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  2. The splatter decals are typically mid 80’s. I think they started in ‘84 and ran those decals for a few years. Post a pic. It’ll help.
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  4. 1988 redline 400c, but you may want to research that I could be wrong.
  5. i dont know that dugan ever owned cowtown porter gibbens owned and announced from around 1980 - 1990 i bought the first titan in ft worth tx paid 1500 dollars for frame and forks it was a titan 1 later i got a titan 2 which was a little bigger i was one of the best out of fort worth along with chris udaily and joey pritchard his brother jimmy is in the hall of fame charlie pritchard also raced they called me the duck casino beach was also a track we all raced at where i beat brad finell dugans son all 3 double point races there and at cowtown i rode full factory excaliber for a while before pink panthers tried to get me along with mcdonalds mike moore trained me along with tod slovic we all raced together they was older
  6. Well the trade is done and I now own the frame. Thinking on black Tuff ones but not sure yet lol
  7. I have been told they could be Laguna. I found a Laguna with similar or same bars. Is anyone in here ?? Thanks!
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  9. Here’s another early example I just picked up...
  10. Hi I thine my cruiser mat be 2001 not sure i would like to now the value of the bike if you could help me thank you
  11. Just came across this post. Better late than never. It is an FST. I have one as well. 87 model, but it's blue and black. Still has orig bike shop sticker from when the guy before me purchased it new. From what i have been told, in 87' there was a demand for the orig FST frame(no rear standers) , so they sold the early invert frames with FST decals. I've had all the Haro freestyle frames, FST will always be my favorite.
  12. Ok , hoping the true OS guys can help me on these box bars, who manufactured or sold these ? Anodized red, NO knurling (like the triple knurled DG bars) very nice quality and near mint.
  13. Hey I have a CC and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with my serial number X B130 at least that’s the only number I can find on my frame it has the splatter decal . Any help would be appreciated to put a date, size anything about it I bought it from a friend in the eighties!
  14. i have a cruiser f/f and a couple sprockets what do you need help with
  15. Cool bike. Proper cleaning is key to maintaining value.
  16. I was helping clean out my parents basement this weekend and found my old Yamaha Moto Bike! I loved riding that bike, but it was pretty heavy. I am thinking about cleaning it up and seeing what the value is.
  17. hm, this video appears ready to play on a phone but on the desk top it just shows as an upload that one has to click. IMG_7867.MOV
  18. Hi I have a 24 in SHARP courser I don't now how old or what it is worth can some one help me thanks
  19. One of the founding fathers of BMX. Doesn't seem like its been five years already.
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