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  2. Yep, I rode my Stormer and then my GT (first local kid to have a first run GT) both from Dad’s Bike Barn (O.G. Shop), and yeah, you’re description is on point bro. I was still going to Beryl Heights at the time, Regan’s first term, 1979-1982. Also: at top of hill, before that first big Double Jump, prior to the Banzai (then left Berm), you could break left (toward playground) and after a 50-70 ft speed ramp, was a table-top jump), that was killer. It was only 3’ high x 5-7’ long, but man I felt cool flying over that. Once I wiped out land my air off it, and landed in a heap only to see dog poop on my cool new Star Wars digital watch. - 04.16.2021, I’m 51, Larry B.
  3. Ran our first race tonight. 13 motos. Ran 46-50 novice and took three thirds. Melissa had to run us three guys and finished fourth but stayed with us the whole track. Great night!
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  5. Ive raced on and off since 13,ive been back with my daughter racing local,state and national events since 2012.If i could say a couple of things that may help it would see if theres any good coaches locally to help with riding technique etc,pad up with body armour and i find new older racers keep trying to get faster before they become good riders...so as much as you need fitness the ability to ride the track well is paramount...enjoy Brian its a great path to follow at any age!
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  7. Here is a bike pic. Still waiting for my seat. Also have some frame dents to remove. I'll post that process also.
  8. The track just posted this pic of me and Melissa leaving the gate.
  9. Took a knife and scrapt the edges while the paint was soft. To match the other. I probably could have bought pinstripe and mask with it but did not.
  10. You're never too old Brian. Looks like both of you are enjoying it. Have fun and race on.
  11. That is some nice work you have put into that wheel. Looks good and look forward to seeing the whole project move along.
  12. Adding a picture of my own Webco frame to this thread to keep it growing. This thread alone is a great Webco resource, which I have frequented over the years. I believe this is a 76 frame based on all the great info to be found in here. The "dot" in the serial stamping looks like it might have been done over a W? Looking inside the bottom bracket it appears it might have been that Webco brick red originally. This one does not have a drilled brake bridge and will hopefully be built in time for summer.
  13. More pics of the front to rear wheel conversion project. I am just stripping and painting to match my yellow NOS wheel I bought for a lot of money. I took one look at it and knew that it was John Deere yellow 100% sure. I used paint stripper so I wouldn't damage the cast texture with sandpaper. Even used a little brake fluid in the hard to get corners to eat the paint up. I bought my paint at Wright Implement the John Deere dealer.
  14. As many of you know, I bought my wife a new DK Swift Pro last August and we started going to the local track every Fri night and watching the races and riding that track every Sat and Sun from Aug through Nov. We then bought a Fresh Park practice gate and used it all winter as well as exercises and treadmill. Well tonight was the first practice night at the track and we went. We were kinda feeling like it was the first day of high school but everyone was so friendly and amazing. There were over 60 people at practice. At 49, my wife and I are the oldest registered racers at the track but we hope to show all the parents that they should join and just have fun. Friday night will be the first BMX race of my life. Hers too. I rode from 4 until 16 but never raced. The feeling and excitement is amazing. We were able to do alot of gate starts and make as many laps as my legs would allow. Wish us both luck on Friday. The only problem is that now I literally have as many new school race bikes as I do old school bikes. It's a disease. We both had our new Chase bikes there but we also made laps on my 2013 GHP 24.
  15. Mike Hey All very valid points. In 1975 I was 4yr old so....... Again GREAT build!
  16. I'm almost positive this is mid-80s. I believe I had an 84? 500A with this same seat.
  17. I used one of these in 1975 to get the full moto experience.
  18. Legitimate questions and appreciated. Wheel is centered though it does look off by a lot in the picture. Don't know why. The other details deal with the way I try to build a bike to reflect what I actually did on that specific time frame. It changes as the bike time line progresses. Rear tire. The ads of the day ( trying to find a pic of it) showed the tire as designed as a rear, therefore no side knobs. It did quickly become a the front tire to have as the transition to 1.75 tires rear tire happened. I always liked the moto look of tire so if I build a bike as a 75, I just put it on the rear. Zip ties: I know it looks cleaner if they are clipped, but again, a mid 70s thing as I never clipped back in the day and most of the bikes I built from that time frame usually are long. The later bikes do have them clipped. The link: just messing with you Mike Hey. But again, like the rear tire,, a moto reference of the day. Totally dug John's details. There's other unseen details that are cool to me such as running uncaged bearings on the coaster and trying to find the "right" inner tubes that would have been American made. One of the tubes had a massive blowout way back when and it has a huge patch on it. And lastly, I have the satisfaction that I'll never be as old as Spike or Sod. :-)
  19. One correction. my frame actually does have a serial number. I never noticed that before. In cleaning it up the other day, I saw that the BB shell was very lightly stamped with a number. It is very hard to make out. I will try to make it out and post it up here. It is so light, you have to look at it at an angle in bright sun light to make out the characters. If I am going to paint the shell or re-chrome it, the number will be lost. Maybe the stamping machine went out of calibration in 87
  20. no, that's unrelated. Our show probably won't happen this summer. Not totally out of the question, but probably unlikely at this point. I got a text from Oz today, we are only just beginning to consider options.
  21. Upon a second look that rear rim/tire placement is not centered on the seat mast and/or the brake bridge? In addition as and as dav451 noted the Aggressor tire at the rear? What the......? OK these are my OCD issues as well. Let me be clear the bike is perfect. If voting is now this IS the Bike Of the Year. Well except Mr. Hays did note the zip ties that need cutting which is back to my problems........
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