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    So a wile back I got a call from a local Bmx guy with an opportunity to buy a set of Webco mags he got from a guy for a ball joint job. He said the guy gave him 3 sets of mage for the labor 2 sets of lesters and this set of painted Webco mags spay bombed yellow lol well we worked out a deal on the bits and mags and man I have always wanted a set and with a bit of work I will make this set great again. Thinking satin black to got on my replica(silver and black) hell may even toss the 44t stamped chain ring and head set on it wile I’m at it. now as far as cleaning the pain off I am going to try stripper 1st and go from there. don’t mind the dog hair on the rug lol
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    Spotted Scot wearing these in the Dec. 1976 BMXA on oldschoolmags.com
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    REDLINE row 74,75,76,77,78,78,79,80,81,83,83,84. In appreciation of the 45th Anniversary of Redline bmx !!!
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    This is super interesting... Brian Patterson was apparently giving some thought to getting that Mongoose Money! Not sure if this ever happened or not. May 1984 BMX Plus
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    BEAUTIFUL Cook Brothers !!!!!!! 80s race , class winner !
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    MOTOS 2019 SHOW PICS... BEST of show Winner !!
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    The graduated drilling is bad ass! Great pick up!
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    Bad ass drill job. I've never seen it done on a coaster brake arm before.
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    Well I am now done with this little guy. So replaced he hol front end out. Race Inc bars with ame grips,pro neck stem, Tange HS,and LG forks. And she turned out great
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    Also got this bad boy I mean got to save oz some how. It will be put on the mag once I clean it up.
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    First new project from me since 2010! This project came about during a random conversation with Dan Goins back in early July of this year. He sent me pictures of this frame and a different Redline fork. It looked fantastic and I was immediately interested. We came to an agreement and the search for cool-looking parts was on.... I really like the way everything turned out. I saw the morning fog yesterday, and I sprung into action....there are NOT many good photo opportunities in Michigan in late November. I hope everyone gets a kick out of it. Nearly 10 years in the making.... FRAME: Dan Gurney Eagle looptail with Cook Brothers gussets FORK: Redline nickel HEADSET: Schwinn STEM: Schwinn HANDLEBARS: Dan Gurney GRIPS: O.G.K. PLATE: old motorcross SEAT CLAMP: 70's SR road stem cut off SEAT POST: solid aluminum SEAT: Selle Italia Grand-Prix CRANKS & BB: Schwinn PEDALS: KKT SPROCKET: Three Arrows CHAIN: Union FRONT HUB: ACS REAR HUB: Bendix Red Band turned down RIMS: Weinmann 2.125 TIRES: Cheng Shin PADS: Vinyl snap
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    Very cool, and you got the blue brake lever you needed for your Ra-8.
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    That hub modification was detailed in a 1979 issue of BMXA. The article claimed you could remove up to 4 ounces of weight from the hub shell, but (although I do not have a picture of the BEFORE weight) the hub shown was only reduced by just under 3 ounces. As the BMXA tip suggests....try to work out a trade with a person who has access to a metal lathe....which I did. Fortunately he was a super cool guy. It only cost me a 6-pack of Squirt and a 1lb bag of beef jerky. lol He did a terrific job....but it took him a while. He could only work on it in his spare time when he wasn't busy at work.
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    It's that time !!!!! the MOTOS crew invites everyone to the USABMX Grand Nationals Old School / Vintage bmx bike show !!! We will be there on display Friday November 29th and Saturday November 30th. Come on by and introduce yourself.
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    Yes, they were that price. I'm a Swiss (Germany is a bordering country of Switzerland) and here, they were that price too for a Laserlite. BMX and BMX parts from Japan and USA were very expensive for us, due to the import taxes, shipping costs, exotic value, etc... Even if we worked alot as a kid, we couldn't afford a bike like this. In the early 80', you had to pay 2.5 swiss francs to obtain 1 usd. The avarage salary was on the 2'000-2'200 swiss francs (800-1'000 usd) for a month. Other than if you came of a wealthy family, it was impossible to buy such a bike as a Laserlite. We bougth spanish, french, italian or BMX from Taïwan or low or mid level BMX from the prestigious makes in the beginning, than in the mid-late 80', the US/Japan bikes came more affordable for us.
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    Starting a new thread here because this was buried in another thread with an ambiguous title years ago.. it needs to be easy to access. Thanks to Jeff Haney for reminding me this was buried on the site. RRS always had a cutting edge orientation... concentric bottom bracket, canti brakes, 24 inch cruisers etc etc This was there dalliance with wheel size configurations
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    Here’s an RRS ad from July 1982 BMX Plus on oldschoolmags.com showing some of the cool stuff they came up with.
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    I can't stop checking this out Tom. What a cool build and the seatclamp and hub are killer!!
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    That is cool. RRS did some really outside the box at the time stuff. I think I remember seeing this bike a few times during practice at Corona Norco YMCA and San Bernardino YMCA among other tracks.
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    So, the seat post clamp is a very nice piece that I received from Rick G many years ago. Actually, I am reusing it! It made an appearance on a DG Skibel I had back in ‘08 or ‘09...
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    Well I have added a set of blue race inc bars to the rig and and now all I NEED is a blue rear lever lol
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    So just about done took 2-1/2 links out of the chain lol and wiped her down.
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    I picked this from my friend Len when he decided to move it on. He'd had the frame & forks since 96 and had it had been stashed in his room after he moved onto another bike. The chrome is in amazing condition! It's not built as he had it back in 96 but I've been talking to him about how I was going to build it and what parts were going on ... so its fully LLP approved :-) 1996 S&M Holmes Oversize with Pitchforks S&M Race bars Araya RB17 rims laced to Crupi hubs Profile cranks Profile Whippet chainwheel Selle Italia seat Jive grips Primo Dirt Monster 1.75 / 1.95 tyres Base Brooklyn pad set Ron C headwrap ( used as cable wrap and brake lever cover ) Jive handle grips FSA Pig headset S&M pedals Diatech Hombre w/ VG cable hanger - Dia Compe Tech77 locking lever Primo Rod seatpost VG seat clamp
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    Hi BMX Society folks. I am new here, but not new to BMX.I am Aaron Stewart,from the Bay Area, California. Racer from the 70's, and always a bike collector. I just collect more now. Love BMX from its conception, to nowadays nostalgia. Here are a few of my bikes. Here is my 1978 20" Champion Squareback. Very close recreation of my racer from the late 70's-early80's.
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    How much it’s worth GT Pro freestyle tour crome GT pro performer tour Harro Revo