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  1. Yes I agree. The lack of an 85 specific one year only style serial is another red flag. For those that dont know, the dropouts were stamped with serials and thrown in a box which were later welded on AFTER THE FACT as the frames were built.
  2. Unfuckingbelievable. God, humans are fucking stupid. Greed has officially fucked this hobby.
  3. Someone should let Todd and JDB know. Todd already confronted Sal once when Sal was pumping out bars and forks for Sunnysgirl.
  4. Dude by the Museum user name of Bob Lewis from AZ claims Sal Correa "found" three NOS 85 PK Ripper straight chainstay frames. Coincidentally dude got three sets of "NOS" Hutch Ladder Bars too. The frame tubing may be old tubing but these three frames were just assembled/welded up in the last few weeks. All 85 frames had serials and these have none. Sal is shady as shit and this dude is trying to pass these frames off on Ebay, Museum and probably FB as true NOS 85 PK Rippers. You can see the "Hutch" bars in the background. Also for sale on Ebay as NOS. BEWARE!!!!
  5. on the pc, your names are white on gray. It's just on the mobile that they are green.
  6. My only current problem on my phone is that your name and Patrick's name are in green and it just washes out and I can't even see it to see who the user is. Is the green because you're moderators and can you change that color?
  7. I finally learned how to fix that but now it doesnt matter
  8. 1984 JMC Darrell Young serial DY84128 sold to TIP on 4/3/84. Original finish frame, fork, DY bars. The down tube decals and head tube decal are original. I got the seat tube decal, fork decals, and both hbar decals from Carla at JMCBMX.com. Frame, forks, headset and bars came from Zack. 1984 DY frame, fork, bars Ame bubble font Rounds Tuf Neck tiger stamped Tioga Beartrap 2 headset SE Racing seat post Cycle Pro Shotgun 2 seat Ukai Speedline 20x1.75 rims SR hubs Shimano 16t freewheel Izumi chain Dia Compe MX1000 and Tech 3 lever New brake cable Cheng Shin 2.125 and 1 75 skinwall Comp 3 (real 80s tires) Sugino Maxy Cross 170mm cranks and looseball BB Sugino 45T sprocket Sugino chain ring bolts KKT Lightning pedals California Lite pads Dia Compe cable clamps All original finishes on everything. Every part cleaned and deteiled as I always do. Repacked the hubs, peddles, BB, and headset
  9. Got this 1993 SE Quad from Shane. Bought it as a complete but changed everything but frame, fork, headset, cranks and BB. 1993 original finish and decals chromoly Quad frame and Landing Gear fork Tioga Beartrap 2 headset DK stem SE knurled Powerwing bars Ame bubble font Rounds Vetta seat SE knurled seat post Odyssey seat post clamp CQP cranks 180mm Primo sealed BB Odyssey Shark Bite pedals Araya 7x rims with DK sealed hubs GT 44t chain ring 16t Dicta freewheel Unknown brake and Odyssey lever Odyssey brake pads KMC chain Cheng Shin 2.125 and 1.75 skinwall tires