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    Hello to all. My first post here but I have been peeking around the site for some years. I grew up in and still live in Long Beach, California, just a stones throw from the original BUMS Field where BMX got its start. I was born in 1971 so by the time I was hitting "The Fields" on my 36/36 Scrambler the housing development had started so it became known as "E.T. Hill" for all the freshly grated flat-tops ala E.T., which came out in 1982. So, I saw a post on here with great pics of BUMS and also awesome descriptions by Scot himself in pencil scrawl (posted by Sean?). Loved it! Some dudes asked about location and it got me thinking so hard I fell down the google rabbit hole and found a 1972 aerial image of the area. I added some notes to the image with locations. I am not certain that BUMS II was located next to Bixby Hill but some of the pics in his (Seans?) post showed a brick wall with houses behind it. That was most likely Bixby Hill along 7th Street, as it had greater slope and was a better downhill course area, but it could also be an area behind "The Hole" neighborhood, but that spot wasn't as steep and had more wetland areas so it was often muddy. Pretty sure it's correct though, because I recognize the wall since I hopped it so many times going to friends' houses! Anyway, just an old school BMX fan tired of looking at cool bikes on ebay and showing them to my wife who does not care to talk about bikes at all. Happy to be here. Cheers!
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    OK so this one is done. 1979 Team Rampar - I was a little looser on era correctness for this one whilst I focused on the all silver / black components to match the frame decals - but it's roughly 79 to 81 parts. Consider them upgrades over time or maybe the frame set was in the shop window for a couple of years and the kid chose from the parts available in the store in 1981 ! Anyways... I'm really happy how this one turned out......... Parts list: 1979 BMX Products Inc. Team Rampar frame and forks (re-finished in candy red over nickel). Rampar pro bars Suntour earlier short reach all-alloy stem NOS ODI / Winner's Circle grips NOS Shimano Tourney lever with nice survivor Tourney caliper NOS Schwinn clear / silver brake cable Lightly polished Araya 7x on NOS Suzue chrome plated hubs NOS Carlisle Aggressor MX200 tyres 1.75 / 1.75 Shimano Dura Ace cranks - nice survivor condition with original pantograph detail in black NOS Suntour XC Compe pedals Tange / Mongoose seat clamp Refurbished / polished Race Inc seat post with custom Black / White decal NOS Ariake Jaguar seat
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