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    Forgive the porkchop link but here' your decals. https://porkchopbmx.com/1985-86-schwinn-predator-streetwise-complete-decal-set-for-chrome-frames/
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    Here’s one of many threads in cleaning the rust. Search the site for “oxalic acid” or “citrus acid” for other threads on the subject.
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    I had an early 80s Schwinn predator 24 inch which I loved! Maybe someone will be able to post an ad from a magazine in 85 to see how the bike was set up from Schwinn. I think it's a cool bike, not high-end but still cool
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    Nothing on there would be too difficult to track down. Definitely keep the original parts though. The original parts are much more desirable (and valuable if/when you try to sell). Everything can be cleaned, you don’t need to repaint or re-chrome anything. A light hand polish (after a bath) would get it lookin amazing again. A seat, tires and grips can be easily found to get it complete again. let me look for a link to a thread to help you clean the rust...