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Intense Podium Limited



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Classification Details

Brand Intense
Model Podium Limited
Genre Race
Class Pro
Country of MFG N/A
Year of MFG 2012
Finish Original
Condition Used Excellent

Core Structure

Frame N/A
Fork N/A
Handlebars N/A
Stem N/A
Headset N/A
Gyro N/A

Wheel Details

Front Hub N/A
Rear Hub N/A
Mag Wheel N/A
Rim N/A
Front Tire N/A
Rear Tire N/A
Spokes N/A

Divetrain Details

Cranks N/A
Pedals N/A
Pedal Cage N/A
Chain N/A
Sprocket N/A
Spider N/A
Bottom Bracket N/A

Seat Details

Seat Post Clamp N/A
Seat Post N/A
Seat N/A
Seat Cover N/A

Brake Details

Brake Front N/A
Brake Rear N/A
Brake Lever N/A
Brake Cable N/A
Brake Shoes N/A

Miscellaneous Details

Grips N/A
Pad Set N/A
Number Plate N/A
Decals N/A
Other N/A

Additional Notes

Voted ;BMX Society.com's,,, NEW SCHOOL BMX (2001 to present) BIKE OF THE YEAR 2014


Frame: Intense Podium XLT Olympic Edition
Fork: Sinz Elite Pro Carbon Fiber with 20?millimeter through?axle
Headset: Sinz Elite Integrated
Bottom Bracket: Sinz Elite
Bars: Sinz
Grips: Sinz Elite
Brakes: Sinz Elite
Cranks: Sinz Elite XXX Gold Commemorative
Sprocket: Rennen
Pedals: Shimano
Wheels: Sinz Elite
Hubs: Sinz Elite iHub 20mm
Tires: ITS Hustler
Seatpost: SDG I Beam
Seat: SDG Olympic I-Beam
Custommods: Custom Olympic?painted Starsand Stripes(with #1460 painted on Top Tube) Intense Podium XLT frame with retro Intense headbadge