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    First new project from me since 2010! This project came about during a random conversation with Dan Goins back in early July of this year. He sent me pictures of this frame and a different Redline fork. It looked fantastic and I was immediately interested. We came to an agreement and the search for cool-looking parts was on.... I really like the way everything turned out. I saw the morning fog yesterday, and I sprung into action....there are NOT many good photo opportunities in Michigan in late November. I hope everyone gets a kick out of it. Nearly 10 years in the making.... FRAME: Dan Gurney Eagle looptail with Cook Brothers gussets FORK: Redline nickel HEADSET: Schwinn STEM: Schwinn HANDLEBARS: Dan Gurney GRIPS: O.G.K. PLATE: old motorcross SEAT CLAMP: 70's SR road stem cut off SEAT POST: solid aluminum SEAT: Selle Italia Grand-Prix CRANKS & BB: Schwinn PEDALS: KKT SPROCKET: Three Arrows CHAIN: Union FRONT HUB: ACS REAR HUB: Bendix Red Band turned down RIMS: Weinmann 2.125 TIRES: Cheng Shin PADS: Vinyl snap
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    here's my Quadangle in the first gen graphite configuration
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    1977 RA -7 All original except the front tire. Kinda like the Rodney Dangerfield bike. Doesn't get much attention at shows. Only people who know admire it.
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    So, the seat post clamp is a very nice piece that I received from Rick G many years ago. Actually, I am reusing it! It made an appearance on a DG Skibel I had back in ‘08 or ‘09...
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    Yep! that yellow Goose is looking trick! And Dan sporting the "salad bowl" haircut!! Just the best. Laguna 101 and a DG-3 Racer.
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    Cool bikes. Nice dual dropout forks on the Madison.
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    So a wile back I got a call from a local Bmx guy with an opportunity to buy a set of Webco mags he got from a guy for a ball joint job. He said the guy gave him 3 sets of mage for the labor 2 sets of lesters and this set of painted Webco mags spay bombed yellow lol well we worked out a deal on the bits and mags and man I have always wanted a set and with a bit of work I will make this set great again. Thinking satin black to got on my replica(silver and black) hell may even toss the 44t stamped chain ring and head set on it wile I’m at it. now as far as cleaning the pain off I am going to try stripper 1st and go from there. don’t mind the dog hair on the rug lol
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    Spotted Scot wearing these in the Dec. 1976 BMXA on oldschoolmags.com
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    Starting a new thread here because this was buried in another thread with an ambiguous title years ago.. it needs to be easy to access. Thanks to Jeff Haney for reminding me this was buried on the site. RRS always had a cutting edge orientation... concentric bottom bracket, canti brakes, 24 inch cruisers etc etc This was there dalliance with wheel size configurations
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    REDLINE row 74,75,76,77,78,78,79,80,81,83,83,84. In appreciation of the 45th Anniversary of Redline bmx !!!
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    Bill Bastian/ Race Inc. made the alloy frames and Jere Kirkpatrick or one of his employees at Fabrications by Jere in Venice CA made the steel frame.
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    This is super interesting... Brian Patterson was apparently giving some thought to getting that Mongoose Money! Not sure if this ever happened or not. May 1984 BMX Plus
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    Let's see bikes with Tuff Wheels on them. Go... my submission in first pic in comments. Included here among the old ads and product profiles is a chart by Curb Dog Maurice Meyer (thank you for your research) and a photo key of the flanges that my photo attributes to Warren Eales, so thanks to Warren for his research as well. Really helpful details you guys have compiled.
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    BEAUTIFUL Cook Brothers !!!!!!! 80s race , class winner !
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    MOTOS 2019 SHOW PICS... BEST of show Winner !!
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    Cool to see old BMX in the new commercial: ET Commercial
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    UK based BMX magazine acknowledges the Vander Roll as the trick of the year.
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    I used Bendix red band hubs on most all my race bikes and had no clue they were that thick. Although I was never all that concerned about weight or 'trickness' back then. I just wanted sturdy components. LOL I also do not ever recall that seat post clamp set up. Brilliant!!!!! I'm lovin the time period rust on the seat guts too, very authentic. ;-)
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    I have a 77 Mathews Gusty One.. looking for some parts
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    Haha. I’m not sure a lot of newcomers will understand the statement but I thought it was funny...
