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  1. Working on the seat. It was pretty nasty and cushion top was faded. Rails were rusty and are pitted. But for this cleanup project I’m going to toss it on there. Rails will be hidden, it’s original to the bike, these seats suck and I don’t wanna try and hunt down/spend the money on a nicer one lol So I hit the rails with a dremel and wire wheel. The top with some vinyl/leather/rubber McQuires something or other. And used salon 40 on the plastic to make it white(r)again.
  2. also your headtube angle will make a bike super responsive - or squirrelly if you aren’t used to it. If it’s steep you will turn super fast. If it’s raked out a bit, it will be more forgiving. Pic order BTM 21.5 - park/street Yess 22.5 - race subrosa (redline) 20.75 - flatland dagger 21 - park/street - you could make a flatland rig with this frame - low slung TT and its a short rear end atf 22 park/street/trails for the record - I’m partial to S&M’s lol
  3. I’m a big fan of the s&m steel Panther 23” top tube and has a long Johnson seat post so I can raise it up. Like fairly odd said - tall race bars and a long reach steam will give you some “elbow room”. This 20” has a longer top tube than their cruiser version. I’m all about getting that bottom bracket way back as well or the TT doesn’t really matter (like on a boss prime time - long top tube, but BB isn’t any further back so when you stand and pedal - like ya know when ya race - you are still up by the bars). The geo is of course very different on the cruiser but I also have big feet and ride wonky and my toes hit the front tire when I turn on most cruisers and I’m not a fan of riding cruisers at all. So a crazy long 20” is where it’s at for me. I also have a Yess EWC that’s got a 22.5” tt but it’s not as comfy as this and is all business with slammed seat, so not the most comfy neighborhood cruiser. park/street wide I still ride medium sized frames - from a 20.75” Subrosa flatland rig, 21” S&M Dagger. 21.5 BTM or a custom 22” ATF. But I ride the shorter dagger the most. It’s stupid dialed. this is a race set up. I wouldn’t go grind on it at the park. I’m 6’4”
  4. They do. I almost always cave. I ran across a really nice complete original 85 predator a short while back and same thing. I was going to flip it but I have a soft place for Predators and once i started cleaning it up it was all over. I’ve still got it and love looking at it.
  5. NOS bike with some wear from being shipped a few times. Been rolled around on carpet a bit. Lol Hazard yellow in ALL its glory. If ya know well, then ya know. STR Bars FreeCoaster Peregrine Masters - these are insane Oakley B2's KKT's Sugino drive rig Suntour Stem/Clamp Beautiful 880's with yellow inlay THOSE TIRES - MMMMMmmmmm... :) Elina Flyte Tech
  6. Frame: 1996 S&M Holmes (OG Decals) Fork: S&M Pitchfork with Devil decal (Not sure if that decal was OG or applied later) Bars: S&M Slam running man (OG Decal) Stem: NOS Hardcore Machine Works Lever: Dia Compe Tech 77 locking trigger Brake: Dia Compe 990 (stamped 1996) Grips: Jive Grips w/donuts Pads: S&M Repops (at some point, i am going to find an OG set) Headset: Chris King Cranks: Profile Sprocket: Profile Chain: KMC Pedals: Primo (looking for an OG 4 hole set with the lower profile though :) ) Seat: S&M Shield Slim Race "Made In U.S.A. Seat Post: GT Coin Stamp Seat Clamp: Hardcore Machine Works Seat Guts: NOS Hardcore Machine Works Hubs: PMC sealed Axle Nuts: NOS Hardcore Machine Works Hoops: SUNN BFR Chrome (1x NOS and 1X used but in outstanding shape) Tires: Primo Dirt Monsters (new)
  7. Frame: 2018 Yess World Cup Elite XXXL 22.5"TT Fork: Box XL Carbon Headset: SINZ Stem: ELEVN Bars: Supercross MASSIVE Bars (TALL YO!) Grips: ODI Ruffian Lock Ons Lever: Box Cable: Shadow Conspiracy if i recall correctly Plates: 2-Cycle Michael Seat: Tangent Golf Seat Clamp: Yess Hubs: Profile Elite w/Ti Rims: Sun Envy Spokes: Sapim Cranks: Box TWO M-30P Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Race Half Link Chainring: Insight Brakes: LDC Pads: Promax Pedals: Truvativ Seat Post: Crupi Tires: Box Hex Labs Stem Lock: BOX
  8. 23” top tube - nice and low and way more room than the cruiser version. Built up with JMC DY in mind.
