored by Ralph's Bicycles and co-sponsored by Cook Bros. A custom Red and Gold frame was designed for Dennis. Minicycle BMX/Action magazine was featuring the Cook Bros. racers and their bikes in the October issue. Unbeknown to Dennis Cook Bros. had him wear the Cook Bros. jersey instead of the Ralph's jersey, that didn't set too well with Ralph.

The article features Dennis's 26lbs bike as he preferred a stronger bike than super light bikes as he was a bigger and stronger rider.

I told Dennis about the build in 2008 and still had a hard time finding the seat, spider, and chainring. As with my 1979 Dennis Dain Redline replica he sent me a seat, spider, and chainring from the original bike! To top it off the original 173 plate and photos from the Minicycle photo shoot, talk about awesome!!

Had a nearly perfect nickel frame that I had stripped then had it professionally painted exactly like his original, even hand painted pin stripes.

Slapped it all together right before the 2010 Rockford Vintage gathering. Created a poster of Dennis's photo's and magazine shots to go along with the bike. It was well received at the Rockford!

I promised Robert Cook, Gary Cook's son, that I would show him this and my other Cook Bros. bikes. Well I packed up four CBR's and sent them to sunny California for the 40th Anniversary of BMX celebration. It was great to have Dennis see it first hand and Robert was blown away by it too!

The Cook Bros. (Gary and Craig) created awesome products and as Dennis has stated, he won more races riding a Cook Bros. than any other bike. A special thanks to Dennis for allowing me to share his personal BMX items on this bike to make it that much more special!