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    Well just before Christmas this popped up in the bay with a bin or best. Well it had posted about 20 minutes Priorso I made an offer and got it. Well I sent my phone number and the guy called me and I found out he raced this bike as a kid down in Texas in the 80’s so I asked if he had any other “Bmx stuff” and he had his helmet, old rad gloves,his plate and a nos Black and yellow Hot plate that he tossed in on the deal. Any rate she needs a good cleaning and I hole I can save the CW bars (rusty). But what I thought was pretty cool was the 180mm full wrap set up. Some how mounted a odd ball spider lol.
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    1984 ALL original Raleigh F7000fs 1982 SE Racing PK Ripper 1983 Navajo Racing Warrior Pro 1984 JMC Darrell Young Design 1993 SE Racing Quad Angle ALL finishes and decals are original (except the DY fork and bar decals are from jmc.com). All parts are original survivor condition
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    So after looking at the MX and seeing some others out there I dropped the rear brake & swapped out the spokes to a og set of Moto 1’s I have. And man I tell ya I really like it. You know simple is sometimes better as some have said about this frame the coaster was meant for it. Any rate I dig the look and can’t wait to ride it. Going to pop a blue chain rating on it and call it done.
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    This was my line up this year. All Survivor finishes and parts. 1979 Mongoose black sunshine 1980 Mongoose Motomag Cherry Bomb 100% OG only wiped her down 1978 Torker MX “My grail” 1981-2 Ra 8 blue FB page find I changed the whole front end out. 1981-2 Laguna Cruiser
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    Larsvegas I found these on French ebay and 9/16 thread along with some 76 dated Dura Ace cranks. They did silver, blue and red anno in these.
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    Lyotard 460d NOSness. Alloy anno black really cool and light for traps.
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    That’s that serious business right there! Those decals are some real flavor.
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    Well I've got 15 unbuilt frame sets but I'm not sure. I truly think first I'm going to redo the JMC DY build. I hate gold which is why I parted out the PK but the parts on the DY kinda fell in my lap. Want to redo all the parts in silver / black. Also have an 80 Race Inc RA7 with Foiler top tube that I need to build again as well as an 83 Race Inc RA10 and an 82 Star Products I just got.
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    Well I got her out in the sun light today and all done. I see nothing on this 78 MX that would need to be changed.
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    My dad bought me this bike in 1977 when I was 14.. Time past and the bike was forgotten.. After our kids moved away, I found what was left of my bike under one of my son’s bed... Restoration completed... Definitely brings back memories..
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    No sound, music or edited. Just cool stuff. 1977 I believe because of the yellow San Diego BMXA plates. Not 78 as it states at the beginning of the video. Rancho, Lakeside and Las Palmas. Heavy On the Parson's Construction team. https://youtu.be/9PZyTw7AolI
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    Now you need a bike stand like this one. : ) Oldschoolmags.com BMXA 1979
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    Me to I didn’t know how it would look. I had Looked at some of the other MX frame sets out there and most looked way better with that “simple” touch lol
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    My ‘78 Webco - Original finish, Webco forks raw, Mesinger white saddle, Preston Petty grips, etc. This bike is as tough as it looks.
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    Not sure why you guys don't completely disassemble a bike for a well deserved cleaning. Those forks are FAR from rough. Take it apart. Do an OA or vinegar bath for 4 or 5 hours. That rust will literally wipe right off. the decals will be completely unharmed. Just make sure you then soak in straight water and dry with air to get the acid out of the forks and tubes. This GHP was COVERED in rust when I got it. Wayyyyy worse than this CBR. I disassembled, OA bathed for 4 hours and then washed in a tub of water and blew it all out and polished it all with neverdull.
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    I like the way is was built and raced back in 81-83, very cool! Other than a cleaning, I would not change a thing.
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    Nothing super spectacular here, but I slapped together another ‘76 Mongoose this year. I will always love these bikes and this one will stay as is. The frame was in super bad shape so I blasted it and had it nickel plated (I know, I know...). Everything else was basically 1976 NOS (except the S&M Motoman Sprocket which I love). Wishing all you guys (that are still here), all the best for the Holidays and 2020.
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    I play along every year it's fun. if I knew how to help out I would.
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    My guess is department store special, due to kickstand plate. Better pic of the front and rear drop outs and that plate behind bottom bracket would help. Where was serial? Under BB or on drop out?
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    I bought the wheels Russ was going to use on this f&f..chrome Ukais with hi flanges Campy hubs.
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    They are the original pads for the jag sent to me by Aussie Russ They are the original pads for the jag sent to me by Aussie Russ
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    Damo if your reading this join up Original pads now look at home again.
