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    Thank you, Steve. The next phase of the project gets into the historical content; Linn's engineering contribution to BMX in those early days and Red Lines impact on the emerging scene through the late 1970s and 80s. Linn has kindly allowed me full access to his archive. From a researchers point of view, It's a phenomenal resource. We will be sharing a lot of it through the months ahead. We started shooting the Red Line Foundations mini doc a few weeks ago with Linn. In early December, we bring Stu, Bob Hadley, Byron, David Clinton, Bob Haro, and Curt Kastan together to evolve it further. Beyond that I will be traveling to see others including Gene Roden, Scott Clark, John Crews, etc. I look forward to sharing more with you all soon. The website will grow and evolve ten-fold over the next 6-9 months. www.redlinebmxfoundations.com
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    At a mates place last week playing BMX Took the stem & bars out to regrease the headset Put them on the ground just in the right light and found this where the decal was Quite a surprise, so hard to see even harder to take a pic of
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    It's on Never been so nervous about putting a decal on
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    Got an OG decal Just got to put it on
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    Last race at the local track was yesterday. We had the whole place to ourselves today. Had great weather. This weekend may be it for riding here this year. Depends on the weather.
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    Back in September 2007 I put on my OS-BMX t-shirt and took my daughter to the local park on a Sunday morning. She was on the big playscape with two other youngsters. The father of the kids approached me and said, "Cool shirt. Are you a member of that site?". We start talking and we realize we raced in southeast Michigan during the same years (him: 80-86...me: 80-84). He told me that he still had a couple old bikes and asked me if I had ever heard of RRS. I said, "Oh yea! Great bikes!". He went on to tell me that he rode for Trackmaster (makers of RRS bikes) in the early 1980's. At the end of our discussion, I asked him to contact me if he ever decided to get rid of the bike. Fast forward 13 years. I received a text message this summer. He was ready to let the bike go and asked if I remembered that I told him to contact me. I did. We talked and came to an agreement on price. I purchased the bike as a partial complete. I had planned to use most of the purchased parts on my own “rebuild’ of the bike. But as I started investigating things and assessing the components, I quickly realized that many of the parts were far past the survivor condition I was excited about, so I started searching for the components I thought would be appropriate. The bike, as it is built now, is basically how I envision it. Trackmaster was based out of Hesperia, California. They were builders of motorcycle frames. In the very early 1980’s(?), they began to produce BMX framesets for companies such as Robinson, Patterson, Tahoe and RRS. Looking at this frame, it would seem that Trackmaster basically took (borrowed, stole) bits and pieces of trick technology of the day to put out their own brand. This frameset features ALL of the following: Floval tubing (top tube and down tube) Eccentric bottom bracket Square seat tube and seat post (with four sleeved through holes) Canti brake mounts Fixed ‘Pacman’ style dropouts front and rear I would describe it as a late 1982 bike with 100% original finish components. The seat tube decals are new, cut vinyl. The frameset has been through a lot (the canti brake mounts were cut off in the early 80’s) but it is a solid survivor and I have detailed provenance of this frame/fork/bb/seat post. A bike with real Michigan BMX racing history. FRAME: Trackmaster Phantom 24” FORK: Trackmaster HEADSET: Tange with original B.S. Dirt Skirt STEM: DK HANDLEBARS: Race Inc. GRIPS: Oakley II RIMS: Araya 7X SPOKES: .080 Stainless HUBS: Son-Lite Turbo TIRES: IRC Racer X-1 SEAT: Kashimax MX SEAT POST: Trackmaster BOTTOM BRACKET: Hatta/Trackmaster eccentric CHAIN: D.I.D. FREEWHEEL: Suntour 18T CRANKSET: Campagnolo Strada CHAIN RING: Campagnolo 42T PEDALS: Shimano DX BRAKE CALIPER: Dia-Compe 610 center pull BRAKE PADS: Kool Stop BRAKE LEVER: Shimano DX PADS: Cal Lite frame / Flite stem and bar PLATE: Hot Plate
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    I love my new Chase cruiser. The wife pulled the trigger on a 2021 Chase Element Pro. We've been to the track every Fri, Sat, Sun for about 8 weeks. Sucks being in IL, this coming weekend will be it until next April.
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    I also couldn't pass this up. It's on its way.
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    Amazing dedication and for the love of two wheels! He has my respect. Kind of related about 10 years ago I was doing the 12 hours of Temecula an MTB 12 hour XC race. On one of my out laps (each lap is 10 miles) late in the race I was on a long uphill grade portion and reeling a racer ahead of me in, which always feels good in race mode. Keep in mind I am NOT Tinker Juarez or even a cat 2 rider, just trying to stay in shape as I age. So I was thinking wow I am catching this racer on a hard uphill. Well I passed him but as I did I noticed he was only pedaling with one leg, clipped in of course. He was racing in a XC race with one leg and was getting it done. After the race went over to meet him, shake his hand and give him the respect he earned.
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    "I'd build a bike around that pad." A wise man one said. So I did.. Thanks to Dan for the pad, the Preston Petty plate and the rear wheel (which is there for now.) Ernest for the bars and Paul at Classic Cycle in Bainbridge for the base bike.. According to the person who had the bike before Classic Cycle, the bike, as it were, was found near the old BUMS track. Additional coolness is the Canoga Cycle Center shop sticker. Not sure who else helped out but thanks.
