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  1. OH YA...ive been fuckin sober for almost 4 months now....WTF no weed or booze...first time in over 13 years that i have had a clear head...PLUS!!!! IT WASNT COURT ORDERED EITHER!!!! ya...what the fuck....CLARITY....
  2. What size is the diameter of the spindle on the JAD cranks? Did they take the same bearings as Redline Flights? I know that I should know this, but im retarded....derrrrrr...
  3. hey Tony, ya, its been a while. good to be back though, and see that everyone is still around. and now i can talk all the trash i want!!!!!
  4. whats up gangsta!!!! not much, back in action i suppose. how about you?
  5. WUDDUP!!!!! man i fell off the bmx wagon for a bit. been busy as hell trying to keep up with those mortgage payments and stuff. plus no internets at the house leads to not so much forum blasting. i am selling off a bunch of shit so i can keep it all afloat and fix up my car and such, but im still keeping my core of JAD completes...can get rid of those...
  7. heres some of my shizzzzzzz....some have seen these but i like em...ill post more soon JAD 20", 24" Boss Hogg 26" JAD Sherman Street frame, Bars, Forks, Cranks JAD 20", forks JAD Cranks with anno purple spider and Crupi cages JAD 26" one off custom build. Homemade froks and front hub. 2" Snowcat front wheel. AUBURN 24" Conor
  8. ya, youre right spur, i just wanted it to have it. hell, i would have made some JAD toilet paper holders...wait...i cant weld...maybe i could make a JB Weld bike or somethin...probably would have sold some of it, because from what i saw it was a shit ton of stock, but whatever. im over it. warren sounds legit. his pit bikes are fuckin cool. if he says he wont make anymore of the frames that were already made. then he's cool in my book. i kinda got heated right off the bat because....well you guys know, JADs are my thing, I love these bikes. I just want the name to be respected. if he can make cool shit with the tubes go for it. eliptical tube JAD sidehack would be funny...or a JAD tandem..one big looooong tube
  9. my NOS pads my NOS jersey I have a 24" complete, but i need to get pics of it... conor
  10. PRECISELY...to me...not built in the 90s or by Mike JAD and crew. NOT a real JAD. Legally and technically (tubing, name rights, etc...) they are JAD bikes. But not in my eyes. Like i said before, i have no beef with him building up cool projects like the pitbike, or anything else that he thinks is cool. But why go and remake a frame and call it "old school" and a Sherman in the auction, when its not really a Sherman? A Sherman copy...YES...a Sherman...NO. I DO appreciate the fact that he is very upfront telling his story about how he bought the company name and rights, and that he remade the frame and what he changed about it...but its still not a JAD Sherman. I would though, love to get my hands on a nu-JAD pitbike, just to ride around...his bar design is really cool and JADesque too. Im not bustin on the guy sayin that he sucks, or that he has no legal rights to do what hes doing. He has the rights to do anything the hell he wants, and what i say has no meaning...but this is just the way i feel about him remaking JAD frames that have already been made...I mean, he is a machinist right? How hard would it be to remake those JAD stems in a CNC??? Or cranks for that matter...
  11. now dont come off trying to tell me that my one off JAD isnt a real JAD. just because you find it fine that this guy is building these bikes, dont go assuming that mine arent valid. the 26" was a custom order from a guy out of atlanta georgia. he sent mike JAD the geometry that he wanted and YES, Mike DID fab this bike up...he told me so himself... the only thig that makes this guys JADs JAD are that he owns the name and the steel. who knows if he has the jigs. obviously he is a machinist. he built those awsome cable guides for the red JAD from rockford. I really dont have anything against this guy except the fact that hes making the JAD frames that have already been made and calling them old school and the same names...THEY ARE NOT THE SAME... Actually, i think that the pit bike is fuckin rad...now thats what he should be doing with the tubing...if he wants to make JADs make JADs, but make up something new...take it to the next level like Mike JAD did. dont tarnish the name or designs by making the same thing, but different....call it the "SHERMANATOR" or somthing stupid like that....its NOT a Sherman...except that he says so...
