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Front Hub

By S.Brothers,


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Classification Details

Type Front Hub
Brand SST
Model N/A
Serial Number N/A
Genre Race
Class Other
Country of MFG USA
Year of MFG 1982

Aesthetic Details

Finish Original
Condition Used Excellent
Color satin natural
Markings N/A

Purchase Details

Original Retail Price N/A
Purchase Price N/A
Purchase Date N/A

Additional Notes

Courtesy of Mark McMasters: SST is short for Brian Scura's company, 'Scura Speed & Technology'. Original satin silver finish intact and excellent chrome plated center piece on the front hub. These hubs are extremely uncommon, and I would estimate that there are around 12 sets exist in collector
hands. I guarantee that there are no other sets for sale. People that own these do not sell them. All but one other set of silver ones (in the U.K.) are two tones anodized colors. I've seen blue/green, red/black, gold, and there are rumored
to be a set of black/pink. I've also seen a set or two that were polished to look like chrome :-( These were not cheap hubs back in 1982 and not many sets were made...period. Both hub bodies are actually three pieces and are made from
aluminum. I don't know what type of sealed bearings these hubs have, but they are without a doubt the best spinning hubs that I have ever owned. Hubs come with original hardware and have never been tinkered with. The washers are
included, but not pictured. They were laced at one time, but they exhibit very little use. Threads for the freewheel on the rear hub are perfect. As far as I know, all SST Race Lace hubs had 36 spoke holes, as do mine.