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    OK so this one is done. 1979 Team Rampar - I was a little looser on era correctness for this one whilst I focused on the all silver / black components to match the frame decals - but it's roughly 79 to 81 parts. Consider them upgrades over time or maybe the frame set was in the shop window for a couple of years and the kid chose from the parts available in the store in 1981 ! Anyways... I'm really happy how this one turned out......... Parts list: 1979 BMX Products Inc. Team Rampar frame and forks (re-finished in candy red over nickel). Rampar pro bars Suntour earlier short reach all-alloy stem NOS ODI / Winner's Circle grips NOS Shimano Tourney lever with nice survivor Tourney caliper NOS Schwinn clear / silver brake cable Lightly polished Araya 7x on NOS Suzue chrome plated hubs NOS Carlisle Aggressor MX200 tyres 1.75 / 1.75 Shimano Dura Ace cranks - nice survivor condition with original pantograph detail in black NOS Suntour XC Compe pedals Tange / Mongoose seat clamp Refurbished / polished Race Inc seat post with custom Black / White decal NOS Ariake Jaguar seat
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    Thank you, Steve. The next phase of the project gets into the historical content; Linn's engineering contribution to BMX in those early days and Red Lines impact on the emerging scene through the late 1970s and 80s. Linn has kindly allowed me full access to his archive. From a researchers point of view, It's a phenomenal resource. We will be sharing a lot of it through the months ahead. We started shooting the Red Line Foundations mini doc a few weeks ago with Linn. In early December, we bring Stu, Bob Hadley, Byron, David Clinton, Bob Haro, and Curt Kastan together to evolve it further. Beyond that I will be traveling to see others including Gene Roden, Scott Clark, John Crews, etc. I look forward to sharing more with you all soon. The website will grow and evolve ten-fold over the next 6-9 months. www.redlinebmxfoundations.com
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    Just came across this on youtube while searching for Jeff Grossos' Love Letters Tony Alva history. If you love early 70's skateboarding you'll dig it. Also cool shots of skating under old Huntington Beacxh pier and Main street. Some cool BMX pool riding on a Mongoose and a Stingray with a banana seat around 10:17 minutes in, more at 13.40 in. Also, a cool treat of footage from the Signal Hill downhill contest. Cheers.
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    Hello BMXers I'm the proud new owner of this JMC, rides great Pictures will give you the parts list, had the UNI seat on it but had to put a comfy seat on to ride it Please school me on this as I'm still learning about JMC A couple of things have been pointed out to me, Early DY bars & undrilled fork
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    you guys know I like survivor/original style bikes. I even like them a bit crusty.... so today I assembled this from misc. parts. the condition of the frame is way too far gone for a full blown resto ! the headtube decal is what it's about for me. A&A
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    Figured to add to this thread instead of starting a new one. Picked this up from Leo (the flowrider ) Azusa Racing Frameset and pads . Redline double pinch cranks, Profile BB, Neptune spider, MCS chainring, Raceface AEffect pedals, KMC half link chain, TNT pro bars, Knight inverted stem and seatpost clamp, SDG Bel Air seat, Sun Envy rims, Technique Rocket Pod hubs, Kenda K-Rad tires, Shimano DXR brakes and Ame grips.
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    Hello to all. My first post here but I have been peeking around the site for some years. I grew up in and still live in Long Beach, California, just a stones throw from the original BUMS Field where BMX got its start. I was born in 1971 so by the time I was hitting "The Fields" on my 36/36 Scrambler the housing development had started so it became known as "E.T. Hill" for all the freshly grated flat-tops ala E.T., which came out in 1982. So, I saw a post on here with great pics of BUMS and also awesome descriptions by Scot himself in pencil scrawl (posted by Sean?). Loved it! Some dudes asked about location and it got me thinking so hard I fell down the google rabbit hole and found a 1972 aerial image of the area. I added some notes to the image with locations. I am not certain that BUMS II was located next to Bixby Hill but some of the pics in his (Seans?) post showed a brick wall with houses behind it. That was most likely Bixby Hill along 7th Street, as it had greater slope and was a better downhill course area, but it could also be an area behind "The Hole" neighborhood, but that spot wasn't as steep and had more wetland areas so it was often muddy. Pretty sure it's correct though, because I recognize the wall since I hopped it so many times going to friends' houses! Anyway, just an old school BMX fan tired of looking at cool bikes on ebay and showing them to my wife who does not care to talk about bikes at all. Happy to be here. Cheers!
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    S&M covid cruiser is frankly the best 29"... made in the USA blah blah blah.... , they are sick. they may be sold out, but probably making more.
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    really dope flick. dudes are killin' it on those little things. that's the era of my skateboard'n before bmx took over. my first board was a G&S fiberflex, tracker trucks and road riders.
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    Looks like it would be a dream ride!
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    I grew up in North Long Beach and was actively riding my Schwinn stingray right past there on Pacific Coast Hwy on weekends and summer days heading to Seal Beach to surf. I discovered BMX at Western Sports Arama (WSA) right after BUMS closed. For the past 35 years my UPS route is literally across the street from the original track, south west of PCH and Bellflower. Where you see the word Bellflower, that is my route. LOL
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    I finally got another bike that I never thought would happen! 1975 Webco with all original finishes. The frame, fork & 1st. gen. Tuff Wheels came from the original owner. The rest of the parts are nice original finishes as well. I may swap a few pieces out as I find them. I’ll just enjoy it the way it sits for now.
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    After looking at pics further I'm positive that the BUMS II track is as indicated on the map I posted along 7th behind Bixby Hill (not that anyone was doubting, of course). I came across this pic on google search with more of the same wall and text on shot identifies it as BUMS II course.