  12. ROB!!! Wuddup man??? how you been? wondered what happened to ya, but figured you were busy all the same. i remember you saying that you were tryin to get that property. congrats...manifest terra!!!! i just bought a house here in the good ol NW...rockin it as usual. when do you guys go on the yosemite trip? id like to try and roll out for that! conor
  13. ***MINE*** real NOS JAD Sherman real JAD Sherman/JAD freestyle bars/JAD Freestyle Forks real JAD 26" one off custom build real JAD 24" (ive changed it a bit, took reflectors off, lowered post, crupis, etc...this is the pic from who sold it) real JAD 20" real JAD 20"/JAD forks (stripped for paint) look...I ride my bikes...I dont build new ones and claim that i was going to race it at rockford....
  14. just so im clear...im not worried about my bikes going down in value. I never bought them for what they are worth. ive loved JADs since the first time I saw them. and back then I had no clue how many were made or if they would be collectible. I just wanted them for what they are. after talking to Mike JAD, I learned that there was a small run of each frame size and style made, which made hunting for them all the more fun for me. trying to dig for these funny looking bikes that most people have never heard of, and if they owned one, they did because they felt like I did about them and thought they fuckin rocked. Im just upset to see the bikes that ive hunted for be bastardized and built up under the same name by someone who lucked out and happened to buy out the company name and stock....thats it...
  15. OK so I forgot the guys name on here that ended up buying JADs inventory but his Ebay name is "cinandthetwins" same guy with the cool red JAD at rockford, and the JAD MTB... I just saw his Ebay auction for a JAD Sherman.... so now he is taking the old tubing that he got from Mike JAD and started assembling his own JAD bikes, changing the geomerty around and still calling it a JAD Sherman. Now, I know he bought the rights to the name, and all of his remaining inventory, but WHO THE F**K is he to start building bikes that there are less than 200 of each frame made...ESPECIALLY the Sherman, which is the hardest to find next to the 26" frames... Ive spent a few years trying to dig these frames and parts up just to try and aquire an awesome JAD collection, knowing that there are only 200 or less of each of these frames made...multiple conversations and emails with Mike JAD just trying to figure out the history of the comany, and now hes just gonna start repopping frames... Dont get me wrong, i think its cool that he was able to get JADs inventory. Mike had offered it to me at one time, but i guess i missed out...I tell you what though. I would have never thought about assembling JAD bikes on my own and calling them the same, owning the rights or not... Also, did anyone ever wonder where Heath Mahaffey was getting all of this "NOS look what i found in a box" JAD stuff, or the NOS teal annodized JAD stem (they never made that color), etc.... I only know of one person that acquired a large lot of JAD gear, and once Mike told me that he had sold it to this guy, someone with a JAD that wanted to sell it told me that Heath had contacted him with a story of his buddy buying all of the JAD stuff and that he had gotten a bunch of it....hmmmm WATCH OUT EVERYONE
  16. so i snagged this bike this last week. i havent been scrounging too much lately for bike stuff, but managed to grab this off a guy on craigslist. The only thing wrong with it, is that the chrome is peeling some at the top of the seat mast, and the brake bridge is pinched a tiny bit. JMC Shadow frame Tange bladed forks 7Xs with Suzue hubs Shotgun 2 seat Tioga Drainpipe Champion Bars DK stem squaresides DynoMax cranks Im most likely gonna get rid of it or part it out. Cool ass bike, but i likes the mid school. If anyone had interest in it or has some wicked bad ass trades let me know. conor
  17. JADs 20" & 24" + 26" BOSS HOGG Peregrine MADDMAX Brake & Lever NOS in the box + I have some 24" MADD MAX Rims as well ACE Holeshot 24" with S&M Pitchforks ELF Pads... conor
  18. randy, was the old goose short frame you got from me a '75? did time end up getting that? conor
  19. how much do i have to pay for my name to say "OS-BMX PIMP"???????
  20. what year were those made gangsta? i likey the lookee of that bikeeeee!!!!
  21. heres mine. the funny thing, is that mine has the 86 taiwan sticker too, but the serial # says its and 85 frame...this one is all OG except a few things... conor
  22. abombone, where you at south of everett? im in tacoma...ok actually lakewood...haha