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    I am fortunate (and thankful to my parents) to have been able to keep almost all my bicycles, frames and/or parts from then till now. Of the bikes I do not have, my first bike, a blue heavily (emphasis on heavy) upgraded, AJ wheels, etc 74 stingray. A first gen all steel yellow mongoose (with custom made added brake bridge) and a first year issue all steel blue SE OM flyer. Having said that, I have the frame and fork (along with most of the parts) that replaced the Mongoose. A Cycle Pro spoiler, purchased new likely mid 77. I had removed the original Cycle Pro Foiler stickers and replaced them with FMF in an attempt to fool people into thinking it was an FMF. It did not work, no one was fooled. When I got serious about racing in 78, I embraced the frame as it was sold and reapplied Cycle Pro stickers. I raced it until the end of 79 when I switched to a first generation SE str-1 likely obtained in Dec 79 but that is another story.
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    Bart over at FatBMX is doing a series of collector profiles. Gamstetter, JT, Shannon Gillette, Steve Blackey, Pat A Lar, GAry from Museum, myself and others have already been posted. Kind of an interesting cross section of perspectives from the collector community. Here's mine: https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52674-preserving-bmx-history-steve-brothers-usa
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    Cycle Pro Skinwall Snakebelly IMAGE #1: I was surprised to find this ad on page 44 of the June, 1978 BMXA. This tire was available earlier than I ever thought. Additionally, it seems that the skinwall came first! IMAGE #2: The earliest reference for a blackwall snakebelly is on page 6 of the August, 1979 BMXA
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    Son-Lite Turbo hubs IMAGE #1: First seen in magazines on the cover of BMX Plus! in February, 1982 IMAGE #2: The February cover is then referenced in the "New Products" section of BMX Plus! in June, 1982 IMAGE #3: The very LAST reference I have been able to find for purchasing Son-Lite Turbo 1's is on page 50 of BMXA in November, 1985
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    Bump dig deep and add dates... please do dig deep though
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    Other than my Star Products that’s been with me since BITD, this Hustler Pro might be one the earliest in my collection.
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    Great thread to bring back!! The PK I posted on page two is long gone but I have had this RA7 since Christmas Eve of 2012 when a bunch of members here surprised me with it. It is one of a handful I will always have. Truly miss the old days and crew that were here.
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    Original owner on this one. My dad bought it new in early '84 for me.
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    I started my racing on a Schwinn Stingray but sadly that bike is lost in time. BUT...I do have my very first BMX specific bike and possibly the last of it's kind left in captivity. This picture of us in 'action' is from 1975 at Western Sports Arama (WSA). Here is a shot of it at rest in my front yard back in 75. Here is a picture Reilley took of it after I let him bring it back to life for me. I am so glad I held onto it.
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    VDC "Fred Jr." solid seat post IMAGE #1: Detailed on a page of random equipment in the November, 1980 issue of BMXA (page 58) IMAGE #2: The Fred Jr. solid post appears in an official VDC advertisement in the December, 1980 issue of BMXA (page 110) These seatposts are pretty cool with plastic/vinyl colored inserts that slide into the fluted recesses.
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    UniSeat (Berg Designs) The earliest advertisement that I have been able to locate is on Page 44 of the August, 1978 BMXA. The thing that stands out to me is: "7 SUPER COLORS" I wonder what all seven colors were?
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    Torker 6-Bolt Stem IMAGE #1: First seen in magazines in the March/April 1979 issue of BMXA on page 13 IMAGE #2: The Torker advertisement in the same March/April 1979 issue of BMXA on page 29 sys "be on the lookout". IMAGE #3: The Torker advertisement in the May, 1979 BMXA (on page 10) now includes an image of the stem available for purchase.
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    Thanks fellas. Good ol Pentax K1000 and a roll of TRI-X 400. I was just hoping to meet Oz...or Windy
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    Great article. Thanks for the mention. But why, WHY did you have to mention me next to Brian Hey....
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    Woohoo! I'm famous. Awesome read. Good stuff Steve. Thanks for the props. I'm gonna go back and check out the other 15 episodes.
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    seems to, they test a "a prototype model in flashy orange with a mellow yellow seatpost" in bmx plus november '78
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    Paging Mr. Hays, Paging Mr Hays you are needed.....
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    Totally unnecessary reissue of an uninteresting bike in the first place. If it would be hi-end manufactured like the original late 70s Sting with a distinct modern twist I'd might understand but this is just a sad waste of resources.
