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    Larsvegas I found these on French ebay and 9/16 thread along with some 76 dated Dura Ace cranks. They did silver, blue and red anno in these.
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    The set of ambrosios I got recently have stickers saying Hand Built by Ed Draper on the rims and hubs...after a google sesh I was able to figure he built wheels for the 84 Olympic team... Anyone know a little more on him? He seems to know his trade because they spun for 3+ minutes with a single wrist flick...... To be fair, I'm married so my wrists are a bit strong! Thanks guys!
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    I haven't been active on here to speak of as my business just doesn't allow much time for hobbies anymore. I have been searching for about the last year and haven't been able to find any information or photos posted of these. I have one dated 1979 and just would like to know if anyone remembers them or has any information on them.
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    You’re not alone https://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=742672
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    With the one piece it looks like it was found in a shed. Nicely done.
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    Akisu built....they built nice frames for a bunch of companies. Not sure what this is exactly but it’s cool. Hopefully someone will recognize the dropouts.
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    It is literally an Akisu BMX bike. Akisu made parts and frames for a lot of manufacturers but also put out some stuff under their name. Popular overseas but no so much in the USA.
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    My guess is department store special, due to kickstand plate. Better pic of the front and rear drop outs and that plate behind bottom bracket would help. Where was serial? Under BB or on drop out?
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    Thanks for posting these, someone needed to mention Lyotard pedals in this thread. Actually, not too hard to get. In Europe, that is.
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    Lyotard 460d NOSness. Alloy anno black really cool and light for traps.
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    Pic of the bike, kinda shakey...will get better ones this weekend.
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    So I finally got pics of these, figured I would post em up to help finish this post lol... These are just the most bad ass wheels ever...Exactly what I wanted in unbelievable condition. So happy to have them, they really finish off the Patterson so well...