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  2. I thought you were going to say someone was making and selling them.
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  4. Hi. I just dug out my old black gt performer from my fathers shed after roughly 30 years for my son. After a good cleaning it looks just like I remembered. He is thrilled to have it. I am unsure of the year as well but I was thinking 86 or 87. The serial number is very similar DS70576304.
  5. BMX Action - December 1986 .pdf - Now available for download at http://Oldschoolmags.com I know this issue has been available for a long time but it was originally scanned by someone else and I was never very happy with the resolution / quality of the scans. I always wanted to re-do them. I started working on this a few years ago but got distracted and have only just gotten around to finishing it.
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  7. God, people are FUCKING STUPID. Motherfucker needs a bullet.
  8. LOL, it happens sometimes. I hope the original finish isn’t to bad under the black.
  9. It was already kind of fucked but now it's really fucked. Ruined forever.
  10. NOS UGP Kingpin from about 1993.
  11. I recently paid a quick visit to Hall of Famer and all around insane BMXer/Sidehack/skateboard cat John Palfreyman and Mr. Thom Lund in Eagle Point WA. As most of you know, JP lost his house and everything else he had due to the insane fires that hit the area. Since I know it's hard to get in touch with him and do a personal donation, Mark Kiel has set-up a Gofund me page. https://www.gofundme.com/f/s-obenchain-fire-relief-fund-for-johnny-palfreyman Every little bit helps. Our BMX brother could use it. Thanks.
  12. Haro Master frames out of Thailand Elf double cross frame sets
  13. Not sure as I'm taking a long break from FB. A friend forwarded me the pics so I was curious if anyone had additional info.
  14. Oof. Is this from a facebook group?
  15. It looks great Brian. What products do you use? (rubbing, polishing, wax)
  16. I snagged these off FB because I thought they were really cool. 1981 Knott's Berry Farm event plates White is Tracer Finn's actual event plate Blue is Leslie Burley-Cobb's actual event plate Red and green are Martin Brookes (collector, did not race the event) plates Picture from Knott's Berry Farm also shows Orange plates
  17. The casualties seem to be happening at a very rapid pace.
  18. BUMP! I often refer back to this thread. I'm just now noticing the label on the Comp 3 in the image Steve posted a couple years ago. Has anyone ever seen this label on a tire? Maybe I'm just forgetful....but this "Comp 2 script" on a Comp 3 tire seems new to me!
  19. where can i/ get sticker set for 1983 Raleigh RS5000 ??? PLEASE HELP!!!!
  20. Does anyone know who did this?
  21. My CBL plates. Pam and 3 Cindys with different colors. Not even what I normally collect, but sometimes you dig stuff outside your sweet spot.
  22. Mel and Dennis Dain are 2 people I could listen to forever...great stories and just genuinely good folk.
  23. Some cool stuff was probably talked about.
  24. I had that bike in 1987. Stolen off the lawn when I went inside for lunch. May seem "cheesy" now, but it is VERY rare and that particular color scheme seems extra hard to find. It used to have lilac purple mags and lilac purple tires originally. I haven't seen one available for sale in a while and the last time I did, it was for like $800 in rougher shape than you have it now.
  25. Spent all day at the track again yesterday. Have also been the last two Friday nights there watching the races. I ordered a new Chase Edge race cruiser this weekend too. Love my 20" but want to ride the cruiser as well. She's going to try it out. May order her one too.
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