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  1. 42 - 17 on my 24. I top out too quickly but I go on long rides. I am going to bump up to a 44 soon. 39 sounds crazy low especially with a 20 out back. Just my opinion
  2. I got it and you deserve the drums. Just wanted to give credit where it is due.
  3. Sweet story Brian. That is Old School life that kids these days need. Time gone by brother. Same for you Byron. Rest well for sure.
  4. So what is the frame with the odd ball serial number? Didn't look to expose people about your frames there bro sorry. Don't have to post them if they cause drama. How's the van project coming?
  5. Sting serial numbers are different than all others. All the others you listed are SX's and or Comp's right? Nice list.
  6. Yup what Mark said. Only one Sting present. First letter is the month. A = Jan etc. Second letter is the year. R = 1980 S = 1981 and so on. The odd ball serial number frame got pics? Got pics of any if them?
  7. Amen. Kids these days most of them anyway have no idea of the fun in the mud. Might ruin their I phone. Good old days for sure. Paper plate number plates ruled !
  8. How many of these are around now? Screams Old School bmx.
  9. Damn and holy shi. Kick a** collection of oads. Killer. Thanks for the pics of the five five also. Wicked cool. Sure you have heard that plenty but great build there.
  10. Why wouldn't you just buy a frame?? WTF??
  11. Wow hate to have to say it but THAT SUCKS!That was probably the nicest factory SE parts chromoly Quadangle's I can remember Ever seeing. To each his own but WOW??!! Even the Landing Gear is gone. See what happens with a flooded vision. Just a damn shame. How much did that sell for?
  12. Got him thinking..... Gotta take as many of the kids as you can sometimes. Load 'em up!
  13. Nothing is sacred. Remember when we All loved the thrill of the hunt? Even finding heavily used whatever is still cool to me. F repro. If I wanted the same copied seen one seen them all crap that everyone else has I would own a Mustang....
  14. I have worn Joe Kid out over the years. I had no idea of the Stu movie. I gotta see that one. I have amassed quite a collection of old bmx vhs tapes as well. My computer doesn't have a vhs drive either... I am going to eventually put them on disc.