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  2. Brian you have the kind of problem I can relate to, keep it up!
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  4. there was a guy with one leg that used to race the reno aba national around 2000
  5. You posted it because it is a cool build and I agree. What is the story on that chain? looks very strong.
  6. Do you know how to get ahold of Andy Patterson Im an old friend of his.
  7. Last week
  8. Yep, I bought this 2018 Marin Bolinas Ridge 1 27.5 bike and I love it. Also getting quite the herd of 2021 race bikes.
  9. The original 3 Panda team members I think turned out to all be excellent motorcycle road racers. Dave Busby, Dave and Allen Scott were all excellent Bmx racers and motorcycle racers.
  10. Scott was one of the coolest guys ever. Lived and breathed BMX is the truth. I first met Scott in 88 l at a freestyle contest in Portland. He would haul his trailer around and sell parts. I moved to Eugene in the summer of 89 and joined the R&C Freestyle team. Awesome times. We had a ton of fun cruising in the RV going to contests. The contest scene went dead so I started racing. It was late 90/early 91 when he started Bomber. Hanging around the shop packaging up pads and plates in exchange for bike parts. I left for the Air Force in summer of 92. When ever I was back in town I would stop by the shop on West 11th. Miss that place. Rest in Peace Scott. Daniel
  11. Google is your friend. :-) Entry level bike made in China and sold thru Costco many years ago.
  12. Yeah if you could post some pictures that would be awesome
  13. What tires are you running at the minute?
  14. Pretty impressive riding for anybody. Congrats on his commitment and ability to riding.
  15. Brian this is one of my favorite threads because riding bicycles. Re the 24 I know they are awesome I will encourage you and your better half to also try out a modern hardtail MTB (27.5 or 29r) cause it is also good time. Keep up the riding!
  16. Nice parts change out, still looking first class! Question re the Motomags: Would the painted ones have been around for when that frame was out? Not that it matters I like it with Tuffs or Motomags.
  17. Awesome picture and background info. And Rick involved with some of the participants, very cool! As John said Thank you for your service! Didn't Dave Busby do motorcycle roadracing at some point? And RAAM, maximum respect for anyone that has done that.
  18. Amazing dedication and for the love of two wheels! He has my respect. Kind of related about 10 years ago I was doing the 12 hours of Temecula an MTB 12 hour XC race. On one of my out laps (each lap is 10 miles) late in the race I was on a long uphill grade portion and reeling a racer ahead of me in, which always feels good in race mode. Keep in mind I am NOT Tinker Juarez or even a cat 2 rider, just trying to stay in shape as I age. So I was thinking wow I am catching this racer on a hard uphill. Well I passed him but as I did I noticed he was only pedaling with one leg, clipped in of course. He was racing in a XC race with one leg and was getting it done. After the race went over to meet him, shake his hand and give him the respect he earned.
  19. It is a small world Rick. Elaine’s accomplishment always amazed me. Through the time her brothers were racing Bmx she really had no interest is cycling (that I could tell). The dedication, the amount of training and the mental toughness to do that race and to win is unbelievable! Thank you for your service Rick.
  20. Recently I bought this bike for pretty cheap. I have never heard of it before and there is not much about it online. It is called a Motiv Plateau i guess.... Has anyone heard of it before?
  21. Wow!! Small world. I knew that was you and Dave. Wasn't 100 percent sure on Terry but the info on Elaine Mariolle blew me away! I was friends with Scott Terriberry (who is good friends with Jim Langley) and met her through him. In fact, I was working my way into being crew for either Scott or her in the RAAM in 84 or 85. Not sure what happened but I know that I joined the Air Force instead and that was the end of that.
  22. That would be Danny Mariolle. Two of his older brothers were on the Silver Shield Team also, Kevin and Ray. The Mariolle family was full of outstanding racers. Oldest sister Elaine won the 1986 Race across America and is a member of the World UltraCycling Hall of Fame. Dave Busby is in the background. Terry Barker in the middle and im on the right.
  23. Great picture John!! Who's the grom?
  24. Post a picture or email me at brianhaysbmx@yahoo.com
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