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    photos from the 2019 gathering honoring Skip and BMX Products / Mongoose
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    What a great pic , Bicycle Motocross Action Feb 1980
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    Got this 1993 SE Quad from Shane. Bought it as a complete but changed everything but frame, fork, headset, cranks and BB. 1993 original finish and decals chromoly Quad frame and Landing Gear fork Tioga Beartrap 2 headset DK stem SE knurled Powerwing bars Ame bubble font Rounds Vetta seat SE knurled seat post Odyssey seat post clamp CQP cranks 180mm Primo sealed BB Odyssey Shark Bite pedals Araya 7x rims with DK sealed hubs GT 44t chain ring 16t Dicta freewheel Unknown brake and Odyssey lever Odyssey brake pads KMC chain Cheng Shin 2.125 and 1.75 skinwall tires
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    1984 JMC Darrell Young serial DY84128 sold to TIP on 4/3/84. Original finish frame, fork, DY bars. The down tube decals and head tube decal are original. I got the seat tube decal, fork decals, and both hbar decals from Carla at JMCBMX.com. Frame, forks, headset and bars came from Zack. 1984 DY frame, fork, bars Ame bubble font Rounds Tuf Neck tiger stamped Tioga Beartrap 2 headset SE Racing seat post Cycle Pro Shotgun 2 seat Ukai Speedline 20x1.75 rims SR hubs Shimano 16t freewheel Izumi chain Dia Compe MX1000 and Tech 3 lever New brake cable Cheng Shin 2.125 and 1 75 skinwall Comp 3 (real 80s tires) Sugino Maxy Cross 170mm cranks and looseball BB Sugino 45T sprocket Sugino chain ring bolts KKT Lightning pedals California Lite pads Dia Compe cable clamps All original finishes on everything. Every part cleaned and deteiled as I always do. Repacked the hubs, peddles, BB, and headset
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    So the wife and I are going to England tonight for 14 days to vist my dads family and luckily going to the MX2019 BMX show on Saturday(I will post pics when I’m back) any how this monster will be waiting for me at my brothers house. 1975 Graco MX1000 as seen here. Can’t wait to redo it and to top off the 54lb monster I will be taking the Tuff 1’s off and tossing on a set of Moto 1’s just to hit 65 lbs lol. I love the “ugly” look of it however I might do a complete restoration on it. Again I love the way she looks now but we will see. The stickers are very cool.
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    The cool thing with the new site, you can just drop the video link in. No more embed code and turning html on. This is great
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    Seems to happen more often than we think...
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    saw this pic on google when searching for something else. i don't have any info but it was so rad i had to post it here.
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    Wait for it................FUCK Facebook!!
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    ** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ** It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I share the first details regarding the 2020 BMX Society Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. It will be Mr. Bob Osborn. All dates and locations to be announced. This is confirmed. It's going to be another amazing weekend of deep BMX immersion. Stand by for more information regarding the program and other special guests in the weeks and months to come.
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    I just posted on a thread and it seemed way easy to post content and photos. I may have to jump start my old thread and get busy again. I just grabbed a tacky 'sign of the times' photo of me from 78. LOL
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    Just thought this would be a good place to post this pic. Of the cover of the first SE catalog.
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    Thank you for the clear and informative answer. It’s amazing that these are the only two found.
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    Ha...For a second there I thought I was looking at suspenders. Sweet hubs. Looks like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing.
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    Cool....I would love to go there one day. I imagine it to be a total blast. Nice pictures.
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    I had both images on my bedroom wall and I think I still have them somewhere. Stu on the STR classic image of course. I especially liked the racing shot. Stu for a brief minute with a Beavers (my LBS) co sponsor patch which happened late in 79 right before Redline. I thnk Sewell on the Jag and of course Nachman on the goose bringing it on hard.
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    Ok, thanks. I've decided to limit the number of bike groups I'm joining on there. It can become too much, too fast. I actually need to prune a few more that I rarely visit. Regarding the way this person is interacting with Jeff....that's a real bummer.
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    Yes I agree. The lack of an 85 specific one year only style serial is another red flag. For those that dont know, the dropouts were stamped with serials and thrown in a box which were later welded on AFTER THE FACT as the frames were built.
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    Brian, That is a good looking bike. In the mid 80s I had a friend who had a chrome version of that frame. At the time I was racing 24s and that JMC 20 fit me just right which I did not expect. Yours is a very clean example, no surprise.
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    Man, that is a bad ass bike. I dig the way it looks now. Even the Tuffs look cool on there.
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    Hi everyone, so in order to avoid any further delays, I opted to just go live today. Most of the content here was cut off in June 2019 when we migrated the site to the new server. At that point, we set up a test site and have been trying to work out the bugs since then. The content posted on the site in the interim will not be here. In other words anything you posted after we captured the site content and ported it to the new server - that being anything posted from mid June until today, is gonna be forfeited. Today, I opted to go live with the new site rather than have any further delays. Again, this means that posts from the last month, since the migration to new server will be lost. I could have spent another week porting over the threads from the interim period, but we know it was all text comments, mostly just bumps of old threads etc, since no one could upload photos. I just figured better to let that stuff go since it was probably just not that important, in order to get things up and running now rather than waiting and paying on another week of support. So... post your pics. See if it works for you. As you see... a lot of us lost our old avatar photos. Sorry about that. It just wasn't worth delaying further to fix that... as it may be unfixable anyway. Just re-upload what you need for an avatar.
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    I'm picking around in here this morning. Everything looks good. I like the updates.
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    I don't know if I posted this since I got the forks with the correct OG decals courtesy of Dan Williams (Hey Slugger).
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    very nice... good looking bike. I also like that there was no photo turning necessary.
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    Alll looks great from behind this little twig...:-)
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    Just wanted to say thanks Johnnyringo for all the time he put in making it possible for people to research different time periods in bmx history so much easier.
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    2009 Holmes retro. Still tweaking on it.
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    Well started with a set of Moto 1’s then at a local show I got the other rear for $10!!!!!! I do have a set of Tuff 1’s that are toast with good guts so I will use them to fix the front and rear. Now I need to find a sweet mono shock lol
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    No more iconic brand in Socal back then...maybe OP was close, but if you skated or BMX, had to be Vans
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    Sweet Jesus!! Oz himself....leaving now.
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    New user registration worked for me. But I don’t know my way around yet to say if something else is not working.
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    When I used my bookmark, it said site not available. I hit refresh, and the new site populated. Might be a cache thing.
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    I'm not really into "newer" bikes, but that Alliant is bad ass!
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    Boom. Works. Just an observation but all the avatars (new and old) are quite blurry. I just added that pic from my phone. Worked well and fast.
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    Man, another absolutely killer show...so many people and legends just bumping around. So cool to see bikes from previous events as well as many new killer builds. I don't know how you guys keep jamming these out...Props! As a killer sign of the times that was pointed out to me was that all class winners were OPC crank. Core to the max y'all!! Thanks Steve, I know first hand what these take to do and can't thank you enough my man, what you facilitate with these is amazing. We have to do this again! Mad love everyone... hope to see you all again soon.
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    And now for some good news... I gave Skip Hess Sr. a call this morning and reached him at home in Somis. He is doing great! His fridge was on the fritz and he didn’t have a huge amount of time, but it was great catching up with him. No talk of BMX at all, however, I did bring up his old Delorean. That car came up recently in a conversation I had with someone here and I didn’t even know about it before! Haha Anyhow, he’s doing great, end of report.
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    Yep, pulling a JJ. :-) But we do have a little history ..
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    NFL legend Marshawn Lynch on a SE.
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