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  2. Have always had a liking for non chrome bikes. Looks great.
  3. Well, the fork crown is not tapered and redline moved to Chatsworth towards the end of 1977. The fork tubes are 1/2 inch past the dropouts so I don’t really consider them long tubes. I’m putting them on a 76/77 frame so that’s why I would like to think they are that.
  4. Sorry, no. I’m going to hang onto it for awhile.
  5. Thanks guys for the feed back. I really appreciate it. I like the way this came out but I found some Campy parts and 7c’s I want to use now. I also have a question about what stickers would be correct for this frame. I have two different sets that I’ll try to post over the weekend to get some input. Thnx and hope everyone’s staying safe.
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  7. Ya no kidding. Im not sold on this new brake lever either. May buy yet another one.
  8. I like what youve done with it...looks like it should look,nice work!
  9. You're in luck, because I have in my hand a complete (n.o.s.) set of Sunshine axles and hardware.
  10. I'm not too sure what to be need to redone here. The bike looks great to me as it sits.
  11. Yeah, it’s been a minute since I posted a project
  12. 1982 was the only year for chrome plated Patterson Longs. The rest were nickel plated.
  13. welcome back and thanks for posting that... this helps my mood
  14. Great looking bike even as it sits... kind of a survivor vibe. I'm not a Patterson expert, but they are around. I can pretty much promise it will require patience - that's one other quality of this site - lol, people take their time on weighing in.
  15. Fork straightened, post unstuck rather eventful rebuild. Bike looks great.
  16. Hello. I am new to the site but have been directed or came across bikes from members while doing research and attending the Crown Point Show the last couple of years. I feel there’s a level of quality and passion in the discussions with members and their bikes that I now what to be a part of and take some direction with a build. I acquired a Patterson Long a couple of years ago and built up with what I had available. I am now redoing it and have a couple questions for you guys The serial number on the underside of bottom bracket is 03812. From what I gathered it’s an 81. Is that correct? If so would it be nickel plated? To me the frame looks it was redone at one point because there are ripple/bumps on the down tube and a couple other areas. Also the existing nickel looks a little too bright to be original. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Long leg fork with Northridge decals....I would have thought 74/5 for sure! Could you please explain how and why you consider them that late??
  18. Steve, still having issues posting more than 4 pics at a time. Literally have to close the tab on my phone and then re-enter web address every time I post four pics.
  19. Well she's finally done. After much back and forth in my head, I decided to initially go with the "as raced/ as found" combo. I'm a complete sucker for true survivors. I can't say thanks enough to shotgun for the help straightening the fork and farmboy for hooking me up with the exact seat post I needed and Metzone for the hookup on the exact tire I needed. As I said before, I replaced the tubes, rim strips, seat post, and added a brake cable ( it didn't have one). Everything has been scrubbed and polished (more than once). I also changed the brake lever. Otherwise it is all as it was back in 1981-82. Prodyne frame Tange TX1200 fork Tange headset Tange bottom bracket GT gen 2 bars Mushroom copy grips Shimano brake lever DiaCompe brake cable Shimano Tourney caliper Dia Compe brake pads ACS Stoker seat / Strong post combo ACS seat post clamp DK inverted stem Sugino spider Sugino sprocket Shimano DX pedals Ashtabula 178mm cranks (originally red) Sugino chain ring bolts Ukai 26x1.75 7C front rim Araya 26x1.75 7X rear rim Cooks Bros sealed hubs Izumi 3/32" chain Suntour freewheel Tioga Comp 3 26x1.75 front tire Snakebelly 26x1.75 rear tire
  20. Fantastic. Amazing save on the finish. And I dig the finished bike. Enjoy.
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