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  2. WOW! That JU racing mini frame is pretty cool. The rest are just plain cool. LOL
  3. The 'Mini Shootout!!' continues....... '86 JU 'Jeff Utterback' Racing Mini Frame w/ pressed in bottom bracket bearings installed: 2 lbs. 14 oz. (1319 grams) JU Racing Mini Fork: 1 lbs. 1 oz. (507 grams) N.O.S. Bandito Racing Mini Frame: 3 lbs. (1360 grams)
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  5. Thought I would see how much of difference there is between a painted frame vs chrome plated. N.O.S. Blazer Mini Frame (Painted): 2 lbs. 14.9 oz. (1332 grams) Metallic Brown While I was at it, thought I would weigh a JMC for good measure. N.O.S. '85 JMC Mini Frame (Painted): 2 lbs. 8 oz. (1133 grams)
  6. I wonder how many they will make and what they sell for. In any case, as it is with all of the Supreme stuff, it's gonna be a pretty ridiculous price.
  7. Rich kid toys. That bike will probably sell for more than a new car.
  8. “Supreme is also offering a form of transportation with a 20” BMX Dirtbike by legendary BMX company S&M Bikes.” www.hypebeast.com
  9. Ah yes! Sundance. Great history there. Orange & black jerseys right? They were always a big presence at races. I grew up in South burbs of Chicago, we had several competitive teams in the early 80s from that area: Crete Custom Cyclery (Crete), Dino's Cyclery (Richton Park), and Paramount Schwinn (Harvey,Midlothian,& Matteson). I was on the Paramount team, Craig Reynolds was on Dino's. I do remember Ade's too!
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  11. Price dropped to $1050 shipped or feel free to hit me with trade offers.
  12. Just secured the very first 20" and 24" alloy factory samples for the 2007 frame run. I'll post pics when they arrive.
  13. I guess that's more than I expected. Local friend of mine has a 26" he just pulled out of storage.
  14. I'm in Peoria. Never raced much but hung with alot of guys who rode for Little Ade's BMX shop in Pekin (still going strong). All the tracks local except Detweiller are gone. I'm good friends with Brian Price who was a heavy hitter bitd. He lives in Peoria and rode for Sundance Cycle up north.
  15. That's a pretty cool modern retro. I really dig the color combo.
  16. The alloy bottom bracket cups are currently seized on the Harbor-Lite, so I can't accurately give an 'apples-to-apples' comparison at the moment. Blazer Mini Frame (Chrome): 3 lbs. 0.4 oz. Harbor-Lite 'Sew-Up' Fork: 1 lbs. 0.4 oz. (465 grams) Harbor-Lite 'Ultra-Lite' Mini Frame (w/ O.M.A.S. 'Big Sliding' Bottom Bracket / Steel Spindle): 3 lbs. 11 oz. 'Ultra-Lite' Mini Fork: 1 lbs. 0.9 oz. (480 grams)
  17. It rides great. Onyx hubs are the smoothest I’ve ever ridden.
  18. Welcome! I moved your post here so more people will see it. Doug
  19. David Weber here, looking to hopefully reconnect with some old BMX racing buddies. I used to race all over the Midwest in the early to late 80s. Elkhorn,Michigan City,South Bend,Waterford Oaks,Lombard,Manteno,Bourbonais,Rockford,Peoria,Springfield,Elkhart, Elkhorn,etc. I used to race Robinson,GT,Elf,and JMC.Craig Reynolds,Mighty Mo Tilman, Mark Melton, where you at?!!!
  20. That came up awesome..i bet it rides even better!
  21. Gary Turner teamed up with GT BMX and did a run of 100 26” retro BMX packages, called Reunion sets. I got one. It kind of brings my adult BMX thing full circle. This whole hobby started for me circa 2001. I found an all black 1987 GT Performer in the Jersey City Salvation Army for $29. It was all original and in excellent condition. I wish I had held on to it or at least taken a good photo. Oh well. I’ve always been a GT guy. I’ve since evolved into an exclusively 26” and retro guy. I decided to go nearly all black with this bike, like that first GT, and the 87 PFT Team I hada couple years later. 2020 Gary Turner GT BMX reunion 26” frame, fork, seat post and bars GT retro mallet stem GT retro Power Series cranks and spider MCS chainwheel KMC chain Profile bottom bracket Profile GAS pedals Cane Creek 110 headset Paul brake and lever Profile seat clamp Brooks C17 seat Onyx hubs Velocity rims GT tires Oury grips
  22. I never knew the exact amount. My best guess would have been a couple hundred at the most.
  23. Yeah the stickers are definitely new / repop replacements but the evidence is there in the chrome protection that there were some kind of original decals in those spots. Any info glady apprecitaed thanks !
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