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    Forks are fixed. Before and after.
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    Back about twelve years ago I was contacted at work by a guy asking me if I wanted to buy a looptail mini Ripper frame. I told him to bring it up and I'd look at it. I did buy it and we got to talking about local Peoria BMX back in the day. A few days later he shows up with two cruisers in the bed of his truck that he had just bought from a long time friend of his. One was a three bar Laguna and the other was a Prodyne. I had only been collecting three years at that point but was already well aware of Prodyne and the connection to JMC. Frank took them both home with plans of redoing them. For twelve years every time someone online talked about Prodyne I just bit my tongue not wanting anyone to know I knew of a local one. Life happens as we all know and I lost touch with Frank and the Prodyne but he and it crossed my mind many times over the years. Fast forward to last month one night as I was driving home from work and my phone goes off. I'll be damned. It's Frank texting me asking if this was still my phone number and if I still lived in the area. After some texts back and forth he tells me he is ready to let go of the Prodyne. A few text convos and phone convos and him stopping by work to see me, we struck a deal. At that point I sold off about nine framesets in the last few weeks to make this happen Today was finally the day. Frank delivered the Prodyne to me at work exactly as it was from when I saw it twelve years ago. The back story on the bike is that Frank's friend, Dan Madigan and his son Danny raced alot in the early 80s. Dan raced his three bar Laguna to an Illinois state championship back in 80 or 81 and the trophy prize for winning the state championship was the Prodyne. Dan rode for Russell's Cycle World (who is still going strong) who was the local JMC dealer. He went on to race the Prodyne alot too. The bike is still as raced. I plan to disassemble the bike, scrub everything down and reassemble it. I have to buy a front tire (sidewall blown out), two tubes and a brake cable. I can't decide if the forks are bent out or just have alot of rake. I will be posting progress pics and good final pics in the next couple of weeks. Here are the pics today literally minutes after Frank delivered it to me.
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    Aaaaah, some good news! Thank you Brian! Stoked for you!
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    Wow! That sucks. Are there any frame builders near you?
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    Ouch! That really sucks. I’m sure you’ll get it all squared away. Good luck
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    Bummer. I'd still keep squirting some between the post and tube and letting it sit for hours. As many times as it took. I haven't used PB Blaster but I know most of those kinds of products will find their way between stuck parts eventually. After a few long soaking in sessions, if it still doesn't budge, heat that seat post.
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    We use this stuff at work. Allowed to soak over night, and sometimes requiring a good whack with a hammer, it will free the most rusted and seized stems, headsets, seatposts, etc. Given the age and condition of some of the projects we restore, I’d think it would make short work of that post.
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    What did you pour down the seat tube? Did you let it soak over night? Is there a hole in top of the bottom bracket to pour up with the frame upside down?
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    i think Cook bros forks would be cool on it
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    I love it! I can't tell from the pics but the forks look good to me...but the landing gear would look sick!
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    Cool, thanks for the SE history lesson. Can never learn to much about SE
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    Could a person buy a LG fork separate bitd ? Just out of curiosity. Not saying it would be wrong to use them, I think it’s good to use what you like. That’s how it’s done on race bikes.
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