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    My wife found this on one of her online clothing sites for sale and surprised me with it. 1980 Redline belt buckle.
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    "Moto 141, 14 novice to the gate. " Thanks to Dan for the frame, Joe Pernice for the fork and John Severin for the cool fork repair. Champion Frame Speedo dual DO fork ACS hub Bendix High flange coaster Mongoose stem Rascal bars Viking 70s plate American Pro grip 7b rims Schwinn headset and seat clamp Carlisle Front tire Cheng Shin rear
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    So I had to come out of retirement for one last build. Joe Buffardi showed me this frame a couple of months ago after he acquired it and told me I had to build it. It’s the bike I could never get my hands on when I was building heavily. Joe basically gave me the frame and I got help from friends around the world to complete the build. After research and verification from Michael Gamstetter’s Torker serial number research, it puts this frame being produced in October of 1978. In BMXA magazine they advertised this frame until September of 1978 and then started advertising the LP. Being that it’s a 1978 it gave me a few more options for parts. The frame is original chrome with NOS decals applied. Dan Goins hooked me up with the incredible NOS TW Pro fork that works so well on this bike! It was tough to put a fork that came unused out of it’s original box on this build, but it had to be done. PJ in Australia had the wheels available and we struck a deal to get them on this bike, they are NOS steel Femcos laced to NOS high flange Shimano MX hubs with .105g Asahi spokes. Tommy Gelinas came through big time with the original uncut Redline Victory bars that cleaned up amazingly! The CEBE stem I got back from Matt Howes and world perfect for this build. Bryan Fox helped me out with the great Takagi MX cranks that have one of Dennis Dain’s original gold Takagi MX chainrings bolted up. Bill Nicholson came through with the NOS Powerlite PL-1 seat clamp and I couldn’t be happier. Michael Gamstetter helped me out with the hard to find Torker frame pad and Torker logo’d V-bar pad. eBay and my small stash of parts in miscellaneous places helped round it all off. I think it’s a really good mix of NOS and excellent condition used parts. I was afraid to start this build originally due to the fact that the frame is so clean, it makes it really tough to find parts nice enough to put on a build like this. I hope I did it justice. I am really blessed to have such cool friends around the world that helped me build my dream bike. I now need to source a red vinyl double clamp stem pad and make a space for it in my home office. Peace, William aka Larock
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    Just got a message from Elaine Holt of BMX news fame.. thought I share her great pic and message. " I was cleaning out some boxes in my garage today and coincidentally I found this picture of Mike Devitt and Paul Hinkston of Shimano. The back of the photo says, April 1984. I was totally surprised by this photo because I don't remember anything about it!"
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    Mike was naturally a BMX Society Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. He did not get enough credit in my opinion. Frankly... even as revered as he was, he was a MUCH bigger deal than he ever let on, or is generally understood. He was a mover and shaker from the very beginning of BMX. Legend of the highest caliber. Mike's quality of life had plummeted in the wake of some strokes the past few years. This is tough. He was a sweet guy... really kind and patient to moto-filler dudes like many of us were and are, and until his health gave out...he was always up for answering some research questions.
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    Nice Torkers! Here is TF605:
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    Yesterday I got a text from a friend (the husband of my wife’s longtime friend). I didnt even know he knew, but he was wishing me a happy birthday. Then came this pic in front of my house. He said I could have it. Its his old bike he found on the side of his mothers house. I’m stoked. its a 1991 Powerlite P51...rusted but cool and complete. He thinks it’s “gone” and for me to do whatever with it but I might clean it all up and give it back to him He’ll trip
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    I’m in aerospace manufacturing and had to get a new job because of the Boeing 737max fiasco. Well the other day I look inside the shop next to my new work and I see a wheel hanging from the ceiling. today the owner was outside and I asked him about the when and he said he grew up riding motorcycles at Saddleback in the mid 70’s and was a machinist right out of high school. he said he worked for Peterson research and they made at least 10,000 of these mags for Dale enterprises. One operation on a manual lathe and it took less than 2 minutes. He said they would bring in pallets of them.
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    Sad news today, one of the most important pioneers of BMX left us this morning. Mike Devitt was a legend and had a hand in some of the most notable brands of not just BMX, but Action Sports - Makaha Skateboards, Dan Gurney, Bike-Ette, Dirt Master, SE Racing and Alliant. Mike Devitt was a gem and naturally he was a BMX Society Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.
