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    What a great pic , Bicycle Motocross Action Feb 1980
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    Heather O'Rourke (from Poltergeist)
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    Yes I agree. The lack of an 85 specific one year only style serial is another red flag. For those that dont know, the dropouts were stamped with serials and thrown in a box which were later welded on AFTER THE FACT as the frames were built.
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    I know this is nitpicking and beside the point but wouldn’t NOS, fake or not, have been painted? Pretty sure SE wasn’t selling raw frames to anybody, so a raw New Old Stock listing should be a huge red flag for anyone. Totally beside the point I know, but that’s what stuck out to me.
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    NFL legend Marshawn Lynch on a SE.
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    This probably won't mean much to most of you on here but this is Robbie Williams, a British pop star and former member of the boy band Take That.
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    Brad Pitt Jeremy Mcgrath
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    who? i figured you would have heard of them. you seem pretty into the music scene
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    well, the DJs greyboy and trulyodd collect BMX from what I've heard...
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    my favorites from the QB....Mobb Deep