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  1. Gazzz.. Great looking Sting you have !! This might help you decode your frame: The 1st letter stamp in the serial # indicates the month of Production for the frame : A-Jan , B-Feb ,C-Mar , D - April , E-May , F-June , G-July , H-August , I-Sept , J-Oct , K-Nov , L-Dec The 2nd stamp indicates the year made; 1979-9 , 1980-0 , 1981-1 , 1982-2 , 1983-3 The 3rd and 4th stamps should be TO indicating it to be a Sting and Tri Oval The 5th thru 7th stamps indicate the Production #000-???
  2. They are Sting Competitions for the most part except for the one sting . There is also 1 sx2000 which is my " Odd man out " .. Not sure what to do with it . Will post pix today, but out of respect to the people that have been gracious enough to let me acquire some of these , please don't ask who they came from .. I respect their privacy ..
  3. I could use a bit of help on decoding my Sting collection. A few have be baffled . FR800082 FR800758 FR801619 JR801060 HR00109 DR800931 J1TO16 122181--- This one really confuses me , as there is no other serial # stamped anywhere but this one on the bottom side of the BB FR804092 FR801637 Thank you to any and all.. Frank
  4. Just to ad to it , this beauty you see was paid for with Hot Wheels Money.. !!! LOL , yup , that's right , those little toy cars. I collected since 70' , and stopped in 99 when I sold my collection and bought the cobra. Mattel had heard of my collection and what I turned it into and invited me to go on their anniversary tour in 2008. That was 3.5 weeks on the road ( I drove every mile myself in the cobra) and over 7000 miles. So many more stories in this baby , I miss her , but on with the Schwinn Sting Van project !!!
  5. Here are a few pixs of my past love.. and a few while I was on the 2008 Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary Tour that went coast to coast. In one pix , you will see me kneeling behind the car holding a die cast cobra , Johnny Lightning had made the cobra into their toy line in 2005.
  6. TY for the help.. Good eyes , I would not have known it was a conversion.. Now to figure make and model... so 78 extended?? This has to be right ...
  7. The Black van in question for purchase , is a 1978. I want to replicate the Team Van as accurately as possible , but that Team van pictured is exactly what this Project is going to end up looking like.I just need to nail down the year of the van in the Team Pix, Then the process of locating the members that are pictured and getting them to stand in the same spot for an updated pix. I will of course have plenty of Stings for them to pose with....lol Frank
  8. But to address the Team Schwinn BMX Van Project , Yes , it is Very exciting to me.. Plus , I can have the pleasure of being able to drive my whole family around.. I'm putting a Bench seat behind the front seats.. Then behind the seat , try to imagine what a Team van would look like inside and try to replicate it to some degree of accuracy. Maybe racks for complete bikes , parts bins , hooks for spare frames , tires , uniforms ect... couple of Team Posters inside , and Yes.. 8 Track !!
  9. Yea .. Gimme a few days on the cobra pics... Gotta let it rest for a few days .. After 15 yrs , I need a minute...lol.
  10. Hello everyone , Today was a bitter sweet day for me.. After owning my Superformance Shelby cobra for 15 yrs , going across country 2 times in her and countless other memories , she is now in the hands of a new owner and on the way to Florida.. So.... as you all may know , for my 50th Bday this year , I plan on replicating the 1st Team Schwinn BMX van to exact detail... SO!!.... I need everyones help in determining the year and make of the White Team Schwinn BMX van that we all have seen , the one that has the riders standing and kneeling in front of it. They are pictured on the passengers side of the van , and I cant tell what make or model it is... When this is done , in June/July I will be driving it across country to California and back visiting BMX tracks and looking for any former Team members that may have been in the picture.I would like to try and replicate the picture with the same riders , in the same spots , and then photo shop them into the same shot , since they cant all be in the same place at the same time. This is also my tribute to Donny Atherton , my childhood BMX Hero. TY , Frank
  11. I have tried to nick.. Sent several request thru FB ... But I can understand him being cautious when it comes to his dad.... No rush yet , still have the sell the cobra first...Just want to get a decision made ( Yes I'm wishy washy ) on which year van to do....lol I did get a reply back and an acceptance for friend request from Donny though... no reply back yet though.
  12. As some of you may know already , for my 50th Birthday this year , I am having a Team Schwinn van replicated.I am leaning towards the 78 van , since its the 1st , but there is also the one that STR-1 had posted on another sting thread ( a Ford Econoline I think ) that I am also interested in. Now , what I need from you all , is help getting any and all pixs of the Team Schwinn Van/s from 78-82. Whether they be by them selves in an ad , or a small shot in the background of an old pix.. I need anything for details.. especially the interior. Now , my opinion poll is this , Which Van should I replicate? Thanks , Frank
  13. Pops.. Very nice to meet you. Thanks for the reply , and you have a PM. Frank