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    Well folks, I've been pretty scarce around the site since we got everything fixed and the new site up in the beginning of August. The reason is that SO MUCH changed in my life last month. You see... I know longer live in Long Beach, CA. I moved to Oregon. In the very beginning of August, I was literally driving up to Oregon on a scouting mission for places to move to, and work, as I was getting messages from the web developers who fixed the cluster fuck that I'd gotten into with the new server etc. That all worked out that afternoon with the website after months of obstacles. It was the beginning of a whole new period, in fact, of things working out for me. I had become used to shit not going my way. It's been a struggle the last few years. I don't want to dwell on that at this point. So, here's the deal: I live in Eagle Point, Oregon now. It's a little town in Southern Oregon My wife and I both work for Jim Belushi. I grow cannabis and she is in the packaging department most of the time. We work at Jim's farm. My boss is BMX hall of famer and Rick's Bike Shop alumni, Thom Lund. Best manager I EVER had. Thom is the man. This is my dream job. It's been a LONG time since I could honestly say, "I love my job". But I can say that now... and mean it. I was made for this shit. I freaking love it. Also... life in a small town - haven't done that for a very long time, arguably never as an adult. So far, so good! Takes me about 8-10 minutes to get to work at the farm. My commute in Los Angeles was NEVER less than an hour and 20 minutes... often two hours etc. Fuck that. It's soul crushing. I love living in Oregon. Zero regrets... the only bad thing is that a handful of homies are far away now. Especially my neighborhood partner in crime, LBshane... he doesn't know it yet, but he will move to Oregon too.
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    Rick Twomey of Rick's Bike Shop fame's birthday is a holiday for us... the man had such an impact on BMX, this site and indeed... Rick continues to have a deep impact on my life personally - and that may sound melodramatic, but I assure you - it is literally true. Where I live and what I do for a living now... all of it is connected to my relationship to Rick. This is not lost on me. Forever grateful and with deep respect... Happy Birthday Rick
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    So I feel I need to chime in on this subject... As for the quality of the packing job, only the best "tools" were used including Shiner Bock, a bottle opener and some trap music, maybe a crescent wrench and pretty close to the correct size sockets and a handful of old towels and free T-shirts thrown in each box. So yeah, shits gravy. On a side note, will this be the year that you duplicate the Christmas morning photo? Can I suggest replacing the actual tree with another 6 foot crop from the farm? I can't wait to see that card taped on my refrigerator!!
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    Just finished my second Navajo build Navajo Pro Warrior frame and fork Tioga Beartrap 2 headset SST Dirt Skirt GT Pro bars Ame Tri bubble font grips DC MX1000 caliper DC Tech 3 lever New cable DC seat clamp Diamond Back seat post Ariake Jaguar (Shotgun 2) Pro Neck Sugino CT 175 cranks Sugino 44t sprocket Sugino chainring bolts Isumi chrome chain KKT Lightning pedals DC brake pads Araya 7X 20x1.75 hoops Suzue loose ball hubs Shimano 16t freewheel Tange looseball bottom bracket Cal Lite pads 20x2.125 & 1.75 skinwall Cheng Shin Comp 3 tires
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    Pffft, Oregon. Yeah, well growing weed with Jim Belushi could be cool.... if that's your thing. I just want to take this opportunity to announce that I have a recent opening on the LB Peninsula Bench if any parties are interested, PM me your application. Must have vast knowledge of early SE Racing and S&M and also the ability to kill an 18-pack of Tecate is a must!! Oh and congrats I guess too (peace sign emoji, etc.)
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    Got these form Linn Kastan last week via email. Looking at the forks for the squareback I'm guessing 75 since he didn't say a year. Just thought it was cool to see and share. The prices!!!! If only.
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    Send it to me. As a former professional art handler, I will evaluate your packing job. If I find it up to snuff, I'll let you know that it is safe to leave all of the other bikes in their boxes for long term storage. If the pack job does not pass, I will ask you to unpack the other bikes immediately, and I will hold on to the GT to make sure it is never improperly packed again. Actually, either way I'll hold on to the bike, because awesome bikes do not belong in boxes!
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    I've learned a ton and improved my collection. I need to get some pics of details and get it up. B-MX in flat bed and concave, stamped and unstamped (super early), spindle bosses. Spindle swap donors (for that I gotta have 1/2" pedal guy who just can't find them). All sorts of info. Just a teaser.
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    Such a cool grab man !! A buddy went to a barn sale in the spring and seen this hanging from a hook the guy wanted $50 for it the guy told him he rode it a few times had a bad crash and broke his arm and hung it up. I bought it from him for a bit more. Planing on tossing a brooks saddle on her and callin it a day lol
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    This thing is so nice. I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I saw it in a garage sale ad yesterday. I really tried to unsee it, figuring it would be gone quick. I thought it was a laguna, but all I could see was the rear triangle. This morning I figured what the hell and messaged the poster to see if he still had it. Yup. Well damn. Had to drive up to the lake to get it but it was a pleasant surprise. Scorpion bars Araya steel rims Goodyear tires Normandy hubs tourney brakes all I had to add was a seatpost. They wrecked the original removing it.
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    You’re probably right. PK & Scot testing the OM Flyer at Entradero Park. Photo from bmxcollector.tumblr.com
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    One of my all time favorite bmx shots. I've got a shirt with a line drawing of this image on it.
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    Got around to picking this one up on Sunday.
