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    One of our principle considerations is Bob himself. Our guest of honor, Bob Osborn is a robust 82 years old. Bob is a badass. Despite his vigor, we must acknowledge the fact that this Covid 19 preys on his demographic. I know we'll all agree with no hesitation... we aren't doing anything to put this guy at risk. That ain't happening. What a special person, an artist, an old school frontier philosopher and documentarian type... and he happily allows us to claim him for BMX. He's so humble about it all, but he must have some sense of how the very DNA of BMX is replete with Bob Osborn and Wizard Publications genes. The guy is a treasure. Anyway - long live Oz and we'll see him when we see him. https://youtu.be/mdty2s_0ayk
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    Decided to take the advice from previous comments and just clean the frame and replace needed part with period correct components. Pics of progress to follow.