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    Time to start putting some new builds out there. Been awhile. First (well sort of first as I pictured the 1st gen Webco Mono) a little AA trickness. (frame on loan from Mike) AA Frame Simi Mags Ashtabula stem and fork. Schwinn headset, post and seat clamp and sprocket. Windsor seat. Aggressor rear/Schwinn Scrambler front. Wald Bars. KKT Pedals American Pro Grips. Monark Crank. Rad Pad/generic pad combo. Regina Oro track chain. Schwinn US made tubes. Modern air. (The usual moto suspects will spot something and point it out) :-)
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    As many of you know, I bought my wife a new DK Swift Pro last August and we started going to the local track every Fri night and watching the races and riding that track every Sat and Sun from Aug through Nov. We then bought a Fresh Park practice gate and used it all winter as well as exercises and treadmill. Well tonight was the first practice night at the track and we went. We were kinda feeling like it was the first day of high school but everyone was so friendly and amazing. There were over 60 people at practice. At 49, my wife and I are the oldest registered racers at the track but we hope to show all the parents that they should join and just have fun. Friday night will be the first BMX race of my life. Hers too. I rode from 4 until 16 but never raced. The feeling and excitement is amazing. We were able to do alot of gate starts and make as many laps as my legs would allow. Wish us both luck on Friday. The only problem is that now I literally have as many new school race bikes as I do old school bikes. It's a disease. We both had our new Chase bikes there but we also made laps on my 2013 GHP 24.
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    I saw this Rebel topic and wanted to add to it. I rode for lighting express and they gave me a Rebel General Lee frame and fork to ride. I loved this bike. Long front end and short rear end. I got great starts on this bike, due to the short rear end. BTW can anyone identify the tracks in the pictures? (I should have scanned the photos instead of taking pictures but scanners down)
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    First off, a HUGE thanks to Steve Bourke for helping me get it. Not sure how I'm going to do this bike as the original owner said he spray painted it and I do have a set of genuine Webco decals I've been saving forever. First gen Webco mono Ashtabula fork Schwinn/wald headset Takagi MX cranks Simi Motomags A&A or AAA bars Gummy bear Oakley Is Unknown stem (but looks familiar) Cheng Shin Tires Parsons seat KKT pedals Cheng Shin Tires. Unknown but moto front sprocket (Thinking of You Rick Twomey)
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    I think this picture shows the Rebel a little better.
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    Yep. They did a run of them in late 76/early 77 (yours) and a run in late 79 (mine). The early ones (yours) were simply a Cycle Pro Foiler that Bastian decal'd as Race Inc's ( FMF dropouts, long seat stay gusset, brake bridge and no serial on the BB. Cycle Pro were the only Bastian frames that had a serial in 77). Mine is a reg 79 RA7 with the flat dropouts, short seat stay gusset and an RA2xxxx serial number.
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    Ran our first race tonight. 13 motos. Ran 46-50 novice and took three thirds. Melissa had to run us three guys and finished fourth but stayed with us the whole track. Great night!
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    I used to have a pair of Morris Mags in 1990. My little brother lost the rear wheel in 1999 or so. I have always kept my front wheel. I just now started looking for a rear wheel. I can not find one so I bought the yellow N.O.S. front wheel off ebay. So now I have two front wheels. I have found out the front and rear wheel have the same U.S Pat. No. D232717 but are machined different the rear being bigger with a steel sleeve pressed in. This piece also includes the bearing races cut into it. I have a picture of a green wheel without the guts and also a paper add with an empty wheel. These are all I could find but I also have two pictures of a Motomag that used the Bendix 76 coaster brake, it's pretty much identical in the hub to the Morris Mag which also used the Bendix 76. My front wheel is 3.175" wide at hub with a 1.125 bore. I will have to have it bored out, My old hub is 1.600" (pic IMG_0608) so a little less -.002" or what ever the machinist thinks it takes to have a press fit into cast aluminum. Once bored out the rim will be narrower at the hub measuring 2.450". If you look at pic IMG_0613.jpg it shows how much will be cut out, losing the raised unpainted portion on both sides making the rim measure 2.450" at the hub. There is a picture called hub insert showing a aftermarket freestyle hub for a motomag. It has knurled parallel splines with a flange on the non driven side. I thought maybe I would do my Bendix 76 28 spoke hub like that but mine is not wide enough. It measures 2.025" inside spoke flanges, pic IMG_0610. It measured 2.250" outside the spoke flanges, pic IMG_0609. It measures 2.475" total width past flanges with it totally disassembled, pic IMG_0614. So. that is .025" twenty five thousandths more than the wheel. Once pressed in it should have .0125" hanging out of both sides. This will work. I might have splines cut in mine if the machinist thinks it needs it. Before I commit to doing this, are there any experts that know better than me about the Morris or Motomag Bendix 76 coaster brake design pertaining to the steel race insert in the wheels. Are there any broken mags available anywhere that I might get the bearing race sleeve out of or is that probably a pipe dream and go ahead and commit to my idea.
