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  1. 2017 Hutch Pro Racer XL Pro Racer F/F- candy blue Hutch Pro bars Hutch headset Hutch Aerospeed cranks/ titanium spindle Hutch Pro bear traps/ titanium spindles Hutch post clamp Hutch stem Hutch grips Hutch BB Hutch number plate Alex Supra B laced to Profile Elite hubs/ titanium axle bolts and cassette driver Paul motolite brake Paul love lever Tioga Comp III No name post with Hutch decal Kashimax Aero/ leather and padded
  2. thinking its been a long time......

  3. Flippin' hilarious!!! What's even more hilarious is the JDB thread you started on the Museum...the Internet version of the "Circle Jerk". I guess the circle starts with you and ends with...... Boy you got me there. wow you're good. Heres a news flash for the haters. Get over the new Hutch thing. Its already happening and theres no amount of whining or crying thats gonna stop it now.
  4. Whats up TIM..long time no argue! Pissing off the collector scene won't hurt him a bit, its not them who will be buying his product anyway. So he won't be biting the hand that feeds him.
  5. Is your current life that bad that you must relive your youth? I think what JDB has done is great. I hope to see them all over the place. One of the funny things about this place is......everyone is entitled to their own opinion, well unless it differs from the masses here.
  6. Where's your questions then Bob? Since you are so above our behavior... go ahead and get down to what's really important then. You got nothing but hate for this place so the big question is... why come here if it sucks so bad? I come here to read certain topics that i find interesting. Not into participating in anything here anymore. Hence the no site support status. And Britt, who are you to throw stones?
  7. Wow! This could be interesting to hear from Hutchins himself. Alot of unanswered questions and myths out there could finally be resolved. But unfortunately, theres not enough drama in this thread or topic to compel people to participate in it. Their all up in arms over the gay ass freestyle boty snafu. Typical OS bullshit i see around here still.
  8. Hey JMC #3 grandkid.....i too raced at the Plantation. Great memories there. Another little known fact about Jim is he told me at Rockford he made a bowling glove/ brace for another St. Louis legend Dick Weber.
  9. They look like first gen Hutch Pro bars
  10. You forgot to add the "skeptical builder". The guy who wants everyone's advice on what parts or colors to use. Basically wanting everyone's approval for the "WOW" factor.
  11. Finally heres a couple of pix. I know about time!!!!
  12. speaking of oweing............
  13. Right off the bat you will need to decide who your building this for......our appeal or yours.
  14. That does look real nice. But i've always been a fan of the grips matching the seat.
  15. I for one John like what i'm hearing. I guess i'm not as "hardcore" as some people. Get a product line going, i'll climb on board. I own Hutch products and am not at all concerned with them losing value. If i wanted to invest, i'd send my $$$ to NYSE!!!!!!