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    OK so here is my recently finished 1979 BMX Products manufactured Team Jag. Had the frame for about 10 years and finally got it built now ! Frame is original Nickel and so I went with a mix of nice condition survivor / NOS / NOS shop worn parts etc. Full parts run down: 1979 Team Jag frame & forks in original survivor Nickel (new decals) NOS shop worn Race Inc bars NOS Winner's Circle/ODI "Octopus" grips Restored Shimano Tourney brake set-up Araya 7C gold rims, original shine sides NOS Cheng shin fat/thin C183 tyres Mongoose gold stem Mongoose stamped headset Shimano Tourney cranks NOS MKS BM-2 pedals Leather Kashimax MX saddle NOS Race Inc seatpost mongoose stamped seat clamp NOS Jag pad set And here she is....... I think I like her better without the pads I think but....... The OG pads do look cool as well....... :-)
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    Ive owned this GT since i bought it new as a 1st year apprentice so while its not the most valuable bike i own in monetary terms sentimentaly it has to be the one id pick.
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    A sort of popular and perennial thread on the forums is a thread that posits this dilemma: "If you could only save one of your bikes, which would it be?" It's supposed to be a fun hypothetical. Well, I faced this dilemma for real this week. I thought you might be interested to see what I went with. 1 in 10 residents of the State of Oregon has been evacuated. I personally have friends who have lost it all this week. Parts of my town were evacuated, but so far our neighborhood is ok. None the less, since we are still going to work and work in a remote forrest location, we are now carrying around an evacuation kit in the car. It is comprised of a binder full of essential documents and identification. A suitcase full of a few items of clothes for various climatic situations, a box of photos from our decades in Nepal, and.... the subject of this thread: the bicycle component of this evacuation kit. So when it came down to it... I did not choose 1 bike. I chose 2. I didn't go for monetary value. I chose the OM because it is my go to daily rider and in a total societal collapse it would be comfortable transportation. I still had some room so I put the loop tail quadangle in... I've known this bike for 35 years, and my childhood friend, who owned this bike, and who happens to live 20 minutes away from me in Talent, Oregon lost his house this week in the fires. So... if I had not acquired this bike a couple years ago... it would have burned the other night. I just decided I wouldn't let it burn across town either. So... it was a mix of practicality and sentimentality that brought me to these choices. I'm not looking for feedback on what you would have saved from my collection. I'm just sharing what I did, when the hypothetical became real. The good news is... the threat seems to have diminished for us personally. All it would take is a change in wind direction though... so we'll keep the evacuation gear in the car for a few more days probably. My thoughts go out to those who lost it all, including hall of famer, John Palfreyman Jr
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    Wow Steve. Some scary stuff happening. Hope you and your wife stay safe and everything remains ok. The bike I’d save would be my childhood bike. The Star Products that’s been through it all with me Like others, it’s not my most expensive but is definitely the one I have the most connection with.
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    Stay safe, Steve! My choice is a no-brainer. The bike I built in a frame-building class. The blood sweat and tears that went into making this frame could never be replaced. Also, it’s a very practical bike that would be useful after losing everything else. Any other bike could be replaced. However it’d be particularly hard to lose my dad’s 1969 Sears Spyder.
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    Two giants of bmx. Just honored to be listening and listening to them talk is amazing. Wish I had some a recorder but for now, a few pics. Just thought i share. Oh, Elaine Holt of Bmx News and Mr. Mel Stoutsenberger. H
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    Today (Labor Day) is my wife and I's 7 year anniversary that we have been together. Next month on Oct 4th will be our 4 year wedding anniversary. She has always been very supportive of my collecting and she is who got me riding again.We started riding together when my two nephews sold me their matching DK General Lee 24" bikes that they had got new for Christmas 2008 that were still hanging in their parents garage after they had both gone off to college at Northern IL University. The bikes are fun but pretty heavy. One Sunday a couple months ago, I went out to our shop and Melissa (my wife) was out there building a ramp to jump. We had a blast jumping on the GL bikes but again, they are super heavy. A few weeks ago I surprised her with a brand new 2020 DK Swift Pro and soon after she said she wanted to learn to do manuals and wanted to go to the track. At that point I bought myself a "new" 2005 Free Agent Limo. We made the 40 min drive to the Springfield IL BMX park today after going to Scheels Sat to get helmets. We had a blast. Track has Wed night practices and Fri night races but is otherwise open to the public. The weather was perfect. We had a ball. Planning on going back today!!!