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    VDC made all the Star and GHP frame and forks from 82-mid 85 and these were easy to spot because the serial was a date and sequence number on the rear dropout. In late 85 (for reasons I don't know) GHP went overseas with production. Not sure if it was Taiwan or Japan but the end of the road 85 frames had these Spinner forks instead of the std GHP forks from 83-85 and the seat posts were cheaper overseas stamped posts with a GHP sticker. This frame and fork was raced in NH and Jersey. Original owner said he bought it out of a van from Greg himself at a race in NH. For 1985 the Pro 2 was the XL with 19.5" tt and the Pro 1 was the std pro with an 18.5" top tube. 1985 GHP Long frame 1985 GHP (Spinner) fork Tange headset DK stem Kuwahara Laserlite bars Ame Tri grips (bubble font) Dia Compe Tech 4 lever Dia Compe MX1000 caliper Dia Compe brake pads CYC brake cable Suntour seat post clamp GHP seat post Cycle Pro Shotgun 2 seat and guts Tioga Surefoot 2 pedals Takagi 175mm cranks Tange loose ball bottom bracket Suntour 46t sprocket Sugino spider red chain ring bolts Izumi 3/32 chain Suntour 16t freewheel Suzue sealed hubs Araya 7x rims / 1.75 front 1.5 rear Kenda Comp 3 tires / 20x2.125 and 1.75 GHP / California Lite pads
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    It seems like ages since I've posted a topic on here. It seems like so much has happened not only in the past year, but in the last couple of months. I'm still kind of in disbelief that at approximately this time last year I was in Amsterdam winding down from a months long bicycle trek through Northern Spain. But that my friends is a story for another day. Today we find ourselves in a whole new world and I hope you all and your extended family and friends are well and safe in this ever more precarious world we find ourselves in. OK, lets get to the BMX. I picked up a super cool True Radius Bending frame a few years ago. This frame used to be owned by Pat, SE666, but I bought it from someone else. Anyway, I'm not even sure when I actually bought it, maybe 4-5 years ago. It has been on my to do list for a long time and luckily I got to attend the Midwest show this past Feb. and collected some parts and got a renewed interest in finally finishing it up. Well, as you can see, it's not done, but it's coming along nicely. I decided to basically mimic the late 90's GT Speed Series bikes with many of the parts a direct rip from a GT 24. This is a 2001 frame, so I think it isn't too far of a stretch to basically built it like a GT with a TBR frame...
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    Thanks. Much respect for the clean builds but I try to build the gritty stuff like we just raced them and heading back home with a trophy or two.
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    Just finished this one. Just the typical Mongoose lol
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    a Bendix will. As for finding some Suntour guts...look for an older 70s-80 junk wheel or bike. A lot of bikes from then had sun tour hubs on them with 28-spoke hubs that not many people want. since all you need are the guts, you should be able to find one of those pretty easily/cheap.
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    Thanks for the good words guys! It was a fun, but fast build for sure!
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    Done right. Very moto.. People helping out still makes it even cooler.
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    Nice. Those are rad frames. very cool of joe to bless you
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    Man this is a hell of a build ! Love every look of it man when I got my frame I thought I had the only late 78 frame out there TF533 but dam ! Once again you slammed the door on the “killer” build !! Dig the red and because it’s a 78 the use of later stuff works great. Would love to see this bad boy next to mine at a show maybe next year ? And glad to see you got that “grail” bike larock again great build. I’ve been thinking about putting clean decals on my but just can’t bring myself to getting rid of the decals on it lol
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    My bad- I got the frame 3 weeks before the 1977 Nationals, not 1976
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    1977. Drake Turnage (in the Husqvarna jersey), Scot Breithaupt (FMF) and Rob Lynch on the right. Bakersfield, CA.
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    do you know who made them for ghp
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    Sharp looking race piece.
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    Mike Devitt and Scot Breithaupt Jr at the OM's celebration of life in Long Beach. wow.
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    Well that is no fun. I was on a ride this evening (in the San Fernando Valley) and saw a modern SE Big Ripper, in red and gold that was very well cared for. I made a comment to the younger rider that he had a very cool ride. he was stoked as was I seeing SE still a alive after 40 some years making riders happy. Rest well Mike Devitt. I will add well said Steve.
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    Stu, Mike, Perry at Scot's celebration of life in LB.
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    Ordered a set of new Duro gumwall/black comp 3 tires in 26x1.75. Gonna ride the wheels off this old girl.
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    Now you’re cooking with gas! Just watch out for the bees : )
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    They look right at home on this bike. I like how your builds are more down to earth.
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    Great clean up and save Brian!
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    It’s been close to 10 years since I’ve built a bike. i purchased this frame about 9 years ago with the intention of building it then. When we got pregnant it went on the shelf. Now my son rides... In anticipation of the summer to come I recently built this 1935 Schwinn Cycleplane Cal Custom. It kind of came out like a resto mod... Frame paint is original. Parts were kept with original finish where possible. In cases such as the rims and handlebars polishing was needed to restore finish and color uniformity. Frame: 1935 Schwinn Cycleplane Forks: SE Racing Landing Gear Bars: Tuf Neck Grips: Ame Rounds Stem: Tuf Neck Headset: Tioga MX-2 Headset Lock: Tange Cranks: Campagnolo Strada Sprocket: ? Pedals: Shimano DX Rims: Ukai 26X2.125 Spokes: 16g Stainless Nipples: Red Annodized Front Hub: Campagnolo Gran Sport Nuovo Tipo Rear Hub: Bendix Automatic (2-Speed Kickback) Seat: Schwinn Tires: Cheng Shin (it’s a daily rider...) Badge is not era correct but the head tube looked naked and needed something... What it looked like when I got it: After a color sand with 1000 grit: Pre Build Layout: The Final Build:
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    Sean Ewing just posted this from the Scot stash, on the BMXsociety FB page. Very sick. Greg Hill for FMF
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    1977 RA -7 All original except the front tire. Kinda like the Rodney Dangerfield bike. Doesn't get much attention at shows. Only people who know admire it.
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    here's my Quadangle in the first gen graphite configuration
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    This is awesome! I had a ‘81 GT bitd too and it was a killer bike.....Steve if you’re still chasing a blue Excaliber clamp I got you. Just drop me a line when it suits.
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