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    Yes. TOTALLY changed the whole mood of the bike. I love it now.
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    Got this 1993 SE Quad from Shane. Bought it as a complete but changed everything but frame, fork, headset, cranks and BB. 1993 original finish and decals chromoly Quad frame and Landing Gear fork Tioga Beartrap 2 headset DK stem SE knurled Powerwing bars Ame bubble font Rounds Vetta seat SE knurled seat post Odyssey seat post clamp CQP cranks 180mm Primo sealed BB Odyssey Shark Bite pedals Araya 7x rims with DK sealed hubs GT 44t chain ring 16t Dicta freewheel Unknown brake and Odyssey lever Odyssey brake pads KMC chain Cheng Shin 2.125 and 1.75 skinwall tires
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    Just thought this would be a good place to post this pic. Of the cover of the first SE catalog.
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    Not trying to be a smart ass but there are plenty threads on here that cover this super interesting subject. Such as this one: https://bmxsociety.com/topic/60301-str-1-this-again/
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    I would leave it just as is. It looks awesome with the Tuffs and its patina.
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    That bike is first class! But I have to ask, why do your electrical wall outlets have the ground at the top? I have heard that in some regions of the country it is a local code requirement.
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    So last Saturday was the huge annual MK show in England that I was lucky enough to be here for. After talking to a few guys thru FB and finding out about it. Well me and the fam were only able to go to one of the 3 days of the show. So after meeting quite a few guys there I was told about a lake ride how ever the 4 of us had zero bikes and as the bmx community is strong all over Pat ,Steve,Martin and other found us some rigs to ride. I was very lucky (and Nervous) to be offered Pats 79 chrome Quad, the wife was on the one and only black and green Condor, my cousin got a 24 TA and her husband got a white PK ripper. Not to mention theses guys still ramp 83 Haro freestyle bikes candy red Trickstars and other bikes I find most people just look at. Any rate it was a blast and would love to go to another one in the future but only after I go to a Society show. Here are some of the pics.
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    Thank you for the clear and informative answer. It’s amazing that these are the only two found.
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    Ha...For a second there I thought I was looking at suspenders. Sweet hubs. Looks like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing.
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    Cool....I would love to go there one day. I imagine it to be a total blast. Nice pictures.
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    Bicycle Motocross Action April 1978
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    I had both images on my bedroom wall and I think I still have them somewhere. Stu on the STR classic image of course. I especially liked the racing shot. Stu for a brief minute with a Beavers (my LBS) co sponsor patch which happened late in 79 right before Redline. I thnk Sewell on the Jag and of course Nachman on the goose bringing it on hard.
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    saw this pic on google when searching for something else. i don't have any info but it was so rad i had to post it here.
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    Ok, thanks. I've decided to limit the number of bike groups I'm joining on there. It can become too much, too fast. I actually need to prune a few more that I rarely visit. Regarding the way this person is interacting with Jeff....that's a real bummer.
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    photos from the 2019 gathering honoring Skip and BMX Products / Mongoose
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    First time trying to post photo. Hope this works. That was easy from my phone.
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    Yep, pulling a JJ. :-) But we do have a little history ..
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