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  2. I moved this post to the “Riding, Resesrch...” forum since it has more traffic. You’ll be able to get more answers there.
  3. Rock that coaster, man, your good... J/K frame and parts'll clean up nice
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  5. I recently found this black Hutch Expert Racer. Mostly a survivor, except for the 20 spoke (yes, 20) back wheel...with a Shimano coaster hub.
  6. Awesome, thanks for the reply! Super proud to own this piece of history!
  7. Last week
  8. there is a later version of the company that is "cooks" bros
  9. Welcome back. Maybe post a pic of the stuff you have to trade. It might help.
  10. We’re shooting a music video for the song I’m On A Bike. We’re looking for 2 boys with bikes who look between 12 and 16 years old. They need to be able to do some basic tricks, wheelies, no-hands, bouncing etc. The shoot will take about 8 hours between 2 days. We our looking for volunteers. We would be able to pay for food, and their names would be in the credits of the video. The dates will be some time between Saturday Aug 8 and Sunday Aug 16 We will be following social distancing guidelines, shooting it so it looks like they’re closer together than they are. Please forward to anyone you think might be interested. Thanks, Joe Matzzie – Singer / Songwriter (323)828-9105 joe@joematzzie.com 19115 Arminta Street Reseda CA 91335 http://joematzzie.com Patrick Gdovic – Director / Cameraman https://czechmateproductions.com
  11. those CBR traning wheels are real hens teeth lol
  12. So I purchased alot of stuff from a bike shop that closed down the.. these were all bikes that customers never came back and picked up I'm sure this is 1987 but what model is it.. H87112425
  13. I already know the answer But I figured I would ask anyways. Would you be interested in selling the JR1. 

  14. My wife got a Vespa for her birthday so I had an excuse to get one of these, it’s DOT certified. I love it! Got a closed face helmet as well, but for scooting around local streets this is great. Don’t laugh too hard at my pic, please keep in mind that the camera always makes you look at least 10% more dork.
  15. While I hate to talk about another site. I was just over at the museum and saw this posted up for sale. This frameset has some history behind it and has a serial number on the BB FP013. Factory Pilot/Pro.....just was curious if anyone else has any info, insight on serial #'s. My OM is FP014 on the BB. Sean Ewing? Any help? Anyone else have an OM with FP in the serial number? Where these frames meant for Factory Riders?
  16. Thanks man. Like everyone on here bikes have been a part of my life since I was able to pedal. Always will be. The garage has been full and has been empty but there has always been at one.
  17. Cool to see you return. Sounds like you still managed to be involved with bikes other than BMX ones. Probably really nice doing that in Colorado too.
  18. It has been so long (Dec, 2011) since I last visited the site. So long that I forgot my user name here (Dynopro) and had to create a new one. I have been browsing and catching up on some of the threads. Man things have gotten a bit out of control. Prices and drama wise. What have I been up to ?I left the BMX collecting to the guys with deeper pockets than I. Everything I had collected over the years was sold off when I made a series of moves from Colorado to California and back to Colorado. I have two 20 inch frames left is all. I got heavy into MTB, racing DH and some enduro. Some DJ. And that is probably where I am at for a while. I still enjoy checking out everyone's collections and glad to see BMX collecting is still going strong. It is good to see familiar names still active and doing well. I do have one thing I am looking to trade. I have a NMS (New Mid School?) Yeti SuperX XXL frame. The Jerid Graves Olympic BMX 20 frame. I would love to trade it for a NMS Santa Cruz Jackal either 20 or 24 in any color. Anyway I will be around, back in Denver so if anyone is around and wants to shoot the shit hit me up. 3oh3 552 Seven 94 nine.
  19. I know Greg. I grew up with him. I can't believe I found this post. That picture has Greg, Brandon S and Myself in it. Can't remember where we were racing that day. I haven't heard from Greg since High School. It would be nice to catch up. If you could tell him hi for me that would be great. Sincerely, Chris
  20. I’m truly an idiot. Thank you for correcting me. I’ve always heard Cooks when people say it.
  21. welcome to the site. You’re at the right place. Have you tried contacting Lynn Kastan? Redline was his company and he could answer your questions. Maybe someone here can help reach out to him.
  22. All good. The screen shot of the info from Masterstint is pretty much the gospel. He is the foremost expert on all things CBR.
  23. Thanks for taking the time to post,i keep going back for another look!
  24. Oops. As you can tell, I’m clueless. I thought you meant late 1980’s. I think late 1980 is exactly the number. Thank you for putting up with my ignorance.
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