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    (Posted on FB, but I always like posting on the site too) Every so often - over the years - I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon a complete bike that is really cool. This is one of those bikes. I have known about this Schwinn for quite a while, but I kept my trap shut. I asked the owner if I could circle back around to him when I had what I believed to be a reasonable amount of money to offer him for the bike. He agreed and 18+ months passed. On Election Day (I'll always remember it that way), I made him the offer and he accepted. 1981 Schwinn Sting survivor pick-up: FRAME: Schwinn Sting FORK: Schwinn HEADSET: Schwinn STEM: Schwinn BARS: ?? Schwinn approved alloy I assume GRIPS: Mushroom style BRAKE: Dia-Compe lever, generic caliper POST: Schwinn CLAMP: Schwinn SEAT: Kashimax Aero CRANKSET: Shimano DX PEDALS: Suntour MP-1000 RIMS: Araya 7C HUBS: Cook Brothers FREEWHEEL: Suntour TIRES: IRC MX-5
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    I'd say Bonkers, but that's someone else's line. I'm a painted frame fan, and that one is tits.
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    Jealous. I would do this type of thing with my wife...but there is not way in hell she would be interested.
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    I wish the canti mounts were not cut off bitd, but since it was done 35+ years ago, I didn’t want to mess with the frame. I think the short reach center pull looks good.
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    I've actually talked with Dom at length about this project. I concede that while it will come as news to no one... neither myself, nor the majority of you here are big reproduction fans. LOL.... That said... Dom does good projects, and I've come to understand that often these companies must have a profit angle, or they simply can't justify the expense of supporting projects like this... and by projects "like this"., I mean this sort of deep dive, documentary style stuff that Dom Phipps does. He's the guy that did the Freestyle books, as most will recall... and those are really well done, and important documents. Anyway... point is, in order to make these things happen, and they require a tremendous amount of time and indeed, expense... I do understand how doing a bike throwback can make these things possible.
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    Yep, I bought this 2018 Marin Bolinas Ridge 1 27.5 bike and I love it. Also getting quite the herd of 2021 race bikes.
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    Wow! That is such a crazy build?!? DX cranks and Cook Bro's hubs!?! I love it! Big ups, made love brother...
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    Hmm..good info. What's your relationship to Dave. Great racer.
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    Then, David designed the Panda Pro in early 1977, which he raced in his last BMX race at the NBA Nationals at Escape Country around April of 1977.
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    Hello BMXers I'm the proud new owner of this JMC, rides great Pictures will give you the parts list, had the UNI seat on it but had to put a comfy seat on to ride it Please school me on this as I'm still learning about JMC A couple of things have been pointed out to me, Early DY bars & undrilled fork
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    Very nice bike! The wheel build is first rate. 4 cross spokes over/under and double butted= nice work! And the Cook name on the hubs is in good shape.
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    Glad you’re posting here. Things are searchable and others will be able to find it to check it out. great find. The black is sinister!!!
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    Very cool. It has some nice gear on it.
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    Someone put that together with some nice parts bitd.
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    Ok...early prediction,your wife races 2021 grands..and wins!
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    the welds from the tubes to the head tube look fine and i would think that "gusset" didn't give much strength bitd. r.i.p. huffy, schucks, ace hardware, true value bikes
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    ah, ok....thanks steve. makes sense now.
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    Absolute truth!! Outstanding build and story. Amazing that he kept your number for 13 years. Truly the same circumstance and story as my Prodyne.
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    You build bikes that i keep coming back to look at...nice work!
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    OMG! I don’t know who I hate more, you or William?!? What a score, big ups homie!!!
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    That is a trick looking race piece. Especially that square seatpost.
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    Hi All, Back at my folks and found my "Pushie", thinking I will restore it for my son (me), trouble is I dont know what year it is and what it looked like new, I got it pre loved back in the day with back peddle brakes so not sure what is original and what is parts bin. I did find this http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u185/joekat27/tuff-redlines-1.jpg Any help with when this bike is from and what is original and what it might have been when new. I did like the gold rims and parts in the advertisement. Thanks all.
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    Sure thing. There are quite a few boxes that Linn has somewhat organized. I scratched the surface when I was last there. I will chat to him when I am there next to see what he has.
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    if anyone wants info on the holeshot frames just call me @ 609-234-5774 I designed and had the first 10 built. Not some guy named Pete. My name is Robert And i have the only prototype left in the world.
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    That headtube sticker says Salem Oregon
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    I have one and it’s original forks
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    Take it apart, clean it up and build it the way you/he wants it. DO NOT RUIN THE VERY NICE ORIGINAL FINISH AND DECALS ON THIS FRAME SET BY RESTORING (ruining) IT!!! If you want your son to have a nice perfect brand new looking bike then GO BUY HIM A BRAND NEW BIKE. Restoring this VERY NICE original frameset would be an ABSOLUTE TRAGEDY. Personally I would disassemble, clean and regrease everything. Buy new tires and tubes and grips and put it back together. I always use rubbing compound, polishing compound and then wax. The finish will shine. PLEASE do not restore this. Other option is sell it to me and go buy your son a brand new bike.
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    really dope flick. dudes are killin' it on those little things. that's the era of my skateboard'n before bmx took over. my first board was a G&S fiberflex, tracker trucks and road riders.
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    Looks like it would be a dream ride!
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    Few more. The one time I’m leading a race someone took a pic, and from a photo shoot for the paper promoting the AquaFest race. One more of my daily this last summer. Yeah, I know, the seat is high...
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    Me and my ProAm in Austin circa 1980...I think. ;)
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    It's funny to hear a statement like the one above from guys who didn't get to experience those early days when we didn't know we couldn't get 'air' on 35lb bikes. Plus we were jumping to flat landings.