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    Bart over at FatBMX is doing a series of collector profiles. Gamstetter, JT, Shannon Gillette, Steve Blackey, Pat A Lar, GAry from Museum, myself and others have already been posted. Kind of an interesting cross section of perspectives from the collector community. Here's mine: https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52674-preserving-bmx-history-steve-brothers-usa
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    Cycle Pro Skinwall Snakebelly IMAGE #1: I was surprised to find this ad on page 44 of the June, 1978 BMXA. This tire was available earlier than I ever thought. Additionally, it seems that the skinwall came first! IMAGE #2: The earliest reference for a blackwall snakebelly is on page 6 of the August, 1979 BMXA
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    Just happened to be flipping through the channels and caught this strategically placed in the background. A clean Redline Squareback (not exactly all era correct) but original and nice nonetheless). I snapped a couple pics as it flashed by. The hog ain’t too bad either!!!
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    Great article. Thanks for the mention. But why, WHY did you have to mention me next to Brian Hey....
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    VDC "Fred Jr." solid seat post IMAGE #1: Detailed on a page of random equipment in the November, 1980 issue of BMXA (page 58) IMAGE #2: The Fred Jr. solid post appears in an official VDC advertisement in the December, 1980 issue of BMXA (page 110) These seatposts are pretty cool with plastic/vinyl colored inserts that slide into the fluted recesses.
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    UniSeat (Berg Designs) The earliest advertisement that I have been able to locate is on Page 44 of the August, 1978 BMXA. The thing that stands out to me is: "7 SUPER COLORS" I wonder what all seven colors were?
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    Torker 6-Bolt Stem IMAGE #1: First seen in magazines in the March/April 1979 issue of BMXA on page 13 IMAGE #2: The Torker advertisement in the same March/April 1979 issue of BMXA on page 29 sys "be on the lookout". IMAGE #3: The Torker advertisement in the May, 1979 BMXA (on page 10) now includes an image of the stem available for purchase.
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    Bike was listed in Stolen section of Museum in 2013. Owner updated bikes submission in 2017 saying it was stolen in 2013. So looks like just 2013 and 2021. Still odd though, sorry for any confusion. Edited original post to try and clear it up.
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    Woohoo! I'm famous. Awesome read. Good stuff Steve. Thanks for the props. I'm gonna go back and check out the other 15 episodes.
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    seems to, they test a "a prototype model in flashy orange with a mellow yellow seatpost" in bmx plus november '78
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    Paging Mr. Hays, Paging Mr Hays you are needed.....
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    Totally unnecessary reissue of an uninteresting bike in the first place. If it would be hi-end manufactured like the original late 70s Sting with a distinct modern twist I'd might understand but this is just a sad waste of resources.
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    Titron titanium axles The earliest ad I can find is June, 1980 BMXA.
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    The track you are thinking of by Stater Bros was off Arlington and Jones near Norte Vista HS. It was likely Leon Philpot with him as he lived near there. In fact he lived down the street from me. His sister used to babysit me. He bought mice from me to feed his snake. The whole neighborhood gotr in to Banditos from Leon. Including the one I have. I used to watch those guys race with so much admiration. I was never any good at it but loved to watch. We also had a make shift track and jump area we called Twin Palms a couple miles away from there. 80s BMXers were the best!
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    Son-Lite Turbo hubs IMAGE #1: First seen in magazines on the cover of BMX Plus! in February, 1982 IMAGE #2: The February cover is then referenced in the "New Products" section of BMX Plus! in June, 1982 IMAGE #3: The very LAST reference I have been able to find for purchasing Son-Lite Turbo 1's is on page 50 of BMXA in November, 1985
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    Welcome to the site. Your story sounds like a lot of us here. Have fun. Post away!!
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    So here are some of the bikes I’ve had and still own. The majority of my collection are Torker but I still dig the rest lol enjoy. 1978 Torker MX (said to be one of the last made) 1979 Eddy King (the one that started it for me with Torker) and the only torker I bought complete. 1980 Big bike 1982 Torker 24in 1982 Torker 26in
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    1980’s Laguna cruiser I picked up from a buddy that got it as is from a barn sale for $50.
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    A few Mongosse 1980 Red goose has only been cleaned (not one bolt has been removed to clean) the true meaning of survivor 1981 Black sunshine another survivor (but needed a major cleaning 1982 KOS (no longer own)
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    My bike that I’m still racing today...don’t really care about all the newer modern bikes....they have no style, no flair...will be in Vegas July 13-25 for the National...
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    Ok kids here are some pics of my bikes for you to check out. I will put a little comment with each. and maybe pics of other fun stuff from time to time too. enjoy! '78 Mongoose MotoMag unrestored. just new tires and a bearing repack '79 Webco Replica. unrestored. '74 Yamaha Moto-Bike unrestored. #770 one of the first 1000 made. production numbers for the '74 A-Model were around 18 000 '79 Schwinn Phantom BMX. with Schwinn 'Magalloy" rims by Lester. this is the bike I like to take with me to the swapmeets. '77 Huffy monoshock. project Rat Bastard. this thing started out as a bike to take on camping trips. then it just got out of hand. '75 Dan Gurney Eagle monoshock. by All American BMX. original chrome on the frame '76 Dan Gurney Eagle. by All American BMX. one of my personal faves because it's just a sweet simple build. '77 DG-3 Racer. this bike was built by Ben Joy. aint it schweet. '76 Matthews monoshock. Atom drum brake rear hub. more to come. so check back from time to time.
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    For a thread like this, and for this site in general, we prefer that you host the pictures here. Photobucket pictures go away here the moment something happens to your account there, either accidental deletion or site crashes/changes. This could be a killer thread so please, host the pics here!
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    I don't know how I overlooked this one but I did. this should have been put in this gallery long ago. I can be such an ass sometimes. 1976 Kawasaki BX200. Unrestored just cleaned up. I call this bike "Project Lab Rat." It is a modified Schwinn Hornet BMX bike. Highlighting a bit of early 70's home brew trickery! High Zoot!! this is a build I did based on a 1975 M&L BMX racing frame. With all the Sodbuster Labs team modifacations of course. More high zoot? You bet!! My only old school bike from the 80's. my 1980 Schwinn "Cal cruiser" with Hodaka motorcycle bars and a few other goodies.
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    OK here's a couple more for ya' kiddies '76 Suzuki works BMX GVX-1 in race trim. Stroker II with Motomags. not sure if this bike is a '75 or '76 but I think it's a '76. this will no doubt be my new bike to tool around at the swapmeets with. I built a tribute to my old bike from 1973 pictured below. I call it The Sodfather. how about another freak that escaped from the lab!! I named this one, Maximum Moxie. Here's a '77 Mongoose Motomag I just finished. I've had this sitting around for the last six years. I finally got off my butt and restored it! oh well back to the lab!
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    Well that sucks. 2017 repost of it being stolen in 2013 https://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=5854147#p5854147 Is this the same bike. Says it was stolen once before . Somebody must want this bike in a bad way. Guess this was original posting for its theft in 2013. https://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=4504349#p4504349