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Pedals Ready GT Pedals Ready

By comedianmike,

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Classification Details

Brand Pedals Ready GT
Model Pedals Ready
Genre Race
Class N/A
Country of MFG USA
Year of MFG 1976
Finish Refinished
Condition Used Fair

Core Structure

Frame Pedals Ready
Fork None
Handlebars N/A
Stem N/A
Headset N/A
Gyro N/A

Wheel Details

Front Hub N/A
Rear Hub N/A
Mag Wheel N/A
Rim N/A
Front Tire N/A
Rear Tire N/A
Spokes N/A

Divetrain Details

Cranks N/A
Pedals N/A
Pedal Cage N/A
Chain N/A
Sprocket N/A
Spider N/A
Bottom Bracket Euro

Seat Details

Seat Post Clamp N/A
Seat Post N/A
Seat N/A
Seat Cover N/A

Brake Details

Brake Front N/A
Brake Rear N/A
Brake Lever N/A
Brake Cable N/A
Brake Shoes N/A

Miscellaneous Details

Grips N/A
Pad Set N/A
Number Plate N/A
Decals N/A
Other N/A

Additional Notes

I was making my rounds to the local swap meet and ran into a bmx friend who usually has a spot. I was admiring about a (Jan) '81 GT he had for sale when he mentioned he had a PR at the house. I couldn't believe it until I had it in my hands the next day. He had gotten the bike of a gentleman who had it for several years. The seat tube mass has been cut down and there is a small ding in bottom bracket. I don't think it will effect the hardware at all. Besides that, this frame has been well taken care of and I plan on continuing that for several more years. To be honest this frame could of had a thousand dings, cracks and been cut in two, I still would of hung it up in my living room lol Thanks, Jeff I will take care of her