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  3. Boy this will be fun. I mean I’ve seen some crazy packing but come on already lol guess I’ll get to know this bike very well lol
  4. it all works, you just need to drop a new pic in there... it would look better when you look at the thread if you just update your broken photo link on your profile page.
  5. No worries re the comment. What is funny is that on other thread I made comments about that 2nd STR so I did at one time know something about that 2nd STR. The 2nd STR thread is a neat story and a frame that appears to be the real deal. Note to self: Working too much.
  6. The guy told me that he put the tuffs on it to sell it, because when he got it it had no wheels. With that said I am not against leaving it as is
  7. Just picked it up from my brothers house and will build it up tomorrow. I guy packed it in 2 boxes so we’re gonna see what I’m going to have to do to put her back together lol
  8. Yesterday
  9. Douchebag. Yet people will line up to swing from his nuts.
  10. Yes. TOTALLY changed the whole mood of the bike. I love it now.
  11. Thanks guys. I'm truly no fan of gold parts but this just works. I also own a blue loopy PK from Steve that is all gold stuff too. Two is my limit I truly would like to find some legit 80s black JMC pads for this build.
  12. Does that family still hold that second STR1 or did it end up in Thailand?
  13. Yes the frame in the first pic is of said GJS and JU got it when his dad passed. He is in possession of it. He had it at the Society show this year, I believe.
  14. Just thought this would be a good place to post this pic. Of the cover of the first SE catalog.
  15. Not trying to be a smart ass but there are plenty threads on here that cover this super interesting subject. Such as this one: https://bmxsociety.com/topic/60301-str-1-this-again/
  16. Wicked color coordination, Brian. You don't see too many red Darell Young's with gold parts.
  17. I have never seen this high quality in any pre-80s video that I watched before. This is just too good.
  18. I was already wondering when you'd flip to spokes. Now it is perfect.
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