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    Wow Steve. Some scary stuff happening. Hope you and your wife stay safe and everything remains ok. The bike I’d save would be my childhood bike. The Star Products that’s been through it all with me Like others, it’s not my most expensive but is definitely the one I have the most connection with.
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    Today (Labor Day) is my wife and I's 7 year anniversary that we have been together. Next month on Oct 4th will be our 4 year wedding anniversary. She has always been very supportive of my collecting and she is who got me riding again.We started riding together when my two nephews sold me their matching DK General Lee 24" bikes that they had got new for Christmas 2008 that were still hanging in their parents garage after they had both gone off to college at Northern IL University. The bikes are fun but pretty heavy. One Sunday a couple months ago, I went out to our shop and Melissa (my wife) was out there building a ramp to jump. We had a blast jumping on the GL bikes but again, they are super heavy. A few weeks ago I surprised her with a brand new 2020 DK Swift Pro and soon after she said she wanted to learn to do manuals and wanted to go to the track. At that point I bought myself a "new" 2005 Free Agent Limo. We made the 40 min drive to the Springfield IL BMX park today after going to Scheels Sat to get helmets. We had a blast. Track has Wed night practices and Fri night races but is otherwise open to the public. The weather was perfect. We had a ball. Planning on going back today!!!
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    A sort of popular and perennial thread on the forums is a thread that posits this dilemma: "If you could only save one of your bikes, which would it be?" It's supposed to be a fun hypothetical. Well, I faced this dilemma for real this week. I thought you might be interested to see what I went with. 1 in 10 residents of the State of Oregon has been evacuated. I personally have friends who have lost it all this week. Parts of my town were evacuated, but so far our neighborhood is ok. None the less, since we are still going to work and work in a remote forrest location, we are now carrying around an evacuation kit in the car. It is comprised of a binder full of essential documents and identification. A suitcase full of a few items of clothes for various climatic situations, a box of photos from our decades in Nepal, and.... the subject of this thread: the bicycle component of this evacuation kit. So when it came down to it... I did not choose 1 bike. I chose 2. I didn't go for monetary value. I chose the OM because it is my go to daily rider and in a total societal collapse it would be comfortable transportation. I still had some room so I put the loop tail quadangle in... I've known this bike for 35 years, and my childhood friend, who owned this bike, and who happens to live 20 minutes away from me in Talent, Oregon lost his house this week in the fires. So... if I had not acquired this bike a couple years ago... it would have burned the other night. I just decided I wouldn't let it burn across town either. So... it was a mix of practicality and sentimentality that brought me to these choices. I'm not looking for feedback on what you would have saved from my collection. I'm just sharing what I did, when the hypothetical became real. The good news is... the threat seems to have diminished for us personally. All it would take is a change in wind direction though... so we'll keep the evacuation gear in the car for a few more days probably. My thoughts go out to those who lost it all, including hall of famer, John Palfreyman Jr
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    Hard to see so many people I know go through that hell. Glad you are safe.
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    That's the plan Jon. We went Friday night and watched the races at the track. We went back today to ride again but the gate was locked to keep people out because it rained hard there yesterday. Way harder than 30 miles north, at home so we went back home and got the ramp out.......I'm currently planning on buying a longer complete 20 and a 24 race bike.
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    This put a smile on my face! Nice to see some tires on dirt and putting the bikes through the paces! Cool track and nice to see the wife and you kickin some ass! Is this a sign that you two will be signing up and doing some racin??
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    Ive owned this GT since i bought it new as a 1st year apprentice so while its not the most valuable bike i own in monetary terms sentimentaly it has to be the one id pick.
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    Stay safe up that way Steve. Sad to see that about Palfreyman and everyone else who lost everything. My save also a no brainer. My VDC, had since day one and just has so many memories attached to it.
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    I raced BMX from ‘81-‘84. My brother and I had jerseys from Howards Cyclery. We started as beginners on Red Line bikes. I then had a Cooks Bros. before racing for Thruster. After that, we then had Robinson bikes. We started at Monrovia then primarily raced at Van Nuys. Also raced at Canyon Country, Corona, Sadleback, Bakersfield, and a few others. We also did several demo races at A department store. Finished up racing at Azusa. We were also at a big race at Knott’s Berry Farm one year. I raced in the NBA, WWBMXA, ABA, and NBL. I was just a young kid then, but still remember all the pros from the circuit: Harry Leary, Stu Thompson, Perry Kramer to name a few. They were always really cool to my brother and I. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Mike M.
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    Stay safe, Steve! My choice is a no-brainer. The bike I built in a frame-building class. The blood sweat and tears that went into making this frame could never be replaced. Also, it’s a very practical bike that would be useful after losing everything else. Any other bike could be replaced. However it’d be particularly hard to lose my dad’s 1969 Sears Spyder.
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    We went back today and had the entire place to ourselves.
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    The manual machine that she built after watching youtube videos last Sunday.
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    a guy up here that i sold parts to lost everything including a loop boss cruiser