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    A FELLOW COLLECTOR (actually one the first collectors) passes away and it is an "opportunity of a lifetime" because the family does not have the knowledge?? I guess the real question is about being just "1 of 30" "hobbyists" that took advantage of a situation rather than being THE 1 that tried to be truly honorable and help. This could have been any one of us that passed suddenly......now, think about how you would feel about 1 of those 30 that seized upon your death as an opportunity. Tom was a friend and I was trying to give the family space to grieve before reaching out to offer advice. I shouldn't have expected more of this community than I assumed, I should have remembered vultures don't wait. Yes, I do blame myself as well!!!
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    You are nothing but a shitbag fucking vulture flipper with NO morals. Some day Karma will punch you square in your greedy fucking face, you scumbag USELESS piece of shit. You have been a shit stain on bmx collecting for over 15 years. FUCK OFF.
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    I recently found this black Hutch Expert Racer. Mostly a survivor, except for the 20 spoke (yes, 20) back wheel...with a Shimano coaster hub.
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    Bored much? I'm lucky to say I'm enjoying this time to get a bunch of projects done (my wife too)! But this whole debacle got me thinking there are some people bored out of their minds. And, since this year's BMX Society Extravaganza has been postponed, I figured we could do what we do best and look back at our past to relive some of those really good memories! So here is the deal, you can access, look at and download these images and use them for non-commercial use. Basically, anything personal. Make prints (Big images only), or share on the Internet (small images only). Don't forget to throw a shout out to BMXSociety.com and MoPhoto.co ! There are two folders for each event, one with large images (print only, too big for Internet) and one with small images (Internet and e-mail only, too small to print) The file numbers are the same, so if you want to print IMG1234Small.jpg, go to the corresponding Big folder and download IMG1234Big.Jpg (may also be IMG1234.Jpg). To download click on any image, use the Download Pull Down at the top and select Original. DO NOT Select All Available Originals as it will download the entire gallery and you will curse me--you have been warned! Enjoy and be safe everyone! https://mortonphotographic.zenfolio.com/bmxsociety PW: osbmxbmxsMPSB
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    I saw the "score" tag, saw that it came from someone who had passed and I cringed a bit as I figured someone more vocal than me would call Jon out. I was fairly certain it would be Heys... I like you Jon but I think the "A east coast collector passed away and his family was selling the collection off" left more than one person with a sour taste in their mouth that has nothing to do with grapes. And to me, it has nothing to do with whatever price you paid. By the same token, bringing family into an argument, regardless of how pissed off you are is messed up too. And you know I luvs ya Brian. And Greg, sorry about your friend. I know the feeling when a good friend passes.
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    1984 GHP Trix Original finish and decals 1984 Trix with the early decals and forks This was found by Museum member MrOlive as a complete bike. It had been built and ridden in 84 and then stored in an attic until a few years ago when he found and bought it. Unfortunately he parted the bike out and sold the frame and fork to Museum member russman a couple of years ago. I was just able to make a deal to buy it. Neither of the previous owners ever cleaned the 36 year old dirt and grease off of it so I spent two hours degreasing, using rubbing compound, polishing compound twice and then wax to bring back it's original finish's shine and lustre. The early frames used the regular race forks. The later ones used the forks with built on pegs.
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    Got this one together for Webco Wednesday.
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    Hello everyone I just came upon a Cheetah BMX. I think it’s a 1976. Is anyone interested In it?
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    One of the earlier goose frames still alive.......... No. 332 off the production line...... Parts run down: Restored 1975 mongoose short frame - serial 10332 NOS Ashtabula forks Survivor SIMI stamped motomag 1's NOS Cheng shin C183 tyres Survivor Ashtabula crank Survivor Schwinn BB Survivor Schwinn Chainwheel NOS Union pedals Survivor Schwinn Messinger seat NOS Rampar seat clamp NOS unstamped MX headset Survivor Ashtabula stem / gooseneck Survivor box bars NOS Hunt Wilde grips NOS black pad set And here she is..........
