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    Belated happy birthday! Thanks for all your contributions to the BMX community.
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    here's a couple things you hear about but don't see often !!!
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    found some of my brother's os parts, these were in the bunch !
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    My Dad purchased this bike in 1978 and I rode this thing all over Austin for years. He recently gave it to me and I was wondering if anyone on here could give any insight. I saw some posts somewhere that talked about serial numbers in the 600’s, but the only numbers I can find on the frame is 105. Everything on the bike is original except for the chain, the tires and he painted it black(originally it was a burgundy). He took really good care of the bike; it was never left outside.
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    Staying consistent...posting all my finished projects on the best website. I've been working on this one quietly over the past 18 months or so. Check it out. I'm really happy with how it turned out. 1980 Standard long. FRAME - JMC Standard long FORK - JMC HEADSET - Tange MX-2 HANDLEBARS - Schwinn Sting STEM - MCS GRIPS - Oakley CRANKS - Shimano 600 SPROCKET - Takagi CHAINRING BOLTS - Norm's Bike Shop BOTTOM BRACKET - Cook Brothers PEDALS - KKT rat trap CHAIN - Regina Oro SEAT CLAMP - Xcaliber SEAT POST - VDC SEAT - Kashimax MX HUBS - Phil Wood FREEWHEEL - SunTour 16T (3/32") RIMS - C&G Super Pro TIRE FRONT - Carlisle Aggressor TIRE REAR - Comp 2 BRAKE - Dia-Compe MX1000 BRAKE PADS - Mathauser LEVER - Dia-Compe prebent PADS - Rad Pads
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    I do have road bikes and a mtb bike but bmx bikes are my roots,ive raced on and off since 13 years old and i still ride and race on bmx track so im very comfortable on them.l also have friends i ride,do gates and race with,so its a good social outlet for me.Ill also add ive spent a decade at the track with my daughter who also raced,shes in the red jersey next to me
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    This is a complete re-do of the Race Tech bike I originally found at a local yard sale back in 2009. I have included a picture of the bike as it used to be to show the difference. The frame, fork, headset and grips are the same....everything else is different. Everything is original finish with no reproduction. FRAME - ABM Race Tech FORK - Hutch Pro HEADSET - AMB Race Tech HANDLEBARS - Freshour Racing STEM - DK Pro GRIPS - Oakley B2 CRANKS - Redline Flight 401 BOTTOM BRACKET - 28tpi loose ball CHAIN RING - Pete's CHAIN RING BOLTS - Sugino DISC - Pro Neck PEDALS - Shimano DX CHAIN - Sedisport SEAT CLAMP - Cycle Pro SEAT POST - generic 7/8" SEAT - Kashimax Areo WHEELS - Skyway Tull 2 alloy TIRES - Comp 3 BRAKE - LEVER - Dia-Compe Tech 4 BRAKE - CABLE - Dia-Compe 1985 BRAKE - CALIPER - Dia-Compe MX900 BRAKE - PADS - Skyway Pro PADS - California Lite (2 frame pads and a stem pad) PLATE - Zeronine Moto Control
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    Slowly putting it together. Chrome Ashtabula cranks, Tange headset+ forks, Schwinn seat+bb.
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    Same thing happened to me. Buddies would always ask "what the hell happened"? My response was always "ran out of talent".
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    I recently purchased a 20" Reust Factory frame and fork. I had a chrome '93 back in the day so have been looking for one for several years. I am trying to figure out the year of this one as the serial number isn't the traditional 7 digits. It's shown in one of the pics. Any info/help would be great! Love all the Reusts' on this thread!
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    Bicycle Motocross. It was to emulate motocross. As a kid I loved motocross. I had a motorcycle and a bicycle. When I could not ride my motorcycle I rode my bike. I had motorcycle handlebars a tank, fenders with a mud flap and 3 number plates on my bike. I tried to make my bicycle to look like a motocross bike. Like others I would put cards in my spokes and also a balloon to sound like a 4 stroke motorcycle. 1972
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    Got around to putting the decals on, Finished !!!
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    So very cool! Let's see a picture of your daughter on it...
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    That is a fine looking JMC. Nice parts selection.
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    Been here a couple times....but on steep dirt hills.
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    Wow. I really appreciate fellas. That’s really cool of you guys.
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    Happy Birthday a few days late.
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    After 50 you start counting backwards...
