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  1. So a while ago I did sell my prized toy, my Haro lineage, God that made me sick. In between jobs. Bills to pay and low on money I put it up for sale. It sold to a collector who wants to remain a secret but it's at a good home. Anyways I never felt good about it and it honestly left me depressed and I quit riding and just built bike for the kids and the left over I had from my haro went to another bike I have away. I guess I just think of other people first. Today hell just froze over. Instead of the wife buying some skimpy lingere like I always ask she gots me a bike! She explains to me she under stands why I did it and feels bad and her and my friends want me to ride flat again, weird So her and my friends got together and put me a super cool flatland kit together and gave it to me for Xmas. That's love right there. She told me to go spend more time in my garage too. Would it still be to much to ask her to wear something sexy tonight? So she hook me up with a Reklamation frame, bars and a bunch of other goodies. My friends want me to pick the rest as for I am anal on my builds and products in which I ride, lol. So now I feel like getting out and riding again with my friends. Maybe light a fire under my ass to build even more kids bikes and hell I even have a kick ass job interview Tuesday. Now that's my Christmas story!