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    Not sure if this interests anybody... Most of the members that come through this site are a core group. For whatever the reasons, things in the BMX scene have really been blown out and has a lot of people price gouging, non-contributing, and in it for the dough. This site's members seem to be a more "True to this...not new to this" community and thought we could help each other out. I thought about all the random parts that i have stashed away (orphans, bolts, small bits and pieces). I'd feel better about them going to somebody here, rather than to guys on FB or other social media platforms. Parts that could possibly help with a build or complete a full set of something (such as a brand specific bearing cup, crank bolts, chain links, pads, etc). I definitely don't want to look out for somebody who's just flipping shit as soon as they get it though. I know i have a lot of stuff i don't post up, list for sale, or even remember having but i'd be down to dig around for that "hard-to-find" piece to help out a Society member. Some of you might feel the same. i thought we could use this thread to post if you had a specific need, or pics of something you have that you'd consider helping out with for one of our members. Maybe even work a 3-way trade deal with multiple members. Who knows? Open conversation for people here on BMXSociety. Let's keep it in the fam.
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    Buckle up. June 2022 full details within a month, just put your affairs in order.
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    Ok, folks... sorry for the delay. Official announcement is coming soon. But this is definitely happening. Clear your schedule the first week of June, 2022 and plan on being in Southern California. It's going to be really good. Again... full details coming soon, but get ready, we are going to celebrate Bob Osborn in a way that befits a true legend.
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    Man that is really cool of you to think of that and offer to help members out. Great to see stuff like this in this day and age.
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    LRP frame set . Please text me if you have any info on it.. 973-718-8153 mike
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    I've recently got this frame. Original chrome. No brake bridge. It’s light, so it should be chromoly. The gusset reminds a Competitor or a Moto Pro. Or even a GLJ monoshock. The gusset behind the seat tube is similar to the ones on GLJ bikes (but shorter). The dropouts are close to the ones on Mongooses. I try hard, but I can’t find out what it is. Can anybody please shed some light? :-)
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    cool mags. i don't have either of these parts but i'll keep an eye out here in SoCal for you.
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    Thanks…yeah…this one is a keeper. Will look better then new once I’m finished and yes…my kids like this one too.
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    So Sunday I snagged this at a local swap and man I am stocked ! Been wanting any 1in S&M frame for a wile. And I guess the early bird gets the worm lol them problem I have is I am not a mid school guy and don’t know what’s what as far a parts haha now it has Robertson pro bars,profile cranks, tnt chain wheel. I can’t wait to build it up right and ride it. Was thinking about maybe tossing a few olds hook bits on it but some of the midschool stuff is killer. Any way any ideas on the small stuff like pedals,seat,and such ? Thanks again and again can’t wait to build this sucker up.
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    Well she looks good and rides even better.
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    Re-opening some dead threads...
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    Sweet frames. A lot of info in the All Things Panda thread but a lot of missing pictures too.
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    Is that the one from Fresno? I cried when I found that auction already over. Are you just out to control everything Nor Cal lol. You are correct, that was the first Panda BMX bike, only 10 speeds before that. All correct except for the seat and missing the gas tank. If you decide to do more than shine it up and restore it some day I know where a dozen or so NOS forks are. That bike also came with the non suspension tripleclamp fork. That bike and a pre MotoPro Donahue frame are my two remaining holy grails.