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By dubplatestyle,

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Looks Heavy. How many ounces? In the words of Carl Bartley..."OUNCES make pounds, GRAMS make ounces." It took me about 5 seconds to understand which direction we were going to take after the first time I heard that statement. Harbor Lite was soon to become.

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Classification Details

Type Stem
Brand Tuf-Neck
Model 4.9 Mini Stem
Serial Number N/A
Genre Race
Class Mini
Country of MFG USA
Year of MFG N/A

Aesthetic Details

Finish Original
Condition NOS Perfect
Color Anodized Black
Markings Tuf-Neck Tiger Stamp

Purchase Details

Original Retail Price N/A
Purchase Price N/A
Purchase Date N/A

Additional Notes

Mini stem that clamps on fork threads (4.9 is supposed to denote it's actual weight, but this one came in at 5.3).