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    Looked for four years for the right 1980 Proline with original red finish. Head decal has been replaced, but I think the rest are original. Everything's era correct. Laced 7Cs to sealed sunshines. Tires are Raleigh Racer in the back and Cheng Shin up front. Redline bars & stem. Tourney cranks with KKT rat traps. MX1000 brakes with DC lever. Seat's a Kashimax. Nagoaka post & an Xcaliber clamp. Tange headset. Still have to dial it in. Will add better pictures then.
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    Here’s a pair of mine. Haven’t cleaned these yet but here you go : )
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    It’s been close to 10 years since I’ve built a bike. i purchased this frame about 9 years ago with the intention of building it then. When we got pregnant it went on the shelf. Now my son rides... In anticipation of the summer to come I recently built this 1935 Schwinn Cycleplane Cal Custom. It kind of came out like a resto mod... Frame paint is original. Parts were kept with original finish where possible. In cases such as the rims and handlebars polishing was needed to restore finish and color uniformity. Frame: 1935 Schwinn Cycleplane Forks: SE Racing Landing Gear Bars: Tuf Neck Grips: Ame Rounds Stem: Tuf Neck Headset: Tioga MX-2 Headset Lock: Tange Cranks: Campagnolo Strada Sprocket: ? Pedals: Shimano DX Rims: Ukai 26X2.125 Spokes: 16g Stainless Nipples: Red Annodized Front Hub: Campagnolo Gran Sport Nuovo Tipo Rear Hub: Bendix Automatic (2-Speed Kickback) Seat: Schwinn Tires: Cheng Shin (it’s a daily rider...) Badge is not era correct but the head tube looked naked and needed something... What it looked like when I got it: After a color sand with 1000 grit: Pre Build Layout: The Final Build:
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    the pc of DY is from Ken Pliska an enlarged detail shot of Utterback from the BoysLife article
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    Forks are fixed. Before and after.
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    Great looking bike even as it sits... kind of a survivor vibe. I'm not a Patterson expert, but they are around. I can pretty much promise it will require patience - that's one other quality of this site - lol, people take their time on weighing in.
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    Well she's finally done. After much back and forth in my head, I decided to initially go with the "as raced/ as found" combo. I'm a complete sucker for true survivors. I can't say thanks enough to shotgun for the help straightening the fork and farmboy for hooking me up with the exact seat post I needed and Metzone for the hookup on the exact tire I needed. As I said before, I replaced the tubes, rim strips, seat post, and added a brake cable ( it didn't have one). Everything has been scrubbed and polished (more than once). I also changed the brake lever. Otherwise it is all as it was back in 1981-82. Prodyne frame Tange TX1200 fork Tange headset Tange bottom bracket GT gen 2 bars Mushroom copy grips Shimano brake lever DiaCompe brake cable Shimano Tourney caliper Dia Compe brake pads ACS Stoker seat / Strong post combo ACS seat post clamp DK inverted stem Sugino spider Sugino sprocket Shimano DX pedals Ashtabula 178mm cranks (originally red) Sugino chain ring bolts Ukai 26x1.75 7C front rim Araya 26x1.75 7X rear rim Cooks Bros sealed hubs Izumi 3/32" chain Suntour freewheel Tioga Comp 3 26x1.75 front tire Snakebelly 26x1.75 rear tire
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    Well did a bit of trading today for this little honey. And yes my 1st Patterson and I can’t wait to build this gem up ! I do need some patty forks but I think I have some thing this will work for now lol
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    I'm getting closer, but there's still a lot more to do. Shortened and modified 'campy' cranks (approx. 155mm in length) O.M.A.S Cartridge Bearing Bottom Bracket (Alloy bearing cups & aluminum spindle) 34T Specialites T.A. Chainring. (Total combined weight): 585 grams Demco Futura X Pedals w/ modified cages and titanium spindles (Total combined weight): 212 grams SR Extra Super Light Stem w/ Titanium Hardware (O.E.M.) 192 grams Modified Dia-Compe N500 brake caliper w/ an O.M.A.S. (Titanium / Alloy) Brake Kit (Weight as shown): 100 grams
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    If you're looking for a lightweight chain, the Regina 'America' Superleggera is an awesome choice. At full length (8 speed) it weighs exactly 250 grams, the only real downside is when it comes to shortening or adapting it for BMX. There's only approx. 4-6 links provided with solid pins, so it requires carefully grinding off one side of a hollow pin and punching out the remainder of the pin without damaging the inner bushing (you will need it for reassembly once you got the chain to it's desired length). On a side note: There's also a Extra Superleggera SL that weighs 10 grams less than the incredibly costly Regina Titanio (Titanium).
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    Back about twelve years ago I was contacted at work by a guy asking me if I wanted to buy a looptail mini Ripper frame. I told him to bring it up and I'd look at it. I did buy it and we got to talking about local Peoria BMX back in the day. A few days later he shows up with two cruisers in the bed of his truck that he had just bought from a long time friend of his. One was a three bar Laguna and the other was a Prodyne. I had only been collecting three years at that point but was already well aware of Prodyne and the connection to JMC. Frank took them both home with plans of redoing them. For twelve years every time someone online talked about Prodyne I just bit my tongue not wanting anyone to know I knew of a local one. Life happens as we all know and I lost touch with Frank and the Prodyne but he and it crossed my mind many times over the years. Fast forward to last month one night as I was driving home from work and my phone goes off. I'll be damned. It's Frank texting me asking if this was still my phone number and if I still lived in the area. After some texts back and forth he tells me he is ready to let go of the Prodyne. A few text convos and phone convos and him stopping by work to see me, we struck a deal. At that point I sold off about nine framesets in the last few weeks to make this happen Today was finally the day. Frank delivered the Prodyne to me at work exactly as it was from when I saw it twelve years ago. The back story on the bike is that Frank's friend, Dan Madigan and his son Danny raced alot in the early 80s. Dan raced his three bar Laguna to an Illinois state championship back in 80 or 81 and the trophy prize for winning the state championship was the Prodyne. Dan rode for Russell's Cycle World (who is still going strong) who was the local JMC dealer. He went on to race the Prodyne alot too. The bike is still as raced. I plan to disassemble the bike, scrub everything down and reassemble it. I have to buy a front tire (sidewall blown out), two tubes and a brake cable. I can't decide if the forks are bent out or just have alot of rake. I will be posting progress pics and good final pics in the next couple of weeks. Here are the pics today literally minutes after Frank delivered it to me.
