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  2. Cool forks. Did they have any date code stamp or makers mark? Just curious if FMF made them or made for them. I haven’t found any info about it.
  3. I used to possess these. NOS with funky patina. Sold to a buddy.
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  5. Not made by FMF, but an FMF frame is the first thing I think about when I see a Laguna brake bridge.
  6. I was into Motocross as well as BMX in 76 so I was a fan on both fronts. That red FMF bicycle is looking good and done right!
  7. That is a stem I do not recall ever seeing. Interesting design as well.
  8. Last week
  9. I saw this Schwinn Approved double clamp stem (Pic A) posted in their 1978 BMX catalog. Did they come stock on any bikes? Post a pic or info if have one.
  10. SwannySixtySix

    What a great Looptail!
  11. SwannySixtySix


    Do you still have this FMF? Pretty cool man!
  12. I love FMF, it was the first bike that inspired me; I never was able to own one as a kid- but I do now!
  13. Rick personally sent me a shirt through this site a few years back. I wore it a lot and then retired it to the bike room (left of the window). He didn't know me from Adam at first but more than once he and I had some good BMX talks on Facebook years back. He always was so kind to me. Steve, I never made the connection until you just commented about your job but yes he DEFINITELY has had a huge impact on you and your life choices. I'm sure he's smiling now. Happy Birthday, Rick.
  14. I tried to link back to this thread from Facebook, dudes won't leave FB though... they just post their bikes on the thread on FB. That is really bizarre... I'm talking about dudes who are members here in many cases.
  15. Late to the party and great to read this update Steve. I've spent a decent amount of time in various parts of Southern California and never thought it was your type of place. Only spent a few days in Portland, Oregon and that state seems more your style. I hope to spend more time exploring the Pacific Northwest one day. Weather is the limiting factor so it's a small window of opportunity each year. Doing something you enjoy is the bonus. Good luck!
  16. Trying to find out more info on my 3 bar 26 inch , 01 880 on brake mount
  17. How cool, some excellent info just from a pic of Stu
  18. No problem. It’s on page 7 of the catalog. The one in the catalog is black, the bike was offered in several colors.
  19. I saw those in person at the Beavers shop (not sure if that exact set but maybe as several riders had those other than Stu, Encinas comes to mind) Of note the spindle has off set crank attachment points. The purpose was that you could change the crank length by rotating the crank arms on the spindle. That of course did not make it to production. There was also a BMX specific pedal that was very similar to the AX road bike pedal that was under development at the same time.
  20. First of all, thanks so much for the information!!! I didn’t see this bike in the catalog though. Not sure, but I think I read somewhere that they only made the Vertigo St. Version for a year or two. I knew it was special as soon as I saw it. I haven’t done anything to it since I brought it home. Thanks again for the info!
  21. 1988 was the first year the Vertigo was made. Until then, the Performer was the entry level GT, then they introduced the Vertigo. It was Vertigo, Performer, Pro Performer, Pro Freestyle Tour and the top of the line Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model. Vertigo had the same frame as the Performer, made in Taiwan I believe. Memory fades, but I think the front triangle is 4130 and rear stays are Hi-Ten. This is a sweet bike that is in incredible condition. Just looks a bit dirty. As for value, I honestly have no clue. I used to watch mid-late 80s GT freestyle prices like a hawk, but haven't for years. All I know is that this era has gone up a lot in recent years. I'd do a completed auction listing on ebay. Please do not part it out, that bike is a time capsule. Here's a 1988 GT catalog. https://issuu.com/pharv85/docs/gt_1988
  22. wow, I now have 2 bikes that are gems - the GT and the Quad, both with links to my childhood, that lived here within 15 minutes of where I live now in Oregon, I had them in Long Beach and now both have returned to Oregon... trippy
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