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    That’s great bonding and exercise. Keep at it.
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    Took a knife and scrapt the edges while the paint was soft. To match the other. I probably could have bought pinstripe and mask with it but did not.
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    You're never too old Brian. Looks like both of you are enjoying it. Have fun and race on.
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    More pics of the front to rear wheel conversion project. I am just stripping and painting to match my yellow NOS wheel I bought for a lot of money. I took one look at it and knew that it was John Deere yellow 100% sure. I used paint stripper so I wouldn't damage the cast texture with sandpaper. Even used a little brake fluid in the hard to get corners to eat the paint up. I bought my paint at Wright Implement the John Deere dealer.
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    Anyone know specifically what years and models these were from?
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    Absolutely not. I just knew that's what it had to be so I posted that. ;) Just had never seen that before......ya know, because I'm not old like you!
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    Well since you’re answering questions, there’s a couple of things I was wondering. Is the front sprocket close to rubbing on the frame and does the rear wheel need adjustment. Also, do you prefer the Carlisle aggressor in the back. You’re bike says “BMX”, I love it. Sorry if I come across wrong. My wife says that’s why I have no friends. lol
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    Yes, but you were just making fun of it. :-)
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    Thanks for the monark info. While we’re on trivia, the A&A head tube was slightly longer than a standard length head tube. To install original Redline forks you had to cut the bottom of the tube just a little. We used a Tange bearing cup upside down as a guide to cut off enough material. At 15 years old my cutting skill wasn’t really great so I had to file a bunch. Thankfully “O” ring chains were invented after Malcolm Smith rode the ISDT. In my trips to the ISDE I never had to change a master link (I looked at it every day).
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    Thanks guys.. To answer the question,, Monark was a Ballon tire manufacturer famous for the Silver King model. These came from cranks came from Joe Pernice. My connection to that crank is that in the stone-age, I could not afford a set of 7" Ashtabulas so Tom DeRosier of Tom's Bikes Shop gave me a set he had on his used parts bin. They were pretty soft and lasted until I had enough money for the Ashtabula:-) Mr. Hey, the reason for the colored Clip on the master link is that Malcolm Smith and other ISDT (and some MX) racerss of the days would paint theirs on their MX chains so they could locate the master link quicker. Useless trivia for $100 Alex.
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    Just finished this one up tonight. Mark Darcy gave me this plate years ago, it is one of his original plates. I found it in a stack of stuff in my office & had to build it! 1979 Powerlite built with mostly original finishes, I added the downtube decals. Great original paint on the frame & fork. Powerbend handlebars mounted to a 6 bolt MCS stem, vinyl pads, Shimano Tourney brake, lever & cable guides, Koolstop brake pads, fluted alloy seat post, Suntour seat clamp, Grand Prix saddle, Takagi Tourney cranks, KKT rat traps, Black low/high flange Sunshine hubs, Araya 7Cs, Suntour Maeda freewheel & Cheng Shin C-183 fat skinny tires. Enjoy! I will change the grips and seat clamp when I find something more to my liking.
