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    Wow, some serious childish name calling and sour grapes up in here! The guilt trip is not working, at all. Jealously is the biggest form of flattery. I feel like I dont need to explain myself, but I'm not gonna just sit here and let you all roast, call me names and try to throw dirt on me. I had the first thread deleted since it was so off topic it was a headache and to put the cherry on the shit sundae, Brian Hays brought my 9yr old son into it by saying I would sell him if I could make a dollar (that was low, real low, most of you know how tough his life has been since the moment he was born and how lucky we are to still have him on this side of the dirt) The last few weeks I got tons of texts, messages on Facebook, calls and voicemails. Some were my friends calling me to congratulate me or to tell me I was being roasted on here and other places, some were nasty, obscene and just ridiculous from people I don't know or havent spoken to in years. So my phone # has been passed around.....cool! I was invited up there, I took the 12+ hour 700+ mile round trip from PA to RI with cash in my pocket and no clue what the prices were gonna be. I was told this was round 3 of selling off the collection. I was told that the "doors opened at 10am", I showed up at 730am along with 4 other guys in the parking lot. Dave Gomes showed up, got out of his truck and asked "you guys here for the bmx yard sale?" We all answered yes and followed him over to house. When we showed up, a handful of other guys were already there, digging and finding stuff. The "big wallet" guys werent there, i was shocked on how much stuff was still there...was this all priced using Ebay and the forums as a price guide and that's why there was so much left or was this collection that big? I got out of my truck and started digging. Everyone was told to make piles and when your ready, Dave and his friend would price the stuff. We went through everything I had in my pile, emptying all boxes to show that there wasnt anything secrectly stuffed in there and all items were complete. He had a notebook, wrote down my name and what was in my pile as we opened them up. I was given the prices, I paid those prices, I didn't haggle or complain. I'm an SE Racing collector, I still have all of the SE framesets in my collection. My intentions were to buy as much as I could with what money I brought, sell off a few things, make my money back and keep whatever I wanted.....remember, it's my money, not yours. I worked for that money, i drove to the "bmx yard sale" and picked up a good amount of stuff, I paid the prices I was told. The last item I had in my pile was a NOS red/silver Shimano DX post. Dave's friend took it from me, looked at it and said "last one of these sold for 700 on Ebay....we would need 400 for it" I put it down, someone instantly picked it up. One thing I wish I never did was post the stuff as a whole. I should have just shared with friends and sold what i wanted, but I wanted my dick stroked, I wanted to share, boast and brag about what I bought. So my question is, why am I instantly marked, tagged as an asshole, a shit stain on this hobby and just a flipper? My whole basement is filled and displayed with BMX items, bikes I have built up since getting into this hobby in 2000/2001, jerseys, helmets, decals, pictures, autographs and more! Like I said before, I collect SE Racing items....i bought mostly all SE Racing items. So if I bought the stuff to keep, that's ok, but if I bought the stuff to flip, all hell breaks loose and I'm an asshole, a thief, a midget, a troll......etc. To the few guys I have either spoken to on the phone or traded texts back and forth and then see you change your tune on here and other forums, go kick rocks, pound sand and grow up.
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    Hey, new member here. I am in Great Britain and I own an 82 20" Champion Pro which has been kept in a box for 10 years by its previous owner, shes in great condition and I will be building to ride and enjoy. I wanted to ask if anyone here has a Champion seat post or seat clamp for sale? Thanks and stay Rad
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    You are nothing but a shitbag fucking vulture flipper with NO morals. Some day Karma will punch you square in your greedy fucking face, you scumbag USELESS piece of shit. You have been a shit stain on bmx collecting for over 15 years. FUCK OFF.
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    A FELLOW COLLECTOR (actually one the first collectors) passes away and it is an "opportunity of a lifetime" because the family does not have the knowledge?? I guess the real question is about being just "1 of 30" "hobbyists" that took advantage of a situation rather than being THE 1 that tried to be truly honorable and help. This could have been any one of us that passed suddenly......now, think about how you would feel about 1 of those 30 that seized upon your death as an opportunity. Tom was a friend and I was trying to give the family space to grieve before reaching out to offer advice. I shouldn't have expected more of this community than I assumed, I should have remembered vultures don't wait. Yes, I do blame myself as well!!!
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    This is another NOS Quad from the North East Vulture scumbag flipper session taking advantage of a dead man's family last Saturday. Almost $4000 with the ridiculous shipping on the frame set. I can't wait for Karma to punch you fucking scumbags right in the fucking mouth. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1984-PINK-QUADANGLE-F-amp-F-Set-SE-Racing-PK-Ripper-Reynolds-531-BMX-Holy-Grail-/233650786008?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=lS4Aesy2dXtVqlsxLNh6jV4r1xM%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc