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  2. That was probably Steven Grable on page 3 your thinking about.
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  4. Hey everyone starting my midlife crisis with the bmx world and was hoping someone could tell me what I have here?
  5. Keri, thanks for stopping through. Anything you could post about your grandfather would be appreciated. Pics from back In the day…or pics now of anything related to the brand would be great. Paperwork, designs, other products, etc.
  6. Claremont Village to San Dimas out and back ride today.
  7. I even had the white mongoose race gears as well ……..dam someone add me on fb so you guys can see the old photo’s (once i find them)
  8. Maybe I could have been a bit younger……but definitely own this bike…… that’s my old spray paint mark on the rear (the pink)
  9. Last time i seen this bike was when I owned it in Gisborne Nz…… my dad brought the bike with all the decals that you see in the pics…….the only things I changed (my dad changed) was the handle bars to cw and the forks. I snapped the last handle bars on the race gate and cracked my forks due to landing on flat ground
  10. I use to own this bike……back in 1992/93 my dad brought this from a guy at Auckland Nz bmx nationals….i was only 12/13 at the time. The pictures are exactly how i left it……decals and all. The guy my dad brought it off believe it was an og eric rupe bike……do you still have this bike?
  11. Need help on a bike given to me. It is a Mirra No.7 but I don’t know much else about it. Can anyone help me figure out year/worth? Any help would be great!
  12. Will check that out next time I go down that way. Actually rode by the ocean end of it on my last trip and thought about going on it but didn't.
  13. There’s a bike path that goes along the San Luis Rey river in Oceanside that I want to try. It has an airport a skatepark and a swap meet. It ends or starts at the ocean, depending where you start.
  14. Cool purchase. Check out the Hustler thread on here. Lot's of good info.
  15. That's awesome! I'd love to see some pics if you have any, especially of the serial number.
  16. Post pics from behind showing the bends. Also, if you can take a pic of the knurling
  17. Nice purchase. Always dig seeing them. What are the handlebars? Let’s see some more detail pics. Forks, dropouts, serial…
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  19. I own this bike. I purchased it recently. It's in almost new condition.
  20. BMX Plus - February 1985 - With thanks to Matt & Joe G. Now available for download at https://Oldschoolmags.com
  21. Didn't you post under a different name years ago?
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