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    Seems to happen more often than we think...
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    Wait for it................FUCK Facebook!!
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    Great pic. Reminds me of the time I was attempting something similar in my basement. My head hit the ceiling pretty hard. That’s not even the punch line, I was 39 years old at the time! Doh!
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    NorCal badass Dave Vanderspek, gettin crit, Curb Dog style.
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    photos from the 2019 gathering honoring Skip and BMX Products / Mongoose
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    Red with gold looks super slick! Nice build Brian!!
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    Brian, That is a good looking bike. In the mid 80s I had a friend who had a chrome version of that frame. At the time I was racing 24s and that JMC 20 fit me just right which I did not expect. Yours is a very clean example, no surprise.
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    yea, looks dope. the black looks slick.
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    dang, this looks great too. Super spiffy.
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    very nice... good looking bike. I also like that there was no photo turning necessary.
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    Just wanted to say thanks Johnnyringo for all the time he put in making it possible for people to research different time periods in bmx history so much easier.