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    Could use your help guys! This frame is not for sale... It has been mine for 40 years and I don’t plan to sell it. L I am looking to rebuild it, but this is my first time doing this. Hoping you guys can help me find some Tange TX-1200s which is what was on it back in the day. Also looking for a California Lite top tube frame pad in red. I seem to remember it had a Mongoose threaded stem set that was silver on bottom and possibly more of a copper color on top. Possibly Mongoose handlebars and seat post too. The other thing I remember is a sprocket that had 4 air or paisley/teardrop shaped cutouts in it. No idea of the brand, but it was a 1 piece crank set that most likely came on a Mongoose. I bought a set of new Tuff Wheel IIs in red, which is what was on it. My bike was originally a Mongoose frame that my Dad took back pretty quickly due to some quality issues. They essentially swapped everything off my original bike onto a PK RIPPER frame. Below is the story inspired in the SE Racing Vintage 70s and 80s group. PK48771 I am the original owner. I am told it is a 1981. I rode the hell out of this bike as a kid. It had Tange forks on it, red Tuff Wheel II mags, gold lettering, and red Oakley 3s. I was stupid and threw out the mags and other parts during a move 20 years ago. I had plans to build the bike up with Landing Gear forks, and a lot of SE racing stuff, so I figured I didn’t need that old “crap” wish I would have kept it. I did some searching on the internet back in probably 2002 or so, found a number and end up taking to Mike Devitt, the notes I took are below. He explained who he was and that based on my serial number he was most certain that he had built my frame. He also told me about “The Old Man” and said he would go over my frame and fix anything that needed fixing for $50. I had to ship it to him and back too. I was a broke college student, and I didn’t do it. I have always felt like that was a huge mistake. So here is my frame 20 years later, still sitting as a frame. Also, that sticker set is original stickers, those were purchased in probably 1985 or so. My bike was stolen, luckily I got it back, and those stickers were purchased as an extra set because I had to get a new set due to my stickers being taken off when the thief had my bike. Hope you all enjoy the story and the pics. I am adding... In 1981 I would have been 6 years old. We didn’t have much money, Dad was a fire fighter and mowed grass as a second job. But he wanted me and my brother to have awesome bikes. We easily had the best bikes in the neighborhood... :-)
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    Maybe Snipes Park picture #1 and Corona Norco YMCA for #2.
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    I got this bike a year or 2 ago. I it’s a Greenline, it’s my second one. I paid $45.00 for it. When I got the first one I thought it was a Yamaha motobike when I was it on Craigslist but after seeing it I realized it wasn’t. It was cheap so I got it. I had a Yamaha bike when I was a kid and I loved it. I never heard of greenline or seen a knock like this. Thanks for looking.
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    A little cutie. I haven’t seen it in person yet but I’m expecting the worst about the seat rails.
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    Alright Hays, is this just a foiler tube RA-7? Just figured it's not your normal RA, so worth a drop in to the thread.
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    You need a tetanus shot to work on that. Lol
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    I compiled these from researching Redline and Linn Kastan over a 6 year period, also from comparing pictures, frame styles, serial numbers I found online and from numerous interviews I've read that Linn Kastan had done. These are not exact but the closest year breakdown of early Redline serial numbers I’ve been able to come up with. I’d really like to get this broken down to more exact numbers so if you have any info that would help please post it up. Pics would be great, as well as any printed info you may have that helps set a time line on years and model changes. 74 100 to 260 75 260 to 800 76 800 to 5300 77 5300 to 10000 78 10000 to 20000 early 79 20000 to 24000? late 79 340000 to 343000 There are also some frames built in Australia that has no serial number and some with serial numbers in the 30000 range that were also built in Australia.
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    If you want, Order here: https://www.heroidesign.com/products/it-s-not-a-phase-it-s-my-life-custom-name-poster-for-bmx-lovers
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    No. It means absolutle nothing. You have a 2003-newer Chinese owned SE frame. Post a pic and I can help but the serials are useless.
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    Patrick is a good one indeed. Has great bikes and a attitude that matches them.
