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By TrulyOdd,


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Classification Details

Type Stem
Brand Ultramax
Model Prototype
Serial Number N/A
Genre Race
Class Pro
Country of MFG N/A
Year of MFG N/A

Aesthetic Details

Finish Original
Condition N/A
Color N/A
Markings N/A

Purchase Details

Original Retail Price N/A
Purchase Price N/A
Purchase Date N/A

Additional Notes

picture originally posted in "Rare Stems" thread by member "2blader". (original quote from Don): I am Don from ULTRAXAX, HI Shawn. About the stem I have a machine shop at my house and I made a few proto stems all different. The one in the picture is my favorite and I sold it on e-Bay and it went way too cheap. In case you want to know I was the first person to make a tubular one piece crank. It was copied by Shimano for less than my plating cost so I turned the company into a BMX dist. company and we sold all BMX products. I made a deal with Profile that I would quit making cranks and they would give me the dist. of all there products. There was never or has never been since a crank made as light as the ULTRAMAX crank. The weight of the crank is one of the most important part of a BMX bike.