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    Titron titanium axles The earliest ad I can find is June, 1980 BMXA.
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    The track you are thinking of by Stater Bros was off Arlington and Jones near Norte Vista HS. It was likely Leon Philpot with him as he lived near there. In fact he lived down the street from me. His sister used to babysit me. He bought mice from me to feed his snake. The whole neighborhood gotr in to Banditos from Leon. Including the one I have. I used to watch those guys race with so much admiration. I was never any good at it but loved to watch. We also had a make shift track and jump area we called Twin Palms a couple miles away from there. 80s BMXers were the best!
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    Picked up a chromoly Black Lite frame and fork recently with some decent parts. It was found outside of Jacksonville FL and engraved with the name Stone on the frame and some of the parts. The picture was taken when I got home with in PA.
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    I’m no expert but maybe a 1996 P61 or something like that.
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    Glad you're enjoying them. BMX Plus - March 1980 .pdf - Now available for download at https://Oldschoolmags.com
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    Il bump this with my 83 GT i bought new,all the parts are from bitd also
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    Did some changes to the Quad today Profile retro cranks, Suntour XCII pedals & Powerlite bars
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    Ralph's Bicycles of Downey, Ca. RULES FOREVER. Used to live in Downey, Ca. I would always go in there. They were so nice to me. I had a Chrome with blue anodized Cook Bros. bicycle out of the window, Then a chrome Hustler with Bottema forks, out of the window. 12/24/2020 now. Long live Ralph's Bicycles and all who knew him. To all bmx riders of back then, factory, or bike shop or just street bmx, you rule. I even remember Robert, their first employee, then I think, Randy, was their new younger employee who came to help them a bit later. Ralph's Bicycles on Imperial, in Downey Ca., right next to that little post office...Rules!! Hope Karen and Lynette are doing well. This is the 14 year old from back then who loved to go in there and just gaze at all the beautiful bikes, different anodized colors, the smell of the rubber from the oakley grips and bmx competition tioga tires. Ralph would always be sitting in the back, lacing up some rims for some famous rider back then. He was so nice. To Robert, the bike shop worker from back then, that little kid who used to come in and hang out, I say hello to you man. I Pray you are all well. My name is John.
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    I finally got another bike that I never thought would happen! 1975 Webco with all original finishes. The frame, fork & 1st. gen. Tuff Wheels came from the original owner. The rest of the parts are nice original finishes as well. I may swap a few pieces out as I find them. I’ll just enjoy it the way it sits for now.
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    Just amazing! Larock, you are a rockstar! ⭐️ Is the custom Goose with MM’s gone?
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    Swapped the Tuff Wheels & spider setup for spokes and 1 piece chainwheel.
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    VDC pedals that Voris made, apparently a special order for some one, as seen on FB.
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    For a thread like this, and for this site in general, we prefer that you host the pictures here. Photobucket pictures go away here the moment something happens to your account there, either accidental deletion or site crashes/changes. This could be a killer thread so please, host the pics here!
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    I picked this puppy up in '92 I don't think I started getting on the boards until 2 or 3 years later. This is the bike that pulled me into into collecting and rediscovering BMX. But of all my bikes this is the one I've owned the longest. I found this one in 1977 when I was 18. 1952 Schwinn DX.
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    Hi, Real sorry to dredge up an oldish thread but i may aswell add to it. I came across one of these late last year. It's pretty much 100% original, only things missing at the moment are the pads ( long gone) the seatclamp although the guy that sold this to me still has it but just doesn't know where at the moment. Also a brake cable has been changed but i'm unsure which one and the grips. It's pretty well loaded with nice parts aswell :4_17_5: Ukai rims Suntour hubs Suntour Power stem Maxy Cross crank KKT Lightening pedals Elina saddle Dia Compe F+R 890's V bars assuming they're WIN Bars Snakebelly tyres Enjoy what is probably a very rare bike. These are photos of when i picked it up, i'd hasten to add that this has been massively restored now back to its former glory. The only parts i've struggled with is a DC seat clamp and Red Snakebelly tyres. Clamps are around but as the previous owner says he still has the original somewhere i'm not too keen on buying another when he could find that one. many thanks for looking Andy
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    Well that sucks. 2017 repost of it being stolen in 2013 https://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=5854147#p5854147 Is this the same bike. Says it was stolen once before . Somebody must want this bike in a bad way. Guess this was original posting for its theft in 2013. https://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=4504349#p4504349
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