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    PJ Has been helping me on these NOS Eagle Deluxe Forks. Getting ready to Ebay it!!
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    Hell of a score, nice job Brian!
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    Just saw this post. Congrats Brian that is an awesome score! Love the parts and color combo. So glad you were able to get that post out. That must have been stressful as hell! My dad used a thicker wall seat tube than most, then after welding he would hand ream the post to clear any weld drop through. Seat posts Always were tight in Prodyne frames. That is how his seat post was able to clamp with such a narrow slit. They would bottom out on most frames with sloppy seat posts. Really glad you got it though. I also did the same as you and bought a pair of Landing Gear for a lot only to find them too short. Do I leave them og and not use them, or extend them? I have been pondering this for 3 years now and haven't done anything. I also have a set of Tange that I will more than likely be running. Does your frame have a serial number by chance? Congrats again and welcome to the Prodyne family!
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    Its typically looked down on for people to ask “what’s it worth”. Once the seller receives a value, they usually run to eBay and disregard the community.