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    So story is this a guy posted this bike on a Schwinn page on the FB and said he had no idea on old bmx bike and picked this up in a deal with a few stingrays. So I sent him a msg about it asking about his plans with it. After a bit of haggling we worked out a trade for it. I gave him 3 muscle bikes 3 speed ray, Single speed lemon peeler (wrong fork) and a 71 huffy Jet and $100 All bikes needing work. Any way got this one home and found out a bit on it. Even though it was in the 82 catalog they didn’t make many with the foil decal, & this one was almost all stock (grips and pegs) any way I changed out the Oakley grips after I scraped them off the bars to black finish line. And not touching the peds unless I find some Schwinn rats. Tor it down in the cold with the heater on my legs lol. Head set and bb are Schwinn crank arms stamped 80 on arm and inside. Any rate she looks fast just sitting there.
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    hooo man I need to make time to make a big update for the site. Gathered lot's of interesting info for it.
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    Sodbuster, hot off the presses: https://fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52712-preserving-bmx-history-og-brian-gutierrez-usa
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    Can't forget Mel's image on Joe Pernice's album!
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    Was going through boxes of old records today and opened up a record from DJ Friction from Germany. I happened to look through the booklet inside and saw this pic... Looks like he’s riding a Haro freestyler.
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    To help with all the missing images.
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    i'm next in the line :-) preserving-bmx-history-johan-janssens-bel
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    I got one too...:-) https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52779-preserving-bmx-history-steve-strong-gbr?fbclid=IwAR0jmxqKcmgLm8-xd3m1MaKf19YyO5Ufx9iLw28BUyHi9CnH9vj2jgqVWKg
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    To be clear to those reading, Tom is talking about Sod. Noone has ever said those kind words about me!!
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    Bart over at FatBMX is doing a series of collector profiles. Gamstetter, JT, Shannon Gillette, Steve Blackey, Pat A Lar, GAry from Museum, myself and others have already been posted. Kind of an interesting cross section of perspectives from the collector community. Here's mine: https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52674-preserving-bmx-history-steve-brothers-usa
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    Thanks, here's an update. Received my tires and seatpost yesterday. Ended up not liking the red on the seatpost, maybe because it was a matt type finish and too modern looking, just didn't feel right. So: remove the red! Took a few hours of polishing but well worth it I think, would have to say it's done. At just under 27.5lbs she's no lightweight but has a very nice ride. Will do perfect for the intended flatland cruising planned at my summer trailer in Birch Bay once this pandemic is over
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    Haha. That’s rad! I really wanna hear it. (Especially, since my name’s patrick).
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    A Dutch record I came across on a German BMX group on Facebook. Fiets = bike. Fietscross = BMX bike. It even has a Hutch promotional insert but I'm pretty sure the music is awful.
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    This 1979 (PK2) PK Ripper was found in the attic of a house over in Butler, New Jersey USA. Been there since 1985. This one was a bit of a mess though. Badly Spray Bombed in black and could see that it wasn’t in its original get up, but could see the Red it should have been wearing. So out came the stripper and once the black started to come off, we were then struck with a bit of yellow (possibly primer) before getting back to bare metal. There was evidence of its original colour still in the BB and around some of the welds. I’m not a fan of refinished frames so attempted to hand polish it to as near burnished finish as I can get. Lovely frame, rear drops are a bit chewed but no repairs. Spent a few hours going over and over with Autosol and microfibre cloth just cleaning her up slowly. I decided to go in that direction as I prefer bare metal/chrome frames. Gold headset swapped out for Silver and the forks got a clean up. Then just popped the original SE decals on. Plenty of pictures for ya.
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    I like to ride and race here,its my local track in Park Orchards,Melbourne Australia
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    Just wandering around town today.
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    Josh was tearing it up in the very late 80s unfortunately at the time the whole BMX freestyle scene was imploding. Any keen eyes may have noticed the frame he was riding in the initial video I posted was an old Skyway TA. He liked to ride black tuff wheels with white tires for the past several years on all his bikes in homage to his hero Mike Dominguez.
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    evening all I have just signed up to the forum I have been collecting now for about ten years I am nitrohopper on rad and leeboy41 on the museum I have had quite a collection over years I am down to about 8 bikes now but I am lucky enough to be the caretaker of the south coast old school bmx collection its made up of about 6 of us lads collections {I got fed up with turning up at shows and not all the bikes being ready} so now I am lucky enough to have them all under one roof so I can keep them all up together
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    Section: 1A What started out as a simple quest for a set of tires needed for a 'project', it slowly evolved into a minor obsession where one set became three, three turned into ten, so on & so on. As a result of this madness, I became quite knowledgeable on the various 20” sew-up tires and rims used for BMX racing. I'm sure there's others that I missed, but I'm trying to solely focus on the ones used between '77-85. 20" sew-up tires manufactured by Clement are arguably the most difficult to locate, especially in pairs & usable condition. The tread was actually applied to the casing by hand, so if they weren't stored properly, the tread would often dry out faster than the casing and begin to separate. Clement 20" Normale (Butyl or Latex Innertubes) Clement 20" Campestre (Butyl or Latex Innertubes) Available in Black, Red & Blue. [ Clement 20" Grifo Neve (Butyl or Latex Innertubes) Available in Black, Red & Blue.
