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  2. a quick search and i found some info here. it's about sugino cranks but it's a start.
  3. Early pioneer of MX and BMX. Race in peace Mr. Petty.
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  5. https://www.cyclenews.com/2022/01/article/preston-petty-passes-away/?fbclid=IwAR33F1klB077P0LQ0mVHTDr-4Gbiz1nCNRHlnlD7_WxZnzGlo-xIFrLUWCY
  6. I've recently got this frame. Original chrome. No brake bridge. It’s light, so it should be chromoly. The gusset reminds a Competitor or a Moto Pro. Or even a GLJ monoshock. The gusset behind the seat tube is similar to the ones on GLJ bikes (but shorter). The dropouts are close to the ones on Mongooses. I try hard, but I can’t find out what it is. Can anybody please shed some light? :-)
  7. LRP frame set . Please text me if you have any info on it.. 973-718-8153 mike
  8. What about the different type of Takagi 3 piece cranks that were stamped with different names on the front like Tourney or Durace (not sure if I have this one quite right)? Also on the back there are some with different numbers and letters that don’t refer to the length. Any info would be great. thanks
  9. That is sweeet! I had one, don't regret trading it because it went to a good guy. But did trade it cause I thought I had two frames. :-)
  10. can't seem to upload more than 11.23mb, maybe later when my subscription goes though i can upload more pics
  11. Hello, been out of the hobby for 13yrs or so, was poking around the other day and came across this thread and was thinking I still have a total unmolested survivor of one of these bikes. It’s all original except for the grips that were changed out to Oakley 1 when the originals probably wore out, looks like the rear tire was moved to the front when it went bald and like I would have done when I was a kid is removed all the reflectors and chain guard. Other than that, its bone stock. The serial number has me a little baffled because it has no date code in the serial number on the badge, serial is 773591. Back story on this bike is a good buddy of mine was buying a Honda Civic form his aunt and uncle, while removing the car from their garage, he spotted the bike with all his cousins other belongings (he had passed away years prior to this) he asked about it and his aunt said they bought it in 1976 he showed interest it so she gave it to him. He knew I was into the vintage BMX thing so I acquired it and it has been mounted to my Park tool stand in my shop for over a decade. The bike was bought from Aurora cycle here in Seattle. Looks to be well used so it was enjoyed by her son which is cool. Schwinn Competition Scrambler Model BX5-6...........$155.95 20" Chrome-moly steel competition designed diamond frame with reinforced welds, raised crank hanger. Frame Finish: Sky Blue. Fork: 20" one-piece forged with interia welded stem, flat black finish. Wheels: Flat black finish front hub, 36-hole spoking. 20" x 2. 125" chrome plated tubular rims and 080 g spokes. Tire and Tube: Schwinn Scrambler tires and tubes Saddle: black finish racing style, with 14" seatpost. Handlebar and Stem: Flat black Sting-Ray style handlebar with cross-brace. MX style handlebar grips. Flat black finish forged steel handlebar stem. Crank Assembly: Flat black 7 1/2" crank arms. Heat treated. Flat black finish full length chainguard. 39 tooth front sprocket, 22 rear. Pedals: Diamond tread with reflectors. Weight: Approximately 32 lbs. ( 1976. ) JANUARY, ---------------------------- AM***** FEBRUARY, -------------------------- BM***** MARCH, ------------------------------- CM***** APRIL, --------------------------------- DM***** MAY, ----------------------------------- EM***** JUNE, ---------------------------------- FM***** JULY, ---------------------------------- GM***** AUGUST, ----------------------------- HM***** SEPTEMBER, ------------------------- JM***** OCTOBER, --------------------------- KM***** NOVEMBER, ------------------------- LM***** DECEMBER, ------------------------- MM***** ( 1977. ) JANUARY, ---------------------------- AN***** FEBRUARY, -------------------------- BN***** MARCH, ------------------------------- CN***** APRIL, --------------------------------- DN***** MAY, ----------------------------------- EN***** JUNE, ---------------------------------- FN***** JULY, ---------------------------------- GN***** AUGUST, ----------------------------- HN***** SEPTEMBER, ------------------------- JN***** OCTOBER, --------------------------- KN***** NOVEMBER, ------------------------- LN***** DECEMBER, ------------------------- MN*****
  12. Man that is really cool of you to think of that and offer to help members out. Great to see stuff like this in this day and age.
  13. nice TNT. cool color
  14. cool mags. i don't have either of these parts but i'll keep an eye out here in SoCal for you.
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  16. Great thread and one that will be useful to those that are not in it for financial gain. I will kick things off with a couple of items I've been in search of for a while. I have two orphan front Enkei Eagles that I would like to find a read to match. I'm happy to swap/trade/buy outright- whichever, but if someone wanted to swap a front for a rear I will cover both ends of the postage as I am in Australia. I've also been searching for a cap for a Brute stem. I bought the Brute base years ago but have had no luck finding a cap unless I felt like parting with a stupid amount of cash. If anyone can help with either of these items it would be great. Cheers.
  17. Not sure if this interests anybody... Most of the members that come through this site are a core group. For whatever the reasons, things in the BMX scene have really been blown out and has a lot of people price gouging, non-contributing, and in it for the dough. This site's members seem to be a more "True to this...not new to this" community and thought we could help each other out. I thought about all the random parts that i have stashed away (orphans, bolts, small bits and pieces). I'd feel better about them going to somebody here, rather than to guys on FB or other social media platforms. Parts that could possibly help with a build or complete a full set of something (such as a brand specific bearing cup, crank bolts, chain links, pads, etc). I definitely don't want to look out for somebody who's just flipping shit as soon as they get it though. I know i have a lot of stuff i don't post up, list for sale, or even remember having but i'd be down to dig around for that "hard-to-find" piece to help out a Society member. Some of you might feel the same. i thought we could use this thread to post if you had a specific need, or pics of something you have that you'd consider helping out with for one of our members. Maybe even work a 3-way trade deal with multiple members. Who knows? Open conversation for people here on BMXSociety. Let's keep it in the fam.
  18. That looks like the turn. The upper part of the old track was a series of jumps that got bigger and bigger leading into that right turn. Missing that turn was a big problem. The first time I rode that track we drove down from Nor Cal and got to Sylmar at night. We took our bikes out and it was a full moon. The dirt was really sandy and it reflected the moonlight so we could see pretty well. Crazy things you do when you’re 16 years old.
  19. TNT Stovepipe :-)
  20. I wonder if Travis is a collector? Definitely not a random bike he's posing with.
  21. Yep!! I remember that being on Ebay with that pic forever but he wouldn't ship, if I remember right. I had also bought a new 2007 retro when they came out and wish I had never sold it too.
  22. Thanks…yeah…this one is a keeper. Will look better then new once I’m finished and yes…my kids like this one too.
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