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    Stay safe up that way Steve. Sad to see that about Palfreyman and everyone else who lost everything. My save also a no brainer. My VDC, had since day one and just has so many memories attached to it.
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    Yikes Steve!!! Unreal. Stay safe. If I could only save one, I think it would be my Prodyne.
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    I raced BMX from ‘81-‘84. My brother and I had jerseys from Howards Cyclery. We started as beginners on Red Line bikes. I then had a Cooks Bros. before racing for Thruster. After that, we then had Robinson bikes. We started at Monrovia then primarily raced at Van Nuys. Also raced at Canyon Country, Corona, Sadleback, Bakersfield, and a few others. We also did several demo races at A department store. Finished up racing at Azusa. We were also at a big race at Knott’s Berry Farm one year. I raced in the NBA, WWBMXA, ABA, and NBL. I was just a young kid then, but still remember all the pros from the circuit: Harry Leary, Stu Thompson, Perry Kramer to name a few. They were always really cool to my brother and I. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Mike M.
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    That's awesome Brian. Some new dropouts, fresh powder and correct Race Inc. decals and you will have a bad ass bike! (I kid I kid)
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    As a species we literally can’t even figure out how not to shit where we eat, so “cleaning” a perfectly good vintage sticker off some awesome handlebars comes as no surprise. At least there are still vintage stickers floating around. Although, it wouldn’t surprise me if he “cleaned” the bars with steel wool. Could always be worse.
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    So about two weeks ago I got an email from some guy out of the blue. He asked me to identify a bmx frame for him. I said sure no problem. Just send me some pics. He tried emailing me pics but they wouldn't come through so he asked for my cell number. He then text me four or five pics of a 1982 SE Racing Basher which is an 82 Race Inc RA7 that SE decal'd as Bashers. I've done a long thread here on the three styles of SE Bashers (I'll link it at the bottom of this post). Anyway, I asked him what the story was and how he got my email address and he told me that he works for a guy and they were cleaning out a barn and were making a scrap pile to haul to the dump and this frame was in the barn. He pulled it out and his boss told him to toss it in the alloy pile to scrap. He said he's not into bmx and didn't know anything about it but he felt it was too nice to junk. He had gone home and googled SE Racing Basher BMX and almost every hit on google had my name in it. so he clicked a link which brought him here and he clicked on my profile and got my email address. He said he had seen some of my sold Bashers and wondered if I would be interested in it or know someone who was. I asked him some questions and he was quick to get me pics and info. I asked him what he wanted for it and he shot me a ridiculous number. I told him thanks anyway but I wasn't interested at his price. He came back quickly asking what I would pay. I told him my number and told him he could take it or leave it. No hard feelings. He contacted me back later and said after thinking about it, he would take my offer because it was easy for him and he wanted the frame to go to someone who would appreciate it over dealing with Ebay or Facebook. I told him I could paypal him right away and he told me he had never used paypal and he prefered a money order. Against my better judgement I agreed. I mailed him a money order from the post office on Monday and was holding my breath. He text me on Thursday and said the money order had arrived and he had already mailed the frame Fedex and gave me tracking. It showed up today. Dude was just outside Muncie IN and the bike shop decal on the frame is Muncie IN so it had been there it's whole life. These SE Basher decal'd RA7 frames were all ball burnished with blue/brown decals or black with gold/white decals. These are the only two colors that have turned up. About a year ago someone posted a pic of a kid from 1982/83 holding his bike in both hands broken clean in two and it was a candy blue Frame with Basher decals and we had a discussion here at how rare that was because only burnished or black had ever been seen. Well this one is og blue with og decals. Even the glue from the seat tube decal that is missing is still there. Bike shop decal is in good shape too. The first two pics are pics he sent me. The others are pics I took after removing the chain, head cups and bb cups and wiping it down with a wet towel. I'll do my standard scrub down I always do tomorrow. Rubbing compound, polishing compound and wax. Seat tube is spread from some clown trying to force a 7/8 seat post into a 13/16 seat tube. I was able to massage it back with a rubber mallet. First two pics are his.
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    We went back today and had the entire place to ourselves.
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    The manual machine that she built after watching youtube videos last Sunday.
