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    I need to finish putting this back together. I took it a part to get new powder and rebuild it. This bike is the most fun bike I have ever ridden. I raced Bmx, mountain bike downhill (Mammoth mountain kamikaze downhill) and dual slalom, street riding and single track mtb. It’s just a very fun bike to ride. Based on my 24” Rumblefish Barracuda with front and rear suspension and front and rear Magura hydraulic rim brakes. I built this in 1991 for the Mammoth mountain Kamikaze downhill and dual slalom race. I got it done the day I was leaving for the race and had to wait for the rear shock to be made and the guy who was making the shock bailed on me. So I packed up my wife and kids and drove 6 hours to Bishop. Spent the night there and got up early morning and drove to the airport in mammoth and tracked down a welder to have new my old shock mounts cut off (mount were made for shock I didn’t get) and have new mount welded on for other shock I had for a back up. Got bike together and rode the bike for the first time from the car to the of the dual slalom.
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    Got this little fire coming home today. Pops found it at a motorcycle swap in Georgia. Always wanted a real Moto-Bike lol