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    Pretty rare steel FMF frame just sold for $1645. https://www.ebay.com/itm/FMF-BMX-Mild-Steel-Super-Rare-Frame-Race-Inc-DG-/254422713744?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=lS4Aesy2dXtVqlsxLNh6jV4r1xM%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc
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    Only one in the line up with Tuffs! 1985 Freestyle Quad!
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    Ya, I'd be drawn right to this. People either "get it" or they don't. We do!!
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    My high school ride. Owned it since 1986ish.
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    I never collected at the level most people posting in this thread do/did. But I did collect. I stopped collecting or even hunting vintage bmx a few years back. I still love it. Still love to see other people's bikes. Still love it when a classic rolls into the shop. But I just don't have the interest in chasing stuff any more. I never got burned out by the hobby, although the newer crop of collectors didn't help keep me interested. I really like retro bmx cruisers, I've got 4 and my wife has one too. I don't have the little voice in my head saying "don't fuck this bike up" when I ride it. Also, the proportions make me feel like I'm an 11 year old again on a 20". That's what I'm after. The feeling. Everything else is trinkets and trivia. I got way too caught up in that. It's actually a bit of a relief to have forgotten the exact specs of each bike in the 1987 GT freestyle catalog. I've moved on, at least as a collector. Still 100% enthusiast though. As for switching hobbies... I have a bit of a guitar problem. Vintage bmx is a cheaper hobby, maybe I should try to switch back.
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    I think it’s totally understandable to wind it down gracefully from a crescendo, so to speak. The love for it never leaves our brains/hearts and it’s normal to see the physical beginning and end through it’s course. Of course, the end is never really the end. Many of us will always keep a few cherished parts or a bike or two given the opportunity... These mementos or vestigial assets may be a far cry from where we once maxed out in the collection part of the “hobby”, but the lineage cannot be erased. We can always relive our past through positive memories and existing documentation. Notwithstanding the hypothesis above, I wholeheartedly think it’s good to sell off our best assets when we wind it down... I think the reason is logical and humane... Why not let others either cherish, trade, use and abuse anything we no longer covet physically. At the very least , it allows the objects to some how live on in some last and hopefully meaningful way... For they too will one day seize to “live”.
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    Also got this bad boy I mean got to save oz some how. It will be put on the mag once I clean it up.
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    It's that time !!!!! the MOTOS crew invites everyone to the USABMX Grand Nationals Old School / Vintage bmx bike show !!! We will be there on display Friday November 29th and Saturday November 30th. Come on by and introduce yourself.
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    Here’s an RRS ad from July 1982 BMX Plus on oldschoolmags.com showing some of the cool stuff they came up with.
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    I ended up finding that hub in the back yard! Actually, my dads back yard. He has LOTS of old balloon tire Schwinns and a few of them are returning to Earth...FAST! So I asked him if I could take the hubs off two of the worst bikes. One was a replacement for my favorite neighborhood cruiser...the other one, more pitted, was a perfect candidate for the lathe. I know that BMXA told its readers "you can remove 4 ounces" or something crazy like that....but I only had the one hub, and I didn't want to push it too far. I didn't take a picture of the before weight, but I believe it was about 2.7-3 ounces removed. The damn thing still weighed in at 2lbs (packed with new grease).
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    Did this sell? I'd sooo love to have it.
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    Not original paint, but it is the original color. I’ve got the chain for it. And I just put the nos decals on it too. I’ve had them since 1990. Just never got around to painting the bike
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    Thanks man, I’m pretty sure it came with props road fools 98.
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    DING DING DING. You took the words right out of my mouth. Coupe, NO ONE thinks you or Lin are trying to be shady. It's the rest of the worthless human race I'm worried about.
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    hey alan,i was wondering if you could shed some light on what exactly was titron's "MX 3 radials" ? I asked Bill Grove that very same question when I first saw the ad and he said that was purely a Bear Development marketing thing. If you consider the evolution of the Titron pedal from the first prototypes in 1979, to the 1st generation pedal seen in the above Bear Ad from 1981, to the 1st generation Hutch pedals in 1982, it all happened in a very short period of time of less than 3 years. That being said I think (purely my opinion here) that John's "MX 3 radials" was likely in preparation for Titron releasing the 3rd generation sharp tooth version of the pedal cages. The picture below shows all versions of the Titron pedals starting with the 1st from left to right. The pedal with the black cage is what I believe John Owens was calling the MX3 Radials which was the same as #2 but with the new and improved sharp tooth cages. #4 is the 1st generation Hutch pedal and #5 is just a chrome plated version of the same pedal which I did just for fun.