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    Hi all. I was pleased last week to add a DG frame, forks and stem to my collection and found out after the fact with some input from some knowledgeable OSBMX peeps that it is a ZF-1 frame with 1" forks. Rather be lucky than good I say. Looking forward to starting the build.
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    several years ago this was a Craigslist ad. While I don't know if this was "REAL " it was intriguing. I thought it would appear on one of the sites as a MEGA SCORE ....... If it was real someone got a GRAIL !!!
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    BX100 / BX200 Parts Catalog Part 1/3
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    I wanted to do a moto influence build. Something like what a 70’s or early 80’s bike would be but with modern parts. I built the frame with some ideas I’ve had for years. The split tubes at the seat tube (80’s track bike Regie). Down tube pierces the bottom bracket and capped. A one off triple clamp fork with disc brake mount. Hope front hub with 20mm through axle. Hope front and rear brakes. Renthal handlebars. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi everybody from Barcelona. It's my first post on BMX Society despite I've been reading it often since 2011, more or less... I'd like to share 2 images that were not in this thread. Taken from the Laguna Distributors catalog from 1978. Note: - there seem to have existed 2 different models of the "standard shaped" forks - the fork has decals with the early logo (supposed to be found on 10 hole gusset frames) - the frame seems to have a Stout decal on the top tube and a vertical version of the early G-boy logo on the head tube
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    That is a great pick up.
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    Freestyle - Jan / Feb 1988 - With thanks once again to Ben S. Now available for download at https://Oldschoolmags.com
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    Can someone please tell me the manufacturer that makes attached double clamp stem?
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    themotocrossvault.files.wordpress.com motocross/march 1976
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    I’m trying to reach my Suzuki bicycle neon sign, but I’ve hit dead end after dead end. I’d appreciate any help y’all could provide on this rare sign. Thanks!
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    1992 Dirtbike build bump. Picked up the F/F at a local meet, wheels came from a garage sale pick up, stem is from a buddy.
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    Thank you for the info!!! Love this frame. I am looking forward to building it.
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    So yesterday day I was driving to a job and seen a garage sale sign so I thought let’s see. Walk up and your normal crap with a splash of crappy bike parts. After talking to the guy he says I have some wheels on the side of the garage and I see this Schwinn! I say how much he tells me $10 I gave him $20. And the crazy part is I was just about to pull the trigger on a set of super 7x. Wound up harvesting the set of HO 48’s and the rear pit bull for the dirt bike. And man I love the look and after talking to my midschool buddy about the Luther smalls I’m in need of I’m hopping to have at least one good ride before it gets cold out side.
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    That was probably Steven Grable on page 3 your thinking about.
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    So the person who made Gboy (Grable-boy) is my Grandfather. He makes them all by hand and I'm not sure how many he made. but he is almost 90 years old now. He still hand makes them every once in a while for family gifts. His name is Gene Grable, him and his wife live in California. They are amazing beautiful people who i admire and strive to be like. Grandpa is almost 90 and still works harder than 99% of humans. Always creating and inventing. As far as anything about the bikes I do not know, maybe email for questions or something and see if I cant get you the answer. Anything I can do to help. Thanks :)
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    Just found this thread reminiscing my childhood I have a unique webco story. My father met Bob Hughes shortly after leaving the military in the mid 50's, he moved to so cal and started working for Douglas aerospace. A passionate motorcyclist he started desert racing BSA's on the weekends which naturally he searched out performance parts that led him to Webco. About that time he met his first wife Chiquito who was working in the industry as marketing editor of cycle news magazine. Jumping forward to 1977 I'm 10 years old, dad's remarried to my mom and I caught the bmx bug. I know nothing other than my half sister's mom's boyfriend is named Bob also. I'm riding a modified huffy that I keep breaking in half and begging my parents for a new bike so I could be the next bmx superstar. My dad recommended that I sit down and write letters to different bike companies, can't remember exactly who but I do know that Webco was at the top of my list! Long story short, I showed up with a pocket full of my allowance money and walked out with a brand new bike and a load of swag for I think $40. I was on top of the world! Found out a few years later from my sister that my dad insisted I pay something for the bike, not sure if it was a life lesson or his deal? I wish he was still around I would ask him. Wish I still had that bike! If anybody has one they would part with I would love to have it sitting next to my dad's old BSA
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    Just a pic off the internet of a mild steel FMF
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    Hi everyone - this has been a great thread to read through and I'm glad to have found it! Very cool to get some history and your commentary around it. I have a 1978 G-Boy and thought it would be cool to share. I've included some recent pics. Cheers, Dan
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    1977. Drake Turnage (in the Husqvarna jersey), Scot Breithaupt (FMF) and Rob Lynch on the right. Bakersfield, CA.
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    Not related to the the original topic but this definitely goes right along with the gest of the comments. I'm a freestyle guy and I have been fairly lucky recently at being able to acquire some gems. My latest purchase is an extremely rare 84' Powerlite Freestyle frame and fork in original finish/decals. To my knowledge this is the only surviving example in original finish and one of two known. Looking at the bike, I noticed the frame shares similar design elements such as the low profile standing platform, double thick welded dropouts and the forks look virtually identical to my 84' GHP Trix which was made by Voris. I made note of this and Mark jumped all over my ass, again reminding me of how he put the stickers on it. My conversation with Voris informed me that he remembers making bars and forks for Steve but didn't remember any frames. He also confirmed that they were Powerlite dropouts on the fork. Marks response was that all the early freestyle bikes used that fork... (sorry, wrong guy to tell that to...) The only fork that shares that design are forks that Voris built... First gen Free Agent Free Flyte, VDC Freestyler, GHP Trix and obviously the Powerlite Freestyle. The design is a signature trademark VDC design. Marks response was that Voris' signature was a V... Here's a pic of the original advertisement, a couple pics of the frame and the last is my GHP Trix for comparison.
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    Nice job Steve Bourke! Wow....! Number 11 is tough. Very cool image.