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    Just finished this one up tonight. Mark Darcy gave me this plate years ago, it is one of his original plates. I found it in a stack of stuff in my office & had to build it! 1979 Powerlite built with mostly original finishes, I added the downtube decals. Great original paint on the frame & fork. Powerbend handlebars mounted to a 6 bolt MCS stem, vinyl pads, Shimano Tourney brake, lever & cable guides, Koolstop brake pads, fluted alloy seat post, Suntour seat clamp, Grand Prix saddle, Takagi Tourney cranks, KKT rat traps, Black low/high flange Sunshine hubs, Araya 7Cs, Suntour Maeda freewheel & Cheng Shin C-183 fat skinny tires. Enjoy! I will change the grips and seat clamp when I find something more to my liking.
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    Rad! Last night I put my other ESP on the bike pictured above. It had a black S&M stem, most of the components are black, I needed to break it up a bit.
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    i helped Marty with the new designs and manufacturing ideas so i was sponsored for a few years as a form of a thank you. that stem is one of the first 100 limited edition models and was #00/100 but craig hooper bitched and threw a fit so Marty took it back and machined it down and re engraved it with my name. i also have the first front loader in 49mm and a mini stem
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    Out on the single track two night ago.
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    A little of the historical inspiration behind the 29er.
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    Just saw this elsewhere for sale. SUPER nice set of early cruiser GT bars. Never mind the fact he parted out a complete Patterson PR240 cruiser he found, He's also basically bragging all proud of himself that he peeled the FULLY INTACT GT decal from these bars. The amount of dumbfucks ruining this hobby is STAGGERING. I wish they would all just FUCK OFF already!! His Quote: "Top bar decal was in pretty rough shape so I removed it during clean up. "
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    That’s too bad. That decal was pretty great. Like most of the guys here, I’d pay more dough for a part with an original decal in any shape, than I would the same part with no or repop decals.
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    So did I but fifteen years later it's painful to watch. I assumed he was a collector but after seeing his stuff for sale, yes he's a total flipper and couldn't give any less of a shit about anything other than money. Man I fucking hate human beings. Dumbest motherfuckers on this planet.
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    I have to say when I first started back into the BMX thing I did a lot of dumb shit...
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    He's wearing chequered slipons. He must know what he is talking about.... Seriously, the decal was fine. And is normally covered by a pad anyway.
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    Oh yeah, I’m all over 29ers for the dirt. A few years ago I sold my JMC 24. With the money I built this. It’s a Vassago VerHuen. It’s 29x3, fully rigid with a Dean ti fork and a Rohloff Speedhub. This would be my “if I could only have one bike” bike. Looks like my Covid 29 f/f will arrive Friday. I’m planning to build it as a modern single speed klunker to tear up the single track. Looks like a couple parts not make it until next week.
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    Here’s an update I’ve been looking forward to making. Yesterday we went on our first family bmx ride! The soon-to-be-3-year-old has really taken to his Haro balance bike. The soon-to-be-6-year-old has upgraded from her 16” Barbie bike to a slightly larger and much cooler SE “Lil Ripper” 16. Lots of sudden stops, luckily my brakes are dialed! Lots of fun too, just gotta get ahead of the little guy when we approach an intersection. Where’s the proud papa emoticon?
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    good story, glad it worked out
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    Perfect The first "true" BMX 3 piece crankset adds to the bike.
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    looks like it's a schwinn seat.
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    See if you are close to any BMX tracks that might be open. Go and check out what bikes kids like yours are riding. Maybe even get a quick test ride to check size fit. Might even come across something for sale. Like mentioned local bike shops and online shops are low on supply and waiting for restocking. Best of luck.
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    20.85” tt is the length of the top tube from center of seat post to center of steer tube. Honestly, for you I’d get a cruiser, a bike with either 24” or 26” wheels. I’d avoid those amazon bikes listed, those are pretty much garbage. Go with anything made by a reputable current brand. Problem is right now many brands are out of stock because of Covid. However some brands are getting new bikes to shops. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check craigslist for a nice used bike. Then once you put some miles on it you can get a feel for what you like and maybe get a new bike later.
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    rap artist DAVE EAST reppin BMX on a GT Performer retro for his new album cover.
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    I’d like to see anything from Larry’s line of Bmx goods. Seems like a hair product endorsement would have made him some good money.
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    there is a later version of the company that is "cooks" bros