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  1. I don't usually ask, but after seeing what happened to that Quad I might start
  2. I ran across a 1980 Schwinn catalog a couple of weeks ago. Aside from a piece of exercise equipment, the Sting was the most expensive item in their entire product line. A little over $1300 adjusted for inflation!
  3. Agreed. I have a steel kawi in the shop and it's not the same as this. Red in the back is a huffy, dark blue looks like a Raleigh.
  4. Kinda looks like a hardtail Gurney mixed with God knows what. Care to educate me?
  5. That's beautiful. Looks like it has some good company too!
  6. Good to hear. Such a great guy to have in the hobby.
  7. Phil, you dingbat. We talked quite a bit at the show. I mentioned the blue Race Inc, you the black 7bs? Gawd. Ha! I remember...just giving you a little more shit for not bringing your quad out Steve. I just took a few iphone snaps on Friday but you shoulda checked that out. Good food and Gary's place is one of a kind.
  8. I noticed a guy who looked like you, bunkered down under an Ez-Up but there weren't any loop quads or Cheetas at the show so it musta been someone else.