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  1. Last week
  2. I’m no expert but maybe a 1996 P61 or something like that.
  3. Was seeing what kind of powerlite, serial number 11961928 and it says "pro" by numbers.
  4. I wonder if that is the Kevin McCarthy that is now a congressman?
  5. do you have a picture? might be Nov 96 does it have canti brakes, 1.125 head set?
  6. Can some help me with this powerlite model number 11961928.
  7. Bump dig deep and add dates... please do dig deep though
  8. TayTayT

    Bmx Redline

    Boys BMX Racing Redline bike $250
  9. Earlier
  10. Oh man. I wish. I even have some OG decal sets. But I think Steve's right, and it's out of my reach right now.
  11. Glad you're enjoying them. BMX Plus - March 1980 .pdf - Now available for download at https://Oldschoolmags.com
  12. I am fortunate (and thankful to my parents) to have been able to keep almost all my bicycles, frames and/or parts from then till now. Of the bikes I do not have, my first bike, a blue heavily (emphasis on heavy) upgraded, AJ wheels, etc 74 stingray. A first gen all steel yellow mongoose (with custom made added brake bridge) and a first year issue all steel blue SE OM flyer. Having said that, I have the frame and fork (along with most of the parts) that replaced the Mongoose. A Cycle Pro spoiler, purchased new likely mid 77. I had removed the original Cycle Pro Foiler stickers and replaced them with FMF in an attempt to fool people into thinking it was an FMF. It did not work, no one was fooled. When I got serious about racing in 78, I embraced the frame as it was sold and reapplied Cycle Pro stickers. I raced it until the end of 79 when I switched to a first generation SE str-1 likely obtained in Dec 79 but that is another story.
  13. Other than my Star Products that’s been with me since BITD, this Hustler Pro might be one the earliest in my collection.
  14. Thanks fellas. Good ol Pentax K1000 and a roll of TRI-X 400. I was just hoping to meet Oz...or Windy
  15. Great thread to bring back!! The PK I posted on page two is long gone but I have had this RA7 since Christmas Eve of 2012 when a bunch of members here surprised me with it. It is one of a handful I will always have. Truly miss the old days and crew that were here.
  16. Original owner on this one. My dad bought it new in early '84 for me.
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