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  1. What am I missing? $600 in brakes?? Guess that's why I dont do freestyle.....
  2. Here is a picture of how the bike was found. SUCKS it got parted out. Not any stellar parts but OG is king to me.
  3. No Patrick. That was a $5500 frameset (pictured). I PROMISE I didn't pay NEAR $5500 or even the sellers $5200 asking price, which he listed this for sale as soon as he read Jon wanted $5500 for his. I paid CONSIDERABLY less than that. First one is the one Jon has or had. Second one is mine.
  4. Yes sir. Gonna need help picking parts though. Thinking about black metal flange Tufs.
  5. 1984 GHP Trix Original finish and decals 1984 Trix with the early decals and forks This was found by Museum member MrOlive as a complete bike. It had been built and ridden in 84 and then stored in an attic until a few years ago when he found and bought it. Unfortunately he parted the bike out and sold the frame and fork to Museum member russman a couple of years ago. I was just able to make a deal to buy it. Neither of the previous owners ever cleaned the 36 year old dirt and grease off of it so I spent two hours degreasing, using rubbing compound, polishing compound twice and then wax to bring back it's original finish's shine and lustre. The early frames used the regular race forks. The later ones used the forks with built on pegs.
  6. Oh damn. I didn't realize yours was the very next serial up. I've always been bummed that the blue one had been refinished. Todd was bad for restoring bikes to make them "perfect". This one needs repaired and repowdered again.
  7. Wow, That thing is in really nice shape (except the wheel and tires).
  8. All good. The screen shot of the info from Masterstint is pretty much the gospel. He is the foremost expert on all things CBR.
  9. Your bike has no cross brace. The seat stay tubes have the brake bridge. Yours has no cross brace behind the bottom bracket shell so it makes yours a late 1980. Like stated elsewhere, that isnt a serial number.
  10. Late 1980 20" pro Cook Bros frame and fork with Cook Bros bars and Cook Bros stem.
  11. I deleted him and blocked his number in my phone. Jon's signature is the ULTIMATE irony. It reads: "RIP Shawn Grasso, Donnie is making $ hand over fist from your collection/donation and losing friends daily." So when member Shawn Grasso died a couple of years ago and LEFT his entire collection to Donnie TO DO WITH WHAT HE WANTED, that makes Donnie a POS who is profiting and losing friends daily from a dead man's collection THAT WAS GIFTED TO HIM, yet what you are doing is ok??????? You've been crying the blues for two years to anyone who will listen about how you wanted the og finish baby blue looptail Quad frame set and you've been flaming mad ever since he accepted Pat's higher offer. HOW DARE anyone dis THE JON HOFFMAN. Yet you walking on someone's grave and buying a bunch of NOS stuff of his that you now claim you are keeping, while pitting other members offers here THE SAME DAY you bought the stuff against the guys in Thailand. I think your exact words to one member was "you'll have to do better than Jame's offer from Thailand". Tell me again how big of a dick Donnie is........... and how different your actions are. You are so set on Donnie being a crook yet you are doing basically the EXACT same thing AND DEFENDING YOUR ACTIONS. PRICELESS.
  12. Jon Hoffman = the never ending poooor victim. Give me a fucking break. People like you are ALL the same. Money means EVERYTHING. More than family, love, whatever so I stand by my comment. If you had to choose between a pile of money or your kid, You'd be counting your money. Again, the VICTIM. "Brian brought my son into this". I didn't say ANYTHING bad about your kid so cut the dramatic bullshit. Go kill yourself. NOONE would EVER miss you, you fucking worthless piece of shit. I hope you choke on your "score of a lifetime". You are such a fucking compulsive liar. You yourself stated you were selling EVERYTHING except the gold PK "if I can afford to keep it". Again, Jon the poooooor penniless victim. Now you are keeping all of it? BULLSHIT. God you are a piece of shit.
  13. This is another NOS Quad from the North East Vulture scumbag flipper session taking advantage of a dead man's family last Saturday. Almost $4000 with the ridiculous shipping on the frame set. I can't wait for Karma to punch you fucking scumbags right in the fucking mouth. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1984-PINK-QUADANGLE-F-amp-F-Set-SE-Racing-PK-Ripper-Reynolds-531-BMX-Holy-Grail-/233650786008?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=lS4Aesy2dXtVqlsxLNh6jV4r1xM%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc