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    A little Moto Pro radness. Usual thanks to Dan Goins
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    So last year I got the frame,seat and bar pad from a buddy and today I topped her off with a crusty set of 7b’s with sealed Sunshine hubs. Not sure what the model name is but i gig it a lot. Any idea on the model name and year ? Thinking 78ish ? I added the other stuff from me bins of junk lol
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    Old Blue & I felt compelled to build the red one from mostly old parts
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    All I have done so far is took I wheels,stem and bars, seat and post & chain off (now in oil) and used a hand full of single edge razors for the rust and don’t forget about that monkey spit soak ! And will not to bad I have to say. And I don’t need to here about other way you may have done it. But I keep it old school and love the look of it. Some bad spots on the fork legs and crank arms. And I still need to give her the once over. And repack the goods.
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    I owned this in 79’ 80’ I traded it to a pal, in 1992 I did I tile job for my “pal” he didn’t have the $$ to pay me & said I could take anything in his garage, so I took it back along with the bike it was attached to, I know it’s the holiest of grails what year we’re they made old timers 77’? I believe I got it on a mongoose I horse traded for?
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    Picked up a Redine MX III a few months ago, it got an RJ serial but no Redline stamp, forks don't have Redline stamp either Trailer pic is from a FB page, a mate had scored the trailer load, this is the first time I'd seen it Took a few months of asking him many times to sell it to me Stuck seat post was the first thing to do
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    Swapped a few things around Softer seat, black chain & Tange seat clamp, xcaliber seatpost clamp was donated to the JMC
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    In all her musky/rusty glory hell even made my van stink lol any way I got her home aired up the tires and they still hold air. I sprayed her down with some good old monkey spit and will again tomorrow and again on Sunday then the cleaning starts haha side note with all the mongoose bikes I have owned I have never had one with a Chain guard haha. At some point some one changed the seat and post out with a 1990’s GT post and a 70’s Schwinn BMX seat.
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    No! We hate the chain guards! lol.
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    Wow. Amazing what a little elbow grease can do. I absolutely love the chain guard…
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    Thanks fellas, don’t think I will do much more on this one I love to dull shine on the nickel. And even shows the scars of the rust on the top if that makes sense. Going to clean the chain tomorrow with the wire brush if it’s dry slap it back on and take it down the drive way.
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    wow, that's rad. pretty rare to see a nickel version of that model. looking forward to the clean up.
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    Hi, My name is Dom and I create and deliver BMX history-related projects - mainly in the Freestyle realm, but more recently, we began working with Redline to get their story told authentically and accurately. I'm looking for images of Jim Emerson and the Pedaler's West bike shop if anybody has access? I am working on a video featuring Linn, Curt, Byron, Bob Hadley, Stu, and others for the Redline Foundations history project and we are keen to make sure that Jim is well represented both visually and verbally (by others) in this story. I am grateful to anybody that can help us. Please feel free to email me at dom@risecc.net Thanks Dom Phipps
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    Yes, I recall racing in Fresno from 1980 to 1983 beginning at the age of 9. There was that track off of Golden State Highway, and J&D I believe was off Belmont, but it's more vague in memory, and a third Fresno track, if I'm not mistaken, though I can't quite place where it was but seem to remember it having a larger starting hill than J&D. Golden State's hill was large to my recollection as a child. It will take some time to access, but there are a number of photos from these locations in the family collection. Will scan and upload in the future. Good to connect with others who shared in this experience.
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    Oh Shit! I absolutely love them. Tom will hate me but I love chain guards…
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    Just discovered the forum today and found a few threads mentioning meetups at Entradero park. I'm wondering if anyone has any old 70s/80s photos or memories of the track to share. Images in the other threads were broken but I suspect they were meetup images and not from back in the day. From what I remember of the track in the early 80's, you'd start at the top near the entrance and hit a 4-5' tall jump into a downhill landing, head left around a sweeping singletrack berm, hit the hip airing to the right, and ultimately end up with an option to jump the cement gully. I don't remember what was between the hip and the gully jump. Being 11-12 years old at the time, I was too much of a pussy to go big on the first jump and I was never comfortable trying to throw a tabletop to the right so I always hit the hip going left and landing in the flats. I kinda remember you could straight air the hip and there were a few other jumps on the other side but they didn't really flow with the rest of the track. Someone had dug a softball sized hole in the ground about 20' out from the hip jump and rumor was the hole marked the farthest distance Trashcan Morgan had once jumped. True or not, we 11 year olds were pretty gullible and the guy was somewhat of a local legend so we took it as fact. I also remember kids slipping through the grid on the drainage tunnel at the top of the gully. If you went about about 50' in, supposedly there was a "room" where a bunch of other drains intersected and where all the stoners would hang out. Looking at the satellite photo, it's kinda hard to tell where things used to be. The walkway between the houses is still there but I don't remember the fireroad. The baseball field at the bottom right wasn't there back then. Anyway, fun trip down memory lane. Wondering if others have old memories to share.
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    Cool find. RJ# is 80, Japanese made for Redline. R serial numbers started in 79 when Linn Kastan went to Japan to get more BMX made.
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    So far it's at this stage with a change of wheels, Campy & Weinmann Brakes are going and maybe the bars & stem, see what happens as parts pop up
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    Put the word out for a frame pad, ended up another mate had this stashed away BMXPO is a bike show held in Sydney Australia
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    Picking up parts was a slow process but scored some nice bits, swapped other parts from my other bikes
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    i believe its a Laguna 101. my friend bought one new around 82ish
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    Floor shift or column shift? In either case please send interior images. The exterior looks as you stated very original which is so cool. I had a C body Plymouth Wagon in that color with a 383 Road Runner drivetrain all stock, back in the mid 80s. It was a riot to drive. I dig all Mopars.
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    Yeah you got it right I was one of the stoners flying on bmx cruisers after 20”rs the “big room” in the tunnel was a rumor, I know this is an old post I just found a bunch of pic’s of “Tordondo Track” Mike Ireland (ButtWipe) & others built the upper track near the west gate towers&ronald st Dads bike barn held a race on the other side of the park, their were jumps & tracks all over that “sump” I lived on the block
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    I will 2nd that request. Car looks to be a 71 Dart (I think)? 340 car or? Oh and the bicycle is very cool!
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    Is that a Mopar in the back? Let's see it!
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    Slightest idea on year, but I like it.
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    This one was mine about 7 years ago
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    Looking the goods. Great survivor!
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    Well she’s taking to the spit like a champ
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    Chain guard. In the bin day 1! Lol. Great find.
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    Here's a couple of my Two Wheeler items. original Mean Machine t-shirt.
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    I have a few. 1st Gen. (previous owner, Randy S.) 3rd Gen. (with Superstar Mags) 4th Gen. (still waiting it's turn to be built) MP.1 resized.bmp