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    I like how the article included RRS and Joe Claveau. He was one of the best riders bitd.
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    Larry Wilcox (aka John Baker on "CHiPs") on a Moosegoose in front of stacks of Mongoose boxes. Does anybody have one of these boxes? i took this one from the BMXSociety Facebook page... Scott Weiland - Stone Temple Pilots
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    I have a first batch 22" Holmes. Much more comfortable than a 20".
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    I totally remember this. I was 6'1" and I thought something a bit larger than twenty would be perfect. 26 seemed to big to me and I wasn't quite sold on 24. When this article came out, I was kind of hoping for a revolution, since I thought it was the perfect solution. It seems I remember Stu making remarks about the size, but can't remember if it was pro or con. A few years back when I saw the 22" Fit, I commented to my son that it wasn't a new idea and that it was tossed around a bit in the '80s.
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    Super interesting subject. I never knew there were 22" bikes in the 80s.
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    Wow, that's interesting! We got a FIT Twenty Two in at our shop recently. It's incredible. I long ago kind of swore off 20" bikes, it's been cruisers only for me for quite a while. I built a Sunday 24 and test rode it, it was fun, then immediately after built and rode the Twenty Two. It was amazing, way more comfortable than even the 24. I can't quite explain it, but that thing just feels great. It's stretched out in all the right spots, they really nailed it. Almost makes me want to get a 22.
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    Great information and it's where it belongs for future reference. I must admit that I jumped the gun assuming it was Philip's bike, backpedaled and currently not sure what the background is. As is, I bowed out of the discussion. I agree with the title too, while the STR is cool, it is now the second one is know to exist and with the probabilities of another one appearing are at least to me a little higher. In my opinion, this one is a little bit more of a jewel. Advanced for it's time and in an era that many were still running motomags and Ashtabula forks, high tech. Makes me wonder what other cool and rare items are still sitting out there.