  9. Torker Made 1984 1st Gen frame and fork (OG finish and decals) Tange MX5 headset Anlun Stem Haro bars shown (current has forklifter bars) Tange Grips Dia Compe Tech 4 Levers Dia Compe MX900 Brakes (fresh cables) Dia Compe Orange Compound Pads SR High Flange Sealed Hubs (they spin like butta' Thanks Matt :) ) Ukai OG Chrome 20" hoops with repop decals IRC Freestyle Tires Haro Front Pegs (Silver 26tpi) Haro Rear Pegs (Blue 24tpi) Viscount "Haro" Seat Race Inc. seat post (Repop decal) Tange SC-2 clamp Sugino/Redline 400 cranks Sugino CR Sugino CR bolts Shimano DX pedals KMC chain
  10. Frame: BXC Racing (Heatube decal OG, Seattube decal NOS, Downtube decal official repop) Fork: Tange ARK (With NOS BXC Decals) Bars: Hutch (OG Decals) Steam: Pro Neck (refinished and roughed up) Headset: Tange Headlock: Tange Grips: Tange Lever: Dia Compe Tech-3 Brake: Dia Compe MX900 Post: Race Inc. (OG Decal) Clamp: SR Seat: Shot Gun II Cranks: Profile 3rd's Pedals: Suntour XC-II's Spider: Profile CR: Sugino CR Bolts: GT Rims: Araya 7X's Hubs: Suzue Tires: Comp II Repops Plate: Haro (owned by Jeff Ruminer/Confirmed - made in Bob Haro's Office)
  11. DG bars Inner Tube Dirt Skirt Two left hand Doherty MX Grips Plate sporting an OG NBA decal and some sweet OG prism 7’s Schwinn Atom pedals Tange undrilled forks That wheelie seat Repop tractor tires
  12. Ran across this Mike D Strike Zone over the weekend. Initially I just intended to flip it. But the survivor’ness is getting to me. So I think I may blow it apart, scrub it down, whiten those mags, freshen it up - and then see how I feel about it. I had one a long while back but it was a total restore. Have one in front of me with OG finish and decals got the best of me. Just thought I would drop a little Freestyle into the mix on this fine Tuesday Morning. Ill throw some pics up as I move along if anybody wants to see an old DB get cleaned up and get a new life.
  13. Yo ! Man that is once nice sport Brian (Darth here) lol such an amazing example.
  14. I touched base with GH on Facebook messenger a few days ago. He did reply but cut things short when I asked about info on the Phase 1 (thanks for the info Brian Hays) and said he didn’t recall and “was not involved with sourcing I was racing every weekend.” So yeah - sounds like he’s not into get hit up. But was very nice, replied and wished me luck. And that’s pretty cool. Anybody happen to have the March 1986 BMX PLUS with the write up on the Phase 1? heres a few pics - 92 decals (thanks again Brian) with Spinner form thanks!
  15. A few things I’m still gonna change up. But wanted to get it together and see how it looked. Going to swap pedals. Maybe chainring bolts if I can hunt down some era correct ones. And I’m going to find some Swallow tires for those Motomags.