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    1982 was the only year for chrome plated Patterson Longs. The rest were nickel plated.
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    I was in the mood to see a white proline today... but I came across this first and I think it's more satisfying than what I originally had in mind.
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    April 82 I bought a Shotgun II to replace the Kashimax on my ProAm that I broke when I cased a jump off of a car hood propped on a fallen tree (Yes, Staten Island trails were kinda ghetto) with my Easter money from my grandmother. Pretty sure I asked for it specifically, because I thought it looked cool on one of the Cycle Pro team dudes bikes at one of the later 81 nationals i attended. At the time I loved Snake Bellys and coordinated my cycle pro tires, saddle and pads all in blue. My folks have a picture of my Panda in that config from my first race of 82 season a month or so later. Compared to the Kashi Aero, this was a way more comfortable saddle for me, being a little more flexy, but I am pretty sure the saddle only lasted me a season or so (again, sketchy trails, and lots of bad landings).
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    That bike is off the chain. Little bit of humor during these rough days. Bike looks great.
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    so, as many of you know, we have an SE group on Facebook that is affiliated with the BMX Society - it's for focus on vintage era SE and a great number of old SE dudes involved with the brand in various capacities are on there... probably the deepest SE culture node on Facebook. So this year coincidintally a lot of us are home, including myself, but especially Sean Ewing and some others who happened to have some stuff to post, including Alan Bracket - the guy that used to shoot the product shots for SE. Anyway... most of these folks won't stray from FB to a dedicated BMX site. So, I'll bring some highlights to you. I don't have time to label too much at the moment... they may or may not happen slowly. That's the seal that lunched this commemoration...
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    Thanks, guys. There are way more white Prolines out there than red ones. Getting harder to find either with original finish. So many went to the powder coaters. Not my bag. The original Redline red ages so nicely. Nothing takes the place of a few decades of living. Hope everyone is safe & healthy. Can’t wait for the rescheduled gathering. Joe
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    Had to add. Early forks had what looked like a ball race on the fork crown. This was to take a schwinn bearing race but guys didn't realise so seen a few worn down. They later changed to a square cut.
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    Nice pick up. A Patterson is on the wish list someday.
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    Feb 1984 frame. It is a PR200 which is a 19.5" top tube . They also made the PR200S which was for standard (not short as some claim) that had an 18.5" top tube. The seat tube decal says PR200 or PR200S to denote the difference. There has been a set of PR series forks on Museum in the for sale section for awhile.
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    The work on the frame really made the color pop up. Came out great looking.
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    Bronco bike - my son's first bike. I am a few years younger and looked up to Rod as a hero of mine, but got to know him later, where I worked with him a little with the SE guys on some bikes. I made sure my son's first bike was an SE (new company of course) and carefully chose the Bronco, as it was a perfect starter bike. My son loved it, and when I told him I knew who Bronco was, he didn't believe me, so I went to facebook and had a great conversation with Rod. It was near the end and he was hurting and sad, but it was cool to make him happy for a moment knowing that I got the bike. He was a really nice guy, who did bmx for the right reasons. I am going to keep this bike forever. I later got my son the new PK Ripper in black/purple, and he outgrew that as well, but we're going to keep both. Love that Rod had a second part in bmx by getting a new bike named after him.
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    Wow...the suspense that was building! “Is he going to able get the post out or not...?” I just didn’t know. Lol. I’m glad you were able to get it out. It gives me hope that just about any post can get removed without damaging the frame.
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    Aaaaah, some good news! Thank you Brian! Stoked for you!
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    Sean Ewing just posted this from the Scot stash, on the BMXsociety FB page. Very sick. Greg Hill for FMF
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    Wow! That sucks. Are there any frame builders near you?
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    Nice frame set . Bump for an interesting read and future post. Early 1975 Northridge model shown below.
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    Ouch! That really sucks. I’m sure you’ll get it all squared away. Good luck
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    Bummer. I'd still keep squirting some between the post and tube and letting it sit for hours. As many times as it took. I haven't used PB Blaster but I know most of those kinds of products will find their way between stuck parts eventually. After a few long soaking in sessions, if it still doesn't budge, heat that seat post.
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    We use this stuff at work. Allowed to soak over night, and sometimes requiring a good whack with a hammer, it will free the most rusted and seized stems, headsets, seatposts, etc. Given the age and condition of some of the projects we restore, I’d think it would make short work of that post.
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    What did you pour down the seat tube? Did you let it soak over night? Is there a hole in top of the bottom bracket to pour up with the frame upside down?
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    i think Cook bros forks would be cool on it
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    I love it! I can't tell from the pics but the forks look good to me...but the landing gear would look sick!
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    Cool, thanks for the SE history lesson. Can never learn to much about SE
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    Could a person buy a LG fork separate bitd ? Just out of curiosity. Not saying it would be wrong to use them, I think it’s good to use what you like. That’s how it’s done on race bikes.
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