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    My wife got a Vespa for her birthday so I had an excuse to get one of these, it’s DOT certified. I love it! Got a closed face helmet as well, but for scooting around local streets this is great. Don’t laugh too hard at my pic, please keep in mind that the camera always makes you look at least 10% more dork.
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    doesn't " late 1980" fall between 78-83 ?
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    A east coast collector passed away and his family was selling the collection off. This is what I found! NOS Gold PK Ripper with boxes/paperwork/washers NOS 1984 Yellow and Orange Freestyle Quads! NOS 1990 Quad frame NOS 24inch threaded LG forks (check out those long legs/dropouts welded up higher) GHP Trix (not NOS but mega clean) NOS padsets and more!
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    Hey, new member here. I am in Great Britain and I own an 82 20" Champion Pro which has been kept in a box for 10 years by its previous owner, shes in great condition and I will be building to ride and enjoy. I wanted to ask if anyone here has a Champion seat post or seat clamp for sale? Thanks and stay Rad
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    Just picked up my all original Rebel Racing Johnny Reb mini
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    Good starting point. Work well with the red of these. Which is a great looking shade of it.
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    Nice frame,such a nice red on these GHPs
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    Just picked up an old school CW racing mini time capsule and it has a unique stem I’ve never seen before can’t find any info on it it’s a threaded 1 1/8 stem stamped O/R seems to be super rare cause I can’t find any thing. Hope someone could help
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    I’m guessing here, but based on the parts and the frame stand supports, I’m going to guess this is probably a 1986 Hutch Trickstar, I believe made in Japan or Taiwan. There has to be a Hutch expert around that can confirm based on a serial number or other details. Sorry about your friend. That’s a really great bike, a dream ride for most of us back in the day. It looks like it’s in incredible condition, like it’s been locked in a time capsule all these years. Don’t change a thing.
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    Just a pic off the internet of a mild steel FMF
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    Don't you love it when you find the last piece of the puzzle
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    It has been so long (Dec, 2011) since I last visited the site. So long that I forgot my user name here (Dynopro) and had to create a new one. I have been browsing and catching up on some of the threads. Man things have gotten a bit out of control. Prices and drama wise. What have I been up to ?I left the BMX collecting to the guys with deeper pockets than I. Everything I had collected over the years was sold off when I made a series of moves from Colorado to California and back to Colorado. I have two 20 inch frames left is all. I got heavy into MTB, racing DH and some enduro. Some DJ. And that is probably where I am at for a while. I still enjoy checking out everyone's collections and glad to see BMX collecting is still going strong. It is good to see familiar names still active and doing well. I do have one thing I am looking to trade. I have a NMS (New Mid School?) Yeti SuperX XXL frame. The Jerid Graves Olympic BMX 20 frame. I would love to trade it for a NMS Santa Cruz Jackal either 20 or 24 in any color. Anyway I will be around, back in Denver so if anyone is around and wants to shoot the shit hit me up. 3oh3 552 Seven 94 nine.
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    Trying to get some information on this 1979 classic
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing these.
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    Hi everyone - this has been a great thread to read through and I'm glad to have found it! Very cool to get some history and your commentary around it. I have a 1978 G-Boy and thought it would be cool to share. I've included some recent pics. Cheers, Dan
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    Hey y’all so last weekend wile driving to an estate sale (that had nothing) I spotted this on the side of the road. A 16 bike old school bike rack. So yesterday wile sorting my bike stuff I thought what the hell lol and brought all the guns out to the show.
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    Just posted on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1976-FMF-Junior-Pro-20-BMX-Frame-Red-Anodized-FMF-USA/153921850903?hash=item23d6750e17:g:9UMAAOSwiY5es3RX
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    16 & Over Expert main crosses the finish line at Nov. 28, 1976 NBA Mongoose Grand Nationals at Orange County International Raceway. 699
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    Just sold on Ebay. Wrong decals though. Decals should be like pic on page one "Breithaupt Replica"
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    This was the one Jason Evans had. He lives close to me.