  16. Built this up for our Annual Old School Race Series Bike has to be more than 20 years old, have a quilled stem and an American B.B. I’m tall and wanted something that fit the profile but was long enough for me to ride on the track and be somewhat comfortable. I tried out a 84 RL PL20 First and it was way too short. So I found this frame on here with a cracked brake bridge. Took it to my homie at work at and undisclosed aircraft company (who also manages a BMX team so he knows bikes) who is a master welder. Blammo. Frames ready. Then on went a hodgepodge of old and new parts. Much the same approach I took to building up my 87 sport daily rider. Was going after good smooth riding parts that worked well together. Rides great. I feel like it really just has a super relaxed seat post to get the XL TT length. So it doesn’t feel a ton longer than the shorter models. I’ve talked to a couple people about it and they kinda feel the same thing. Still a long azz bike. And the seat has a beer bottle opener so you KNOW it’s fast as hell. 91 BOSS Prime Time Frame Iron Horse Forks (4130 cromo - they just seemed to fit and were cheap lol) S&M Race Bars. New. Light and comfy. DK Stem (Thanks Mike!) Primo Lever - because it was laying there Pitbull Brake - because they rock Bubble Font Sprocket RL Flights (new) ODI lock on grips as I’m obsesssd with lock on grips Rock Bros pedals - freaking cheap dude and good for the INSERT:CONTENT:ENDnbsp; GT/Alienation wheels - 28 spoke front - yup don’t judge me these wheels were under a bill and are rock solid SE Vee Rubber - That logo just pops SE seat w/bottle opener Lightning + Beer Opener = Speed Peregrine post clamp - I’m a freestyler dudes. Not a racer GT post inverted - well it’s cut and this is the only way you get to enjoy the logo Redline B.B. repop Decals (Except Headtube Badge and Seat Tube Decal, those are OG i believe) OG Haro Pad - again this was laying there. I need a black BOSS pad for it two Cycle Michael # Plate from last year
  17. Frame: 2018 Yess World Cup Elite XXXL 22.5"TT Fork: Box XL Carbon Headset: SINZ Stem: ELEVN Bars: Supercross MASSIVE Bars (TALL YO!) Grips: ODI Ruffian Lock Ons Lever: Box Cable: Shadow Conspiracy if i recall correctly Plates: 2-Cycle Michael Seat: Tangent Golf Seat Clamp: Yess Hubs: Profile Elite w/Ti Rims: Sun Envy Spokes: Sapim Cranks: Box TWO M-30P Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Race Half Link Chainring: Insight Brakes: LDC Pads: Promax Pedals: Truvativ Seat Post: Crupi Tires: Box Hex Labs Stem Lock: BOX
  18. Frame/Fork/Bars/Post: 1989 Bully Bashguard Bashguard: NOS (well the 1st time I built it up) Grips: A'ME Unitrons - legitness Levers: Tech 77's Japan Stamped Brakes: ACS 860's Pads: Vans and Odyssey Wheels: Peregrine Masters Stem: Group 1 (temporary, going to slap a black GT/SR Mallet on there at some point) Seat: Kashi Handler Clamp: Peregrine Chainwheel: Haro Fusion Pedals: Shimano DX's with repop caps Cranks: Redline Single Pinch Full Wraps w/OG Hardward - loose ball Chain: KMC
  19. 1987 Haro Team Sport Frame is OG Finish and decals and I acquired it about 4 years ago as a little orphan frame. Through a long series of trades, things popping up, and a few pals hooking me up with parts, i finally got it rounded out this year. Some highlights: The Peregrine cranks The UKAI HP's (I had one, the other I pieced together from NOS hub and separate wheel) Bars: I had to repaint the bars, they were aftermarket 87 blue bars Decals: Bars and fork are repop Tires: New Haro HPF's, ride killer, look the part Pedals: PDMX15's Levers: Tech 7's polished out Chain: NOS Izumi not really much else to say. she came out great and rides like a dream.
  20. the freestyle thread is such a lonely thread....... lol
  21. i think i'm going to have to throw a little freestyle action in the mix for BOTY when it opens up. i have one or two i finished up this year laying about
  22. So I may say to heck with it and just embrace the Yellow. also snagged an old set of yellow octopus grips, maybe Dorcys? ill have to look. Kinda feeling like i need a blue ano seat post now.