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    Here’s another early example I just picked up...
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    Hey y’all so last weekend wile driving to an estate sale (that had nothing) I spotted this on the side of the road. A 16 bike old school bike rack. So yesterday wile sorting my bike stuff I thought what the hell lol and brought all the guns out to the show.
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    Ok , hoping the true OS guys can help me on these box bars, who manufactured or sold these ? Anodized red, NO knurling (like the triple knurled DG bars) very nice quality and near mint.
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    Cool bike. Proper cleaning is key to maintaining value.
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    That bike is fire!! The ring is cooler than a polar bears toe nails too.
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    Decided to take the advice from previous comments and just clean the frame and replace needed part with period correct components. Pics of progress to follow.
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    Hope my math is wrong but that article is almost 41 years old. I'm getting old but the bike is timeless.