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  1. Douchebag. Yet people will line up to swing from his nuts.
  2. Yes. TOTALLY changed the whole mood of the bike. I love it now.
  3. Thanks guys. I'm truly no fan of gold parts but this just works. I also own a blue loopy PK from Steve that is all gold stuff too. Two is my limit I truly would like to find some legit 80s black JMC pads for this build.
  4. Does that family still hold that second STR1 or did it end up in Thailand?
  5. Yes the frame in the first pic is of said GJS and JU got it when his dad passed. He is in possession of it. He had it at the Society show this year, I believe.
  6. You are not the first person to ask that and I have no clue. My wife bought this place in 2010 before we met and only the outlets in the kitchen are like that. This house is a hundred years old and has been added onto at least twice.
  7. I have this original finish and decals 1980 SE Racing Basher with og finish and decals Race Inc forks I would like to trade for an og finish and decals 85 PK Ripper frame and CORRECT 85 Landing Gear forks.
  8. Seriously love the 85 and 86 PK's. I need to look and see if I have this issue.