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    Yes, I recall racing in Fresno from 1980 to 1983 beginning at the age of 9. There was that track off of Golden State Highway, and J&D I believe was off Belmont, but it's more vague in memory, and a third Fresno track, if I'm not mistaken, though I can't quite place where it was but seem to remember it having a larger starting hill than J&D. Golden State's hill was large to my recollection as a child. It will take some time to access, but there are a number of photos from these locations in the family collection. Will scan and upload in the future. Good to connect with others who shared in this experience.
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    Picked up a Redine MX III a few months ago, it got an RJ serial but no Redline stamp, forks don't have Redline stamp either Trailer pic is from a FB page, a mate had scored the trailer load, this is the first time I'd seen it Took a few months of asking him many times to sell it to me Stuck seat post was the first thing to do
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    Oh Shit! I absolutely love them. Tom will hate me but I love chain guards…
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    So far it's at this stage with a change of wheels, Campy & Weinmann Brakes are going and maybe the bars & stem, see what happens as parts pop up
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    Swapped a few things around Softer seat, black chain & Tange seat clamp, xcaliber seatpost clamp was donated to the JMC
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    Picking up parts was a slow process but scored some nice bits, swapped other parts from my other bikes
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    Old Blue & I felt compelled to build the red one from mostly old parts
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