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    Baller Boss man, love the build!
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    Unfortunately, we aren’t currently making them. We only made a handful of these Hercules Hacks. A few to private collectors and 2 custom models for the Nitro Circus guys. I do occasionally see the IMPAKT’s for sale on Craigslist. You can also try putting up a “wanted” post. I’m sure you’d be able to find someone willing to sell one.
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    Steve, A funny thing about the Holeshot number plates, at one time they were a co-sponsor of the JMC Factory Team. Though short lived (maybe 2-3 Nationals), there was a huge mention in Bicycles & Dirt about the deal and showed a bunch of 'pics' of DY running the plate.
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    From bottom to top - I wanna say roughly 81 type 2 82 series one 83 series 1B 84 tech 84 flo In the pic and I wish I owned... A lightning bolt plate (80) would be below the type 2 - and a factory plate below that (79) and a hand made Jammie before that (78) These are all ishes, as one model may have came out a little late in a yr for holiday sales and the like or there abouts.