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    Not a Californian. It is an 83 Mongoose Expert.
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    Do I get any bonus points for not typing "Brain", like I usually do?
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    i went through and read all fifteen interviews. Amazing how many guys mentioned Larock, Sodbuster, and even Oldskoolpk. Great reads and pics.
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    had not seen that... I am numb but anyway... no brazing no sting
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    Stem looks like a Nitto MX-2.
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    Just saw this record by Danny And The Mongoose Team called “BMX Boys” was released in 1983 in the UK. I think someone put together the video in the 2000’s to upload to YouTube.
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    I always dug those pedals. I remember a tip, or something in BMX Action, where someone put a small square of grip tape on the flatish part of the aluminum body of the pedal for extra traction. To a junior high BMXer that was pretty dang trick!
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    time capsule whip for sure....I like your trade story
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    Black and gold looks good on this.
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    Very cool! Is this frame the same as a Sting? I see the 5 inch head tube but I have no clue? I am assuming this is the full size frame? And if so how much smaller is the mini? In any case i dig it!
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    If I ever find those pics, I'll post them here. They were on photobucket, but I deleted my account when they changed their format (started charging? I cannot remember).
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    Welcome. Sick bikes. It’d be great to get breakdowns, stories and detailed pics of them. Facebook
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    Nice job Johan! You've been around forever. By the way, I still frequent your website for information.
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    Welcome!!! Nice bikes. That quad frame is KILLER. If you are on Facebook, you should join the BMX Society facebook page. Facebook gets way more traffic than the actual site these days.
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    I was out visiting my brother recently, and we had to run an errand. We were driving down dirt roads past the house we grew up in. I said, "I wonder if the old riding spot is still there?" My brother slowed down when we came to the spot. He stopped the car, shut it off, and we got out to start walking into the wooded area. About 150 feet off the road, under a thick canopy of tall trees was the same old spot we used to ride 25 years ago. It is basically a dried-out creek with perfectly sloped sides. You can't see it from the road. And the overhead trees are so thick that no grass ever grew in there. We used to ride it like a redneck skatepark - diving down in and catching air out the other side. Or get some serious speed pedaling down the length of the creek bed and pick your spot to come up for air. We carved our names into the trunks of trees lining the creek. We carved the names of our favorite bands of the day: Devo, Iron Maiden, AC/DC. We even stashed our old 'skin mags' in there (although we didn't find any of them). Each of our friends would raid his dads stash and contribute a few choice pics to stare at when we all met there to ride. It was a really cool feeling being there. The land is up for sale now and there will eventually be houses built, so I'm pretty happy that we had the chance to see it again. Just thought I'd share.....
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    Very cool Steve. Sums up the early scene very well. Williams builds are all time.
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    seems to, they test a "a prototype model in flashy orange with a mellow yellow seatpost" in bmx plus november '78
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    cover artwork for WestsideGunn & Conway single.
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    Mine as seen in the recent BOTY ..... totally OG 1982, down to the Comp II DB tyres and seat. My previous 82 Custom HLT, which was traded out for the above....
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    here's a reference pic of the panaracer conquer 260 logo
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    Section: 2A The first BMX bike to ever use a sew-up wheelset was Ronnie West's JMC ('77). "I bought the rims from Adam Cox’s God-Father. I think he had them for a bike he was building for the land speed record. I honestly don’t know what they were built for in the first place. The main reason for me using them on Ronnie’s bike was that there would be less friction and be much lighter for the little guys." Jim Melton Fiamme Rims (24H) Available in Silver only. Most of these will have a blue Fiamme label, but the earlier ones were labeled Cerchio Elmo. Even though they were featured in the 'Rim Comparison' article, I have yet to see a pair of Ambrosio 20” sew-up rims surface. NISI Rims (28H, 32H & 36H) Available in Silver, Gold & Hard Anodized. (N.O.S.) NISI rims in purple?
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    Section: 1C Comp V Available in Black only. Panaracer Conquer & Conquer 260 Available in Black & White.
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    Section: 1B Vittoria 20” Juniores (Early Label) Vittoria Competition 21-20” Juniores (Later version) Cycle-Pro Snakebelly Available in Black, Red, Blue & Yellow. Cycle-Pro Snakebelly III Available in Black only.
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    I did not design the Powerlite bars. I did bend some at one time, also I believe R&R Sales did some bending of the bars for a short time. Listen to Mark and the guys that were there. Steve Rink is one really great guy.
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    Obviously, Sandy cared about BMX. I'm sure he was talking about the company itself. The people at corporate DB. (I think the company was called WSI. I know it was later, and think it was then, too.) It was a money making opportunity for them. They were in big, then they were out. They were smart. They hired Sandy, a highly respected member of the BMX world and leveraged him to pull together a great team. It's like Huffy hiring Bob Hadley who pulled together a decent team that included Stu. Bob told me he told the Huffy people all they had to do was offer Stu enough money and they could get him. Obviously, Huffy had deeper pockets than Linn did. I'm curious about the The Dave Clinton-era bikes and who was running DB at that time. Was is West Coast Cycles or did someone else have it then? It was so low-key prior to the black-and-silver days. I didn't even know (or remember) Clinton rode a DB until five or so years ago when I started seriously collecting.