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Rumblefish CS (custom shop) sidehack

By Papa Wheelie 03x,


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Classification Details

Brand Rumblefish CS (custom shop)
Model sidehack
Genre Race
Class Sidehack
Country of MFG USA
Year of MFG 2021
Finish Original
Condition NOS Perfect

Core Structure

Frame Rumblefish CS (custom shop)
Fork N/A
Handlebars N/A
Stem N/A
Headset N/A
Gyro N/A

Wheel Details

Front Hub N/A
Rear Hub N/A
Mag Wheel N/A
Rim N/A
Front Tire N/A
Rear Tire N/A
Spokes N/A

Divetrain Details

Cranks N/A
Pedals N/A
Pedal Cage N/A
Chain N/A
Sprocket N/A
Spider N/A
Bottom Bracket N/A

Seat Details

Seat Post Clamp N/A
Seat Post N/A
Seat N/A
Seat Cover N/A

Brake Details

Brake Front N/A
Brake Rear N/A
Brake Lever N/A
Brake Cable N/A
Brake Shoes N/A

Miscellaneous Details

Grips N/A
Pad Set N/A
Number Plate N/A
Decals N/A
Other N/A

Additional Notes

2021 Rumblefish CS (custom shop) 18” wheel sidehack. I have been building a lot of different project, this being one of them. When I started I was unsure what to call them. I decided that anything that was not a single main tube design would be called Rumblefish CS (custom shop). This way I could still use the Rumblefish name but with a different logo. The hack is built using 4130 chromoly throughout and tig welded. I designed this from scratch, trying to build it to scale and small enough for younger kids without being to big. The hack is welded to the frame for Strength and light weight. The frame with hack is as light or lighter than most bolt on hacks. This being for younger kids I wanted it to be light and not over weight. Making it ez to ride and maneuver on the track. The grandsons love it and have a lot of fun riding it. Thanks for looking