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    I would have actually raced. I always wanted to, but dad wouldn't take me. I don't know why. No matter how much I hinted at anything, he wouldn't take me to do it. I finally flat out told him one day in 8th grade that I wanted to play football. He said "well, go down to the field and sign up." I didn't play football that year, but after that I took it upon myself to just find a way to get into sports. I did finally play football in 9th grade. Boy did I suck (not to mention at 130 lbs I was actually one of the smallest kids on the freshman team - oh to be a skinny boy again). Got into street hockey in the years following which actually led to playing JV ice hockey my senior year. After bouncing around in men's leagues for 5 or 6 years I went back to college and played on my school's club team for a year (I was 25). If I had only applied that fervor to my want to race BMX, who knows, maybe I could have been pretty good... or just sucked the place up. It's weird. I actually had to beg my parents to come watch a HS football game (not that I played) or a hockey game (I got plenty of ice time). The few games they did come to (hockey) was because my friend's dad worked out a car pool schedule with them for practice and games at the rink 20 minutes away. If they didn't have that obligation, they probably wouldn't have come. I can't wait for my kids to play sports. I was actually heavily bummed last year when I missed 2 of the kids t-ball games for work. This year, t-ball and soccer. I'm not tryin' to miss any of those... I can't change what I had (or didn't have), but I can sure as hell give my kids the opportunity.
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    ...I would have tried harder. I was average. On some days, I was good! But I never really truly committed to being the best racer I could be. We only raced locally (southeast Michigan), but that makes it even more regretful to me. I knew the tracks well. I knew the racers well. I just never had the "kill" instinct. If I was in front at turn one, I was tough to beat. But if I wasn't first in turn one, I was just along for the ride. At least that's how I remember it in my mind.
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    Here’s a little more info that I had gathered in my research that I should have posted above. There were 637 first gen Squarebacks built, plus the few Looptails which brings the serial numbers to around 740 plus the 37 Monoshocks built in 75 which is how I come up with the 800 range for the cut off between 75 and 76 The first 76 Squarebacks built had a larger top tube, I know of one person that has one and the serial number is in the 900’s. I know they went back to the smaller tubes on the frames in the 1000’s do to pics I have found. The 16” Squarebacks came in somewhere in the upper 2000’s. There are rumors of a Squareback cruiser built, but I have found no info to prove this so I feel it is just that, “a rumor” The cut off between 76 and 77 is somewhat fuzzy, I’ve found Squarebacks with serial numbers in the 5200’s and I’ve found MX II’s with serial numbers in the 5300’s which is how I come up with the 5300 range. I know there are a few that say they made Squarebacks in the first few months of 77 but I heard more people that say the opposite and I’ve found no info that proves they did make them in 77. I also know they started to build the Proline in March of 77 and the lowest Proline serial number I have found is 61xx and that is on a local Proline still owned by the original owner, which is also a non gusset Proline. 77 was a year full of changes for Redline, starting with the introduction of the MX II which was basically a Squareback with the back half changed. Then with the production of the Proline that started in March. The early Prolines also had no gusset below the head tube and they had a “PL” stamped after the serial number, I’m not sure how long they did this or on how many they did like this. They also moved from Northridge to Chatsworth in late 77 which brings a few more changes, one being the switch to the vertical head tube decal (around serial number 8000) and at this time they added a “0” to the beginning of the serial numbers (084xx) which I believe was done at the new factory so they would be ready for the 5 digit serial numbers in the 10000’s for 78. Also in late 77 the MX II went from having 1 bend in the seat stays to 2 bends for extra tire clearance. (around serial number 09000) By March of 78 they had built 10500 frames, (serial number 10600) the serial numbers at the end of 78 are also a little fuzzy, I originally though the switch was around 22000 but I have found no US serial numbers above 24000 and since they carried the 5 digit numbers into the first half of 79 I think it’s around the 20000 or even the 19000 range. Mid 79 is when they started having complete bikes built at the Kawamura factory in Japan and when I think they started the 34xxxx 6 digit serial numbers on the US made frames. All this is what I found in my research, I want to see pics and any other info to help narrow the numbers down. I especially want to see pics of frames and their serial numbers that are in the following ranges. 700 – 1200 5100 – 5400 09000 – 10000 Any larger tube Squarebacks. Also any pics of Prolines with serial numbers lower than 8200 I have a Proline with serial number 8400 which is a Chatsworth built 77