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  1. I'm not sure yet, I'm out of OS frame sets.... hint, hint? I'm really enjoying racing with my nephew, and brother right now. I gotta say that when I have raced my Judge or my TA-XL the people at the tracks have literally flipped out. I have since got a NS Redline that is not nostalgic, but a far better piece of equipment to race on. Another thing I'm trying to do is is get my camaro finished for some road course racing... We'll see about that pipe dream L8R. I do still bleed OS, and there are a few I feel the need to build. If anyone has something I want, hook a Honkey up? OG red DY OG RA-7 OG RA-10 Loop
  2. Congrats to the winner and runner up in this years BOTY online bike show. Both bikes were very deserving of the accolades. Thanks again to Steve for all the hard work that he put into make this happen. Finally, thanks to everyone one who voted for my bikes this year. I hope everyone has a healthy, and safe 2015. Randy
  3. The GJS was sold before I even seen the thread. If you were referring to me getting dicked, didn't happen to me? I was singing some Sublime brah
  4. The only problem I have with new inner tubes is that they are huge. What ever happened to making size specific inner tubes? A 2.2" universal tubes for on a 1.75" tire fit like a saddle on a chicken.
  5. Woke up in the morning , and all my friends hate me... What happened?
  6. And the Honeymoon is over. I got a way for you to get outta the dog house. Call me
  7. All original finish 80's parts, except for the rechromed aerospeed disc and crank arms.