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    Pomona and San Dimas CA
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    Sydney BMXPO 2019 Ride on Saturday, show on Sunday Ride yesterday, got a few pics & videos Check out the cinelli & the mod on the MX2 lever, stunning bike
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    Can’t leave these out. Schwinn and Suntour
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    Yeah, I wish they would have put a permanent stamp. I weigh and take measurements. But unless you bought it new bitd you can’t be 100 percent sure.
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    I’m partial to Xcaliber myself. The chrome is almost all gone off the one but I still like it.
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    Tuf Neck on my Redline Proline.
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    Tom's PLME that was cut in half... great customization actually. Tom sold it about 10 years ago and regrets it.
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    Need 2 bolts for the PLME clamp. PL1 still needs some cleaning
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