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    I think I will probably come out of this with at least a few of the frames that I care about. I sold my Pinarello Montello and a large chunk of my vintage Campy collection yesterday to a local, and have a campsite and storage sorted for a month or so. June and July will be downsize and sell off, and repairing my Jeep. Anyone in the market for a custom 1978 CB750 cafe? Vintage audio? Studio equipment? Imma be a selling fool for a minute. Thanks for the kind words and messages you guys. This has always been a tight knit caring community, and I've been proud to consider you all friends for most of this current century.
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    Been a while but back building again - blew the dust off some long awaited projects and put this one together to kick things back off. I'd always been in love with the 2 Team completes in the 1979/80 mongoose catalogue and did my blue candy full size team back in 2011, so I just had to do the mini in red...... 1979 Team Minigoose frame and Team forks re-candied red Araya 7c re-anodised rims with NOS Shimano casette hubs NOS Shimano Dura Ace cranks NOS MKS BM-1 pedals (hard to find these puppies) NOS Oakley 2 grips Mongoose gold stem Mongoose headset Mongoose seat clamp Minigoose alloy bars re-anodised Survivor alloy seat-post Restored Shimano Tourney brake set with NOS Shimano clips, cables, ferrules and blocks. Restored mongoose kashimax suede Team seat NOS Hwa Fong snakebelly tyres (not the most desireable but they are OG old rubber with the right tread pattern and match the ones on my full size team - goose snakes are well.... yeah) So, then...... Couldn't resist taking a few snaps of her with her big sister......... Red and blue back together as they should be....... Hope you like 'em - I'm really pleased.