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    S&M covid cruiser is frankly the best 29"... made in the USA blah blah blah.... , they are sick. they may be sold out, but probably making more.
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    Yep. My new Fly Racing full face helmet arrived today and her orange/black full face Fox helmet to match her bike arrived yesterday. We literally are taking the next five days off to ride. We also just booked flights and hotels to go to the Grands over Thanksgiving to watch some good racing. Pretty stoked and it was her idea!
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    Can i say as a fellow mature track rider/racer,a full face helmet and armour are a fantastic investmest,mine are well used and covered in scratches! Great to see you out there with your wife enjoying yourself Brian!
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    Thanks a ton! This is exactly what I was looking for and the price is right.
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    Wow. Very very cool Brian. Even cooler that you have a supportive wife. Way to go!