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  2. Probably helped by aussie collectors going a bit nuts on mongooses lately
  3. There used to lots of pictures of the park back then. I think there used to be pictures of the vintage event we did there years ago. i grew up in Torrance and still live in Redondo Beach. I take my son there quite a bit and while a few landmarks are still there it’s very different from the 80s. Welcome to the site... Tony
  4. so rad, Brian... sounds like you're having a blast
  5. interesting... I haven't seen any go near that... I'm out of the loop I guess.
  6. I’ve seen 2 recently go for around $2500. I don’t know about the Schwinn Scrambler
  7. hi guys and gals, I am new to this forum. i was speaking with a buddy about bikes from our youth and i mentioned that i still have my supergoose from childhood and his jaw almost hit the ground. my question is what is the value of this bike? i did a little research on the serial number and found that it was made in Jan of 1981 which makes sense because it was the spring of 1981 that it was purchased for me from my local bike shop. the parts that survived includes frame, forks, 3 piece crank, handle bars, gooseneck, seat post, and seat post clamp. the hardware for the crank and forks has mongoose stamped in them. the bike is clean for the most part with the exception of some scratches in the forks and where the wheels mount. i also have my first bike which is all original with the exception of tires... the bike is a 16" schwinn scrambler. any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  9. I believe these are 3rd gen with new lock-collars IMHO.
  10. Last of the batch are a set of 4gen (I believe), which are loose-ball and not sealed bearing. The last set I have are a 1gen Mohawk low flange loose-ball that came with a GT Mach One 87. My guess is that they didn’t come with the bike originally and were from a newer bike but I have not researched that. The bike the came with is not restored but I’m still working to get it a close as possible to a 87-88 Mach One and I’m missing some parts. I live in Uruguay, which is the twilight zone of BMX parts so getting all of these demanded years of paying taxes and high shipping costs, plus having limited capacity in what I can buy and get into the country. It’s hell, believe me. I hope you enjoyed these posts and if you happen to knwo where I can get a 1st gen rear chrome or painted hub and/or a 3rd gen 36 set that’d be awesome if you could let me know. Thanks for reading! Best, Mario
  11. I finally sold these 36H to a friend. I now would like to get a replacement for those as they would come really handy now. But he’s happy and I’m happy to have helped him as he definitely didn’t stand a chance of getting those anywhere else. If anyone has a set to sell that be hugely appreciated.
  12. Then to finish with sealed bearing ones I have the high flange 36H 3rd gen mounted with Araya 7X in near mint condition.
  13. And here are the assembled ones.as you can see in both sets I put lock-collars form Porkchop, as in the next set.
  14. Then 3rd gen 32H. I have two sets, one assembled and another waiting to be put together with a pair of Araya Super 7X I got re chromed to awesome results.
  15. Following with what I believe is 2nd gen (please correct me if I’m wrong). These were powder-coated before they reached me in a strange hue of blue.
  16. Hi, All useful information. GT hubs have a certain allure don’t they? I’m attaching my collection here. Here are my first gen ones (or so I think). I’m looking for a rear one to pair with the front chrome that is alone there. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Best, Mario
  17. Yep, I rode my Stormer and then my GT (first local kid to have a first run GT) both from Dad’s Bike Barn (O.G. Shop), and yeah, you’re description is on point bro. I was still going to Beryl Heights at the time, Regan’s first term, 1979-1982. Also: at top of hill, before that first big Double Jump, prior to the Banzai (then left Berm), you could break left (toward playground) and after a 50-70 ft speed ramp, was a table-top jump), that was killer. It was only 3’ high x 5-7’ long, but man I felt cool flying over that. Once I wiped out land my air off it, and landed in a heap only to see dog poop on my cool new Star Wars digital watch. - 04.16.2021, I’m 51, Larry B.
  18. Ran our first race tonight. 13 motos. Ran 46-50 novice and took three thirds. Melissa had to run us three guys and finished fourth but stayed with us the whole track. Great night!
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  20. Ive raced on and off since 13,ive been back with my daughter racing local,state and national events since 2012.If i could say a couple of things that may help it would see if theres any good coaches locally to help with riding technique etc,pad up with body armour and i find new older racers keep trying to get faster before they become good riders...so as much as you need fitness the ability to ride the track well is paramount...enjoy Brian its a great path to follow at any age!
  21. Here is a bike pic. Still waiting for my seat. Also have some frame dents to remove. I'll post that process also.
  22. The track just posted this pic of me and Melissa leaving the gate.
  23. Took a knife and scrapt the edges while the paint was soft. To match the other. I probably could have bought pinstripe and mask with it but did not.
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