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    Two giants of bmx. Just honored to be listening and listening to them talk is amazing. Wish I had some a recorder but for now, a few pics. Just thought i share. Oh, Elaine Holt of Bmx News and Mr. Mel Stoutsenberger. H
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    "Moto 141, 14 novice to the gate. " Thanks to Dan for the frame, Joe Pernice for the fork and John Severin for the cool fork repair. Champion Frame Speedo dual DO fork ACS hub Bendix High flange coaster Mongoose stem Rascal bars Viking 70s plate American Pro grip 7b rims Schwinn headset and seat clamp Carlisle Front tire Cheng Shin rear
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    Yup. Supposed to be a second batch of Covid Cruisers. I built a 29" version and love it.
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    I recently paid a quick visit to Hall of Famer and all around insane BMXer/Sidehack/skateboard cat John Palfreyman and Mr. Thom Lund in Eagle Point WA. As most of you know, JP lost his house and everything else he had due to the insane fires that hit the area. Since I know it's hard to get in touch with him and do a personal donation, Mark Kiel has set-up a Gofund me page. https://www.gofundme.com/f/s-obenchain-fire-relief-fund-for-johnny-palfreyman Every little bit helps. Our BMX brother could use it. Thanks.
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    That headtube sticker says Salem Oregon
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    "I'd build a bike around that pad." A wise man one said. So I did.. Thanks to Dan for the pad, the Preston Petty plate and the rear wheel (which is there for now.) Ernest for the bars and Paul at Classic Cycle in Bainbridge for the base bike.. According to the person who had the bike before Classic Cycle, the bike, as it were, was found near the old BUMS track. Additional coolness is the Canoga Cycle Center shop sticker. Not sure who else helped out but thanks.
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    I have one and it’s original forks
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    Take it apart, clean it up and build it the way you/he wants it. DO NOT RUIN THE VERY NICE ORIGINAL FINISH AND DECALS ON THIS FRAME SET BY RESTORING (ruining) IT!!! If you want your son to have a nice perfect brand new looking bike then GO BUY HIM A BRAND NEW BIKE. Restoring this VERY NICE original frameset would be an ABSOLUTE TRAGEDY. Personally I would disassemble, clean and regrease everything. Buy new tires and tubes and grips and put it back together. I always use rubbing compound, polishing compound and then wax. The finish will shine. PLEASE do not restore this. Other option is sell it to me and go buy your son a brand new bike.
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    I've actually talked with Dom at length about this project. I concede that while it will come as news to no one... neither myself, nor the majority of you here are big reproduction fans. LOL.... That said... Dom does good projects, and I've come to understand that often these companies must have a profit angle, or they simply can't justify the expense of supporting projects like this... and by projects "like this"., I mean this sort of deep dive, documentary style stuff that Dom Phipps does. He's the guy that did the Freestyle books, as most will recall... and those are really well done, and important documents. Anyway... point is, in order to make these things happen, and they require a tremendous amount of time and indeed, expense... I do understand how doing a bike throwback can make these things possible.
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    On a Mopar forum, a guy mentioned he has his original Diamonback Silver Streak from 1982-ish and was curious if it was worth anything. He says he probably still has the original shipping box and owners manual, and that it's almost identical to this: The bike is apparently in really nice shape with no scratches of missing parts. He swapped out the pedals for KKT lightnings. I asked him for a photo of his actual bike, but he says it's just like the one in the pictures. I'm no expert on DBs, so I'm hoping some of you can offer opinions on what it might be worth. I don't think he's looking to sell.
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    Update: Good stuff GTO. I listened to an interview with Harry Leary yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip!
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    Thanks GTO! I'll be checking it out otday.
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    great first post. i pass by there often and always think about BUMS.
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    Heck of a find - the original Webco frame was always my favorite.
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    Found original post that got me here:
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    Holy crap ! Sell me the tuffs then
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    I don't usually do mini's but this is a nice addition to my two Navajo Warrior Pro's. Finish and head tube decal is original. All other decals are ebay replacements. I do plan on building it.
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    Project was momentarily derailed due by Covid-19, but is now back in full swing!
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    Brian, Sweet Navajo! Is the bottom of steer tube on the fork capped liked the ones shown below? Is the bottom of steer tube on the fork capped?
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    This bike is amazing.
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    WOW...going to the grands and its her idea...now you are really rubbing it in...enjoy!
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    Yep. My new Fly Racing full face helmet arrived today and her orange/black full face Fox helmet to match her bike arrived yesterday. We literally are taking the next five days off to ride. We also just booked flights and hotels to go to the Grands over Thanksgiving to watch some good racing. Pretty stoked and it was her idea!
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    Can i say as a fellow mature track rider/racer,a full face helmet and armour are a fantastic investmest,mine are well used and covered in scratches! Great to see you out there with your wife enjoying yourself Brian!
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    Thanks a ton! This is exactly what I was looking for and the price is right.
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    Wow. Very very cool Brian. Even cooler that you have a supportive wife. Way to go!
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    very cool looking mini - only briefly heard of Navajo over the years.
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    It may be under the decal on the head tube Rick...
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    Just saw Craig Turner is making a frame set called The Bandolero. Obvious Bandito influence on the frame drop outs.
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    Condition of when I picked it up. I am in the process of restoring now. All the major parts are able to stay. Got the all the red stuff re-anodized, Cleaned up the rust, but decided to get re-chromed anyway. Reconditioned all the bearings. It will have new seat, grips, chain, brake cable, tires and I am replacing the spokes and nipples. The decals were not salvageable, so I have repops coming as well as I found repop pads. I also decided to change the chainring hardware to anodized. She is going to be beautiful!
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    I have to say when I first started back into the BMX thing I did a lot of dumb shit...
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    He also claims it has it's original tires in great shape, and is in near-mint condition.