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    Yea there is no way I could bring my self to peeling them off for some BS repop ones lol
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    Folks, some have noticed but a lot didn't even seem to miss it... but we are a week or so late on beginning BOTY. I don't really want to do it, to be honest. I'm pretty busy and have tried to see if others are willing to take it on and no one seems to really be interested. The other issue is that I cannot figure out how to hot link the entries on the ballot to the bike's post, as we have always done in the past. If you check out the old BOTY's you will notice the ballots links are all dead now because this new version of the software is not allowing html code on the ballot app. Not sure if people are following what I am saying, but basically it used to be that when you went over the choices when deciding who to vote for, you could click on each choice on the ballot, and it would take you to that bike. Now that hot link to the bikes no longer works. Not the end of the world but kind of not ideal at all. Anyway... if there's a fair bit of interest, I'd still consider doing maybe an open class.... no individual classes. I don't know. As I say... I just don't really have interest in running/managing the BOTY event... I'm going to be travelling over Christmas, and frankly, wouldn't mind just not having to worry about it. That said... as I say, hate to disappoint folks, so if there is a considerable interest, I will reconsider.
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    I dig it but I think we have learned that open face helmets are a thing of the past...
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    Pretty stoked with how this one turned out.
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    Well, I stand corrected. The OPCs feel much better. Done!
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    Well it sure didn’t hurt lol
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    well it’s dark out so ya get dark attic shots lol Swapped our the dura ace with stamped Ashtabula cranks , schwinn BB, a 44t Webco chainring and black rats. SIMPLE !!
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    Coaster and three piece crank is like a Yugo on Cragars, unless it a freestyle bike.
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    I think opc suits the motomags better.
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    I gotta say I liked the rims. MM’s are cool bough.
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    I was wondering, but, plenty busy myself. Sometimes a year break makes the return that much better. Enjoy the chill time.
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    Loving it! Super rooty. What are the grips?
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    That works for me. Looks good with the Motomags
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    First new project from me since 2010! This project came about during a random conversation with Dan Goins back in early July of this year. He sent me pictures of this frame and a different Redline fork. It looked fantastic and I was immediately interested. We came to an agreement and the search for cool-looking parts was on.... I really like the way everything turned out. I saw the morning fog yesterday, and I sprung into action....there are NOT many good photo opportunities in Michigan in late November. I hope everyone gets a kick out of it. Nearly 10 years in the making.... FRAME: Dan Gurney Eagle looptail with Cook Brothers gussets FORK: Redline nickel HEADSET: Schwinn STEM: Schwinn HANDLEBARS: Dan Gurney GRIPS: O.G.K. PLATE: old motorcross SEAT CLAMP: 70's SR road stem cut off SEAT POST: solid aluminum SEAT: Selle Italia Grand-Prix CRANKS & BB: Schwinn PEDALS: KKT SPROCKET: Three Arrows CHAIN: Union FRONT HUB: ACS REAR HUB: Bendix Red Band turned down RIMS: Weinmann 2.125 TIRES: Cheng Shin PADS: Vinyl snap
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    Missing the warmer weather and my evening loops on the cruiser. In the meantime, waiting for real winter to arrive so I can put some miles on the new fat bike! I’m spoiled by the sweet single track a block from my house.
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    Very cool you’re only posting here on Society. Hopefully we can get some more traffic in this section so it works out for everybody.
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    Glad it made it to you in good shape considering the packing job. Pretty nice race piece for time period.
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    And the crazy part about the whole shipping was this was the only bike this guy has ever shipped so yea ya guessed it ZERO packing in the boxes ZERO ! And some how with the hot plate floating around in the box with the bike it still got to me unharmed. It was a Christmas miracle lol
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    About 9-10 years ago, the OM said he had a hat for me. Never got it from him but still a cool gesture. On October of this year, Scoty Jr. saw a drawing I posted on the Society's Facebook page where Scot signed the drawing off to "Radical Rick. He contacted me and asked me if his dad called me Radical Rick and if he "owed" me a hat. I told him that I was pretty certain that he called a few people that including Damian. He said he was going to send me the hat nevertheless. I told him I could not really say that was the one for me but he said it was all good. Put a tear in my eye. Scot was so good at making even the lowest moto-filler special. He's still doing from the great beyond.
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    From Mr Bill himself "I expected this unfortunate post. Any new CW racing stuff has no personal endorsement from me. I did my best to be part of it, but it just didn't work out"
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    Nemo, I can answer the questions you just raised with one word, Kappa. Scott filled this void, while at the same time carving his own niche. At this point it seems those bikes have become sought after in their own right, and that is a company who's been out of business for two years. Original ideas are hard to come by, but when they do come along people take notice. I suppose that's why the lazy try to pick up the pieces and humpy dumpy it back together. All the kings horses and all the kings money can't put this old school bmx crap back together again. I've always been too scared to take acid, but I'm a fan of Timothy Leary, he had some good things to say: .