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  3. The chainring is almost as big as the back wheel! I love RRS, they were so far ahead of their time. However, I can see how the 20/16 never caught on.
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  5. SwannySixtySix

    Beautiful! Great detail man!
  6. SwannySixtySix

    What a great bike!!
  7. Nice! I have a hat just like that as well with my name on it. The thing that amazed me about Scot, was his memory. He remembered so many people and places and things... it was inceadible. Stoked you got the hat!
  8. Sorry for short notice. There is an advance screening in Santa Rosa tomorrow. Alden - the man behind the bike - hopes to have additional screenings in 2020.
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  10. About 9-10 years ago, the OM said he had a hat for me. Never got it from him but still a cool gesture. On October of this year, Scoty Jr. saw a drawing I posted on the Society's Facebook page where Scot signed the drawing off to "Radical Rick. He contacted me and asked me if his dad called me Radical Rick and if he "owed" me a hat. I told him that I was pretty certain that he called a few people that including Damian. He said he was going to send me the hat nevertheless. I told him I could not really say that was the one for me but he said it was all good. Put a tear in my eye. Scot was so good at making even the lowest moto-filler special. He's still doing from the great beyond.
  11. Darren past away last summer 2019 I'm his brother Don martin i have this bike Darren gave it to me. I would like to see it go to someone who would appreciate its history
  12. Hi im Darren martins brother Darren past away last summer. I have the blue bike in the photos above. I would like to see it go to someone who would appreciate it. My name is Don martin phone number is 281 360 8999
  13. Buy the numbers on yours it would make it a oct 78 as well.
  14. Gary Fisher Lush Rush! I'd bet my life on it. 1999. Only year it was made. That color is blood/Dead red. Loved that bike. It was stolen from me in Grand Junction, Colorado. Paid over $400 for it new.
  15. First generation, cad plated, R&R with original price still affixed. $85 in '74/'75 = $410 in '19/'20!?
  16. Been here and done that already and it says nothing about a MX having numbers as a late 78 lol thanks though
  17. The post is old but he’s still an active member there.
  18. This post at bmxmuseum seems very informative.
  19. Some ass clown on facebook was asking for dimensions so he could make some a while back. People suck.
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