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  1. This was sent to me today and I plan on being there. Anyone else in the Detroit are interested or already knowing of this? sent to me today Cobo Center to Host Inaugural Bicycle Show and Swap Meet (DETROIT, Michigan – February 7, 2012) – Detroit Bike City in partnership with local businesses and non-profit organizations is sponsoring the First Annual Bicycle Show and Swap Meet on March 24th, 2012 in the Michigan Hall at Cobo Center. The day-long event will feature over one hundred of the industry’s top bicycling experts and vendors from throughout the Midwest, offering product demonstrations, technical education, and activities that promote family-appropriate fun for both hard-core enthusiasts and the casual rider. Attendees can check out the latest product lines, find parts and upgrades for their equipment, or relive early riding days at a vintage bike display – all at the same event. Whether an individual is road rider or track cycler, prefers a mountain bike or BMX course, the Bicycle Show and Swap Meet provides something for everyone within an environment that unites the entire community for the display, swap, and sales of individual components or complete units. Mike MacKool, partner in Detroit Bike City and event sponsor, explains the unique need for the event, “Industry figures show that about 20 million new bikes are sold each year. When you combine that revenue with specialty and aftermarket sales, you’re looking at over five billion dollars generated. As more people in our area start and continue riding, for any number of great reasons, it’s critical that the riding community comes together to establish a sustainable market locally. A market that maximizes buyer purchasing power with the most comprehensive selection, and offers sellers unique, exciting opportunities to connect with potential customers in ways that we have never previously utilized. Ultimately, the entire bicycling community wins, and we believe the Swap Meet is a great first step in achieving this vision.” Admission to the Bicycle Show and Swap Meet is $8 for adults and free for children under 12 years old. Paid admission entitles attendees to bring small items for trade – i.e. pedals, hubs, etc.; however, no full bicycles or kits will be permitted for sale without vendor status. For additional information on obtaining sponsorship or vendor status, please visit the Detroit Bike City website: www.detroitbikecity.org/ Detroit Bike City is a creative organization dedicated to partnering with our customers, community, and environment to promote bicycling in Michigan. Our mission is to encourage participation and help generate sustained interest in riding, while also helping create opportunities that build a local market for all things bicycling…and still maintaining our sense of humor.
  2. Just pedaling aboot :)

  3. You asked for a suggestion so thinking that in 1981 you picked a candy red quad, my decision was to the candy red color. Not my color of choice. I do really like the candy blue. Good luck with what you decide on and look forward to the outcome. Please post pics when done.
  4. I'm taking a wild guess here. The design looks somewhat similar to Specialized mountain bike crank (Strong Arm i think- fuzzy memories from the past) only slimmer like manufactured for road bikes.
  5. Nice catch on the RACE INC. stickers dayride. JHD I realy enjoyed looking at the BD3 frame with the old SE forks. I also like those blue Skyway Tuff 1's. I remember seeing them bitd but don't see many of the colored tuff 1's on today OS builds.
  6. Sorry. I did not enter any of mine. I should have taken the names of the people these bikes belong to. If anyone sees a bike that belongs to them please chime in and give us some history on it. The Redline on the Redline Stand belongs to fellow I use to work with in the past. It is a small world indeed. He had that same stand at the Michigan Gathering at stoney Creek Metro Park last year and I'm surprised I didn't recognize him there.
  7. This was the first year for me. I liked that the BMX stuff was included with classic bicycles, tricycles, and mini bikes. Even though my interest weren't with the other stuff it was very enjoyable to see what other people are interested in. I did not see a lot of finds but they were out there, sort of like a treasure hunt. I look forward to going next year.
  8. First off, Thanks Tom for placing this bicycle show in the Events and Gatherings. I had a wonderful time and even bumped into someone My wife and I use to work with. Anyways I met up with this forty year old who had a Schwinn predator built up for him as a birthday present by another forty year old and well I just fit right in because I'm forty years old as well. Some lucky forty year old scored big by getting this PK (it wasn't me). The frame looked great, no cracks dents or signs of abusive wear. Forks are unstamped. Can anyone date this frame with the serial #?
  9. I'd get the Scrambler. Those mag II with the metal flanges and coaster brake are hot and really go with that Scrambler. Sweet Stingray.
  10. Both, the FIT and the REAPER look great. I was thinking of a new school build for a couple years now. the small gears look great, but I would imagine that they get more wear. Tommy
  11. I have been waiting a long time to see someone build one of these....THANKS! Tommy
  12. Nice KAPPA PK20! That chainwheel is sick too. Tommy