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    1988 was the first year the Vertigo was made. Until then, the Performer was the entry level GT, then they introduced the Vertigo. It was Vertigo, Performer, Pro Performer, Pro Freestyle Tour and the top of the line Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model. Vertigo had the same frame as the Performer, made in Taiwan I believe. Memory fades, but I think the front triangle is 4130 and rear stays are Hi-Ten. This is a sweet bike that is in incredible condition. Just looks a bit dirty. As for value, I honestly have no clue. I used to watch mid-late 80s GT freestyle prices like a hawk, but haven't for years. All I know is that this era has gone up a lot in recent years. I'd do a completed auction listing on ebay. Please do not part it out, that bike is a time capsule. Here's a 1988 GT catalog. https://issuu.com/pharv85/docs/gt_1988
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    More great info. I'm going to incorporate parts of this thread into the Quad timeline as I revamp it.
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    Got this little fire coming home today. Pops found it at a motorcycle swap in Georgia. Always wanted a real Moto-Bike lol
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    So here are some of the bikes I’ve had and still own. The majority of my collection are Torker but I still dig the rest lol enjoy. 1978 Torker MX (said to be one of the last made) 1979 Eddy King (the one that started it for me with Torker) and the only torker I bought complete. 1980 Big bike 1982 Torker 24in 1982 Torker 26in
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    A few Mongosse 1980 Red goose has only been cleaned (not one bolt has been removed to clean) the true meaning of survivor 1981 Black sunshine another survivor (but needed a major cleaning 1982 KOS (no longer own)
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    Bump. (Will try to DL old bucket pics)
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    I don't know what is better. Your avatar in the OM's Prom suit or this pic. I literally LOL'd. I thought I was a shoe-in for that spot. Now I'm cancelling my LBC moving plans......
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    is this position still open? I can't do the early SE knowledge, but bring NorCal ingenuity...would also like to know if tele commute is a possibility as the commute would not be great. Can drink like its free and am no stranger to sleeping in bushes...
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    Cool you are local to the guys listed. Totally wild about the Quad and your friend too. When Shane sent me the pic of you in Gary's basement, I swore he photoshopped it and he told me the whole story but I wasnt gonna bounce you about it. So glad it all worked in your favor. Unrelated....put me in the will for that Quad.
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    also... you remember this of course: well, my old neighborhood buddy from Kansas, that I got this off of last year, lives about 20 mins away, so this bike is back in Southern Oregon. Interesting I thought... though this time with a different Kansan.
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    Link to article : https://mpora.com/bmx/bmx-photographer-windy-osborn?fbclid=IwAR34SABr8pB4ncGLwceaRC8HYWLERifQ2hQGRetj9rnuEObc9HsyFaj3sDU “On top of dirt bike racing, cabinet making, welding, and growing bonsai trees, my dad was really into photography. He always said ‘great subjects make great photographs’ – it was a piece of advice I took, along with my borrowed Minolta 35mm, to the BMX tracks he was the race-starter at, and where my brother would compete. I found myself attracted to photographing those who were flamboyant and on the edge of crazy. “Thom Lund ticked those boxes. He was wild on the track, would get these super big airs, and, as to prove my father correct, a really great subject. Here, he’s on his iconic mono-shock BMX at Yarnell – a downhill track that would separate the kids from the young men and bring out the insanity of all those who dared race it. It often incited out-of-control speeds that would fire you right out of the berm, and see packs of elbows all fighting for positioning on the open straightaways, often with clouds of dust chasing up close behind. “In fact, Yarnell was the site of many of the classic and old-school BMX images from this era. And this one, from there, was the first photo I ever had published. I sent it to Dirt Bike Magazine – a magazine we always had at home – and they accepted. I was stoked. And I was immediately addicted.”
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    I had a fmf once I never built it. Passed it on to a friend
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    ** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ** It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I share the first details regarding the 2020 BMX Society Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. It will be Mr. Bob Osborn. All dates and locations to be announced. This is confirmed. It's going to be another amazing weekend of deep BMX immersion. Stand by for more information regarding the program and other special guests in the weeks and months to come.
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    Bump since there's a hell of a birthday party going on in BMX heaven right now.
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    Yep. Bike I found at Pawn King. Changed some stuff. Sold to you. Bought back. Changed more stuff. A year or more later I sold it to Steve and he changed a few things to get it here. It is an amzing bike for sure. My only ever "score" .
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    Thank you for the correction.
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    Unbox it. Unbox them all. Stored in boxes is no way to keep them Shane. Oops I mean Steve
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    This thing is amazing. All I did was air up the tires. Brakes are perfect, gears all work smooth, hubs spin beautifully, headset and BB are smooth. Goodyear tires aren’t even cracking.
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    this should be a much more robust thread
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    totally bad ass... reminds me so much of the ABA days and Bicycles and Dirt and the sort of regional brands like this. Freaking sick.
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    That gold Race Inc / Cycle Pro Spoiler along with that purple Redline (and countless others) makes this one of my favorite threads.
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    I had no recollection of this... pretty interesting, though sounds like they should not have gone the ultra budget route. If people were interested, and based on the quotes, seems they were... probably should have just made something quality to kick it all off. Aerolite Tech 2200
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    Looks like a two sided sign clamp. But the gjs clamp looks like a grounding clamp to me. My mind must be on building hardware.
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    Being a hardcore bmx, and then moto guy, I have always dug FMF stuff over all the other crossover brands. I did manage to get a start on build years ago, but didn't like the polished frame. I did out bid Darren Chan for the FMF fork though haha.
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