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By TrulyOdd,


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Classification Details

Type Handlebars
Brand HBS - Hesperia Bike Shop
Model Pro
Serial Number N/A
Genre Race
Class Pro
Country of MFG USA
Year of MFG N/A

Aesthetic Details

Finish Original
Condition Used Excellent
Color Chrome
Markings N/A

Purchase Details

Original Retail Price N/A
Purchase Price N/A
Purchase Date N/A

Additional Notes

HBS bars are a rare handlebar made for Hesperian Bike Shop by Voris Dixon (VDC). They have the CW style shape with Powerlite style "powerbends" on the ends by the grips.

Not to be confused with Shadow "Bull Bars" which have a very similar shape. HBS bars were out prior to the Shadow bars.

In the top picture, the bars on the top are Shadow's and the bottom ones are HBS (the Shadow bars have the double cross knurling...the HBS have full cross hatching).

The bottom picture shows both bars against each other...showing the different sweep and bends.