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    You are nothing but a shitbag fucking vulture flipper with NO morals. Some day Karma will punch you square in your greedy fucking face, you scumbag USELESS piece of shit. You have been a shit stain on bmx collecting for over 15 years. FUCK OFF.
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    Hi everyone - this has been a great thread to read through and I'm glad to have found it! Very cool to get some history and your commentary around it. I have a 1978 G-Boy and thought it would be cool to share. I've included some recent pics. Cheers, Dan
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    I will not go into details, but shit happened, I'm homeless, and my collection has to go. When I am able to access my bikes and take some pics, I will be doing a sale post. Till then, those who know what I have, or have specific needs, get at me. 16, 20 and 24 Pandas, Takara, tons of parts, array wheels, 20 and 24 tuff wheels, red Z rims on red sealed tech hubs, vintage campagnolo, etc etc etc. Hit me via DM here, or respond here, I will check a few times a day.