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    MaGoo, I sure will!! You are soooo right about the speed. I hadn't said anything here but I wiped out hard in turn 2 at practice a couple weeks ago. Riding hard, was too low going into the turn, front tire got in the damp stuff from the rain the day before. My smooth V tires got coated in sandy dirt and the front end washed out up the blacktop berm and I went down hard. Tore up my new helmet and my body. Multiple trips to the chyro to fix my back and a week and a half off from riding. Had to buy another new helmet. Speed was there. Talent was lacking.
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    Very cool. Just a helpful hint: your speed returns quicker than your skill level. Take your time. Nothing sucks more than seeing the older bunch get broke off. Tell Jeff that MaGoo says hi.
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    Sometimes you have to just swap things around. Changes give it a different attitude compared to before.
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    Here is the bike as built (2009-2018):
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    Awesome! Being on a team is great. I miss my old team. #libertyracing
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    Got this to day from my dads co-worker any info rides/shifts good i know its not a "big money bike" so save the cheap talk.Still made in the USA just wanted to see if any one had ever seen/owned one and share it with people that may have never had. :bigemo_harabe_net-171:
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    Another great night of racing at Springfield. White puffy clouds in the sky and 70 degrees. Our third race. I got third all three motos and Melissa got fourth. The kicker is that she is now riding her GHP cruiser instead of her 20" Chase and I literally only beat her by inches all three motos. I had to pedal my ass off on the last straight to stay in front of her. She is improving leaps and bounds. The T.O. took a bunch of pics tonight. I'm 934 and she is 933. We are also going to another track about 1.5 hours away to race their opening night tomorrow ( been rained out three weeks in a row). We are both finally adjusting to the new track build and I'm starting to like it. OH and on a total surprising STUNNING note, my wife and I will both be riding wearing jerseys and pants just like these in the pic below starting next week as we have been asked to join and ride for the Ace Bike Shop race team!!! The two head guys from the team told us that we both need to be representing their shop and would we like to join. We were speechless. Ace Bike Shop in Springfield has been in business since 1957 and has always been owned by one family. Ace has also had a very tight relationship with Sprigfield BMX Race Track every year since 1978 through 2021 and counting. The shop even has it's own oldschool BMX collection room with bikes and jerseys from all the years span as well as stacks of photo albums from races from 78 on. GREAT GREAT BMX specific bike shop. Been a great day, guys!! The team manager, Jeff said us being out there racing each other at our age is cool and Ace wants us to be part of the team.
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    Forgive the porkchop link but here' your decals. https://porkchopbmx.com/1985-86-schwinn-predator-streetwise-complete-decal-set-for-chrome-frames/
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    Here’s one of many threads in cleaning the rust. Search the site for “oxalic acid” or “citrus acid” for other threads on the subject.
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    I had an early 80s Schwinn predator 24 inch which I loved! Maybe someone will be able to post an ad from a magazine in 85 to see how the bike was set up from Schwinn. I think it's a cool bike, not high-end but still cool
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    Nothing on there would be too difficult to track down. Definitely keep the original parts though. The original parts are much more desirable (and valuable if/when you try to sell). Everything can be cleaned, you don’t need to repaint or re-chrome anything. A light hand polish (after a bath) would get it lookin amazing again. A seat, tires and grips can be easily found to get it complete again. let me look for a link to a thread to help you clean the rust...
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    Yes. Thanks for offering it it to the members here first.
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    Top pic is a week ago Fri doing warm up laps. I wasn't able to race Fri because of work but Melissa rode and got 3rd on her GHP cruiser I built for her.
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    You must have the monopoly on Hustlers! Never seen so many in one spot. Very cool.
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    Aquarian Powder coaters right? Don Bradshaw Krystal jammed! She won the 11 and under class at the infamous Weinert mountain Supernationals in 77 Mrs Hill (Liz Torres) in a rare mistake...She won the 12 and over girl's class. When these two raced against each other, it was just as intense as the older experts. According to J.U, Krystal was running the office in the late 90s and was very hot!
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    In the EARLY Days socal was a VERY FAST GIRL...Crystal Bradshaw (her dad powdercoat painted all the early frames ) also Leigh Donavan who lived down the street from me ....both could beat boys in there age group for sure...I remember we had drag races at peddlepower one day..150 kids ... and she beat me (i was 8 or 9) and i CRIED lol....Mark Rink
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    I know where that 82 cup lives .....
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