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    I used to possess these. NOS with funky patina. Sold to a buddy.
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    Not made by FMF, but an FMF frame is the first thing I think about when I see a Laguna brake bridge.
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    1980 Champion 26" Cruiser Champion seat post: Champion cruiser bars:
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    Heres the last of my random Stuff related... For now....
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    Another, I actually found in here... Feb. 1976
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    Cool, lets fill this post, Champion style...
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    So, my stable has included these bikes so far: 1981 Champion 20" 1978 Champion Squareback 20" 1981 Champion 24" 1981 Lawwill 24" So, how about an all Champion thread? Just Champions... I didn't see any posts in here for just Champions in here. Anybody game? I know Route66, SE666, Larock, Bufardi, and so on has at least one or two...
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    There are a number of pictures of Elites with "lay forward" seat post on them! Including in the Panda catalog. As Randy says that is the small frame. Like the early CBRs I think these came four ways. Large with euro or standard bb and small with euro or standard bb. I've only seen nickel but they also came painted. Mine is stripped but some of the original blue is still in the bb shell. Very cool.
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    Well I finally hooked up a scanner to post some pictures of me from BITD up here in the Great NW. Most of my pictures from the earlier 80's are away at the parents' house. Here's a few from my personal stash. Sorry for the crappy pics. Ironically, I noticed I'm not wearing my Gear leathers in any of the shots as I would normally wear at the bigger races. I guess those ol' Levis were just so damn comfy... Here's a shot of me and a small contingent of our team (The Inside Line) after winning the Team Trophy at a double points race over at Quincy in "dry" Eastern Washington. From left to right are #23 (Me); #13 a young "Rocket" Rich Houseman (who went on to Factory Hutch later that year and had a huge BMX and MTB career and is the current MTB 4x National Champ); #17 Brent Lee (fast little honcho who had a long career); and #1 Chris Backus (who went on to Factory Hutch and Factory GT): Me leading a moto at Quincy (they bumped me up to 16-17 novice/expert as there wasn't a 15x class that day: Winning my main at the '85 Washington State Championships at River Valley BMX in Sumner, WA And in reference to an earlier post regarding how all bikes in the NW are "dirty" -well, the bikes look fairly clean to me...
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    chuckling to self... Yeah, it rains a lot in the NW especially on the west side of the mountains. If you've ever been lucky enough to visit the Puget Sound region in the Summer (70-90 degrees and sunny most the time), than you know there really isn't a better place to be. All of the races in the Spring, Summer, and Fall are outdoors, and during the winter all of the races are held indoors at arenas. There was an occasional rain race that would wreck havoc on my Campy's, but they were generally the exception and not the rule. I can't speak for Mr. Olsen's or his buddies' bikes (they don't look THAT bad), but the riders I associated with took a lot of pride in keeping our bikes dialed in and spotless, and our jerseys and leathers were always clean (the manufacturers and shops we represented would have canned us in a heartbeat if we looked anything less). The old saying goes -if you look fast, then you MUST be fast... Mobass...I can sympathize with you finding some dirty bikes up here as that's been my experience too with most the bikes I run into while hunting. I will occasionally find a bike that looks like it stepped off the showroom, but they are the exception. The dirty bikes tend to be purchased from people who were ex-riders and not ex-racers. You can always tell who took pride in their bikes and who didn't by the way they were ridden and kept. That is what is SO COOL about this community here as evidenced by all the sweet rides posted up. :32: When I get my scanner up and running again (!@!#*!) I will post a few pics...
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    they get dirty after a day of racing. and the weather here in the PNW are always nasty. growing up around here, almost all my racing buddies and my bikes are always clean. as well as at the tracks. maybe your glasses is always dirty? lol also, thats a cool pix, i change my frames every 6 months back in the days, this guy clearly loves his bike. kudos to him.
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    first version of the famous Panda Pro Am magazine ad. Who didn't want that bike and the trophy girl when they saw this? :18: