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  1. Rick personally sent me a shirt through this site a few years back. I wore it a lot and then retired it to the bike room (left of the window). He didn't know me from Adam at first but more than once he and I had some good BMX talks on Facebook years back. He always was so kind to me. Steve, I never made the connection until you just commented about your job but yes he DEFINITELY has had a huge impact on you and your life choices. I'm sure he's smiling now. Happy Birthday, Rick.
  2. More great info. I'm going to incorporate parts of this thread into the Quad timeline as I revamp it.
  3. Yep. Bike I found at Pawn King. Changed some stuff. Sold to you. Bought back. Changed more stuff. A year or more later I sold it to Steve and he changed a few things to get it here. It is an amzing bike for sure. My only ever "score" .
  4. Unbox it. Unbox them all. Stored in boxes is no way to keep them Shane. Oops I mean Steve
  5. I truly dig these three bar 26" bikes. Great find.
  6. Thanks Curt! No. No relation to Patterson. What started as Blazer in Texas ended as Navajo in Arizona. The Navajo mini and 20" std and pro frames were made in the Blazer jigs. If you come across any of these frames with no decals then the rule of thumb is if it is painted then it was a Blazer and if it was chrome it was a Navajo. Also the Rebel mini is the same frame as the Blazer and Navajo. Navajo only lived for two years. 83 and 84. In 84 the owner planned to send production to GT to try and stay above board but the rumor was that Gary Turner made a verbal gentleman's agreement to build Navajo for the 85 model year and then never built a single frame which put Navajo out of business. Blazer and Rebel were intertwined in Tx and then Rebel moved to Tn to be built by Cycle Craft and Blazer moved to Az and became Navajo. Maybe Truly Odd can shed more light. I know he knows more about this.
  7. Just finished my second Navajo build Navajo Pro Warrior frame and fork Tioga Beartrap 2 headset SST Dirt Skirt GT Pro bars Ame Tri bubble font grips DC MX1000 caliper DC Tech 3 lever New cable DC seat clamp Diamond Back seat post Ariake Jaguar (Shotgun 2) Pro Neck Sugino CT 175 cranks Sugino 44t sprocket Sugino chainring bolts Isumi chrome chain KKT Lightning pedals DC brake pads Araya 7X 20x1.75 hoops Suzue loose ball hubs Shimano 16t freewheel Tange looseball bottom bracket Cal Lite pads 20x2.125 & 1.75 skinwall Cheng Shin Comp 3 tires