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  1. unfortunately, that was another one where the seller thought the stem was solid 14k gold. we've all met that guy
  2. super special bike. hope she goes to a good home.
  3. ugly and beautiful at the same time
  4. A few weeks back gary submitted a mini quad and listed it as an SE. Only after someone called him on it did he (or an admin) change it to 'custom built'. Site owner for sure - museum curator, not in this lifetime. http://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/custom_built/86312
  5. The cranks look very similar to a set that came on a '94 Elf cruiser I found a few years back. I was told that they were OEM and found on many brands.. possibly made by FSA. Nice cranks!
  6. I agree with the overall sentiment expressed above - very beautiful bike