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  1. 48 hours soaking. PB Blaster in seat tube filled to the top. Cut a couple relief slots with a hacksaw down to the seat mast. Dumped out the PB Blaster this morning and stuck the remaining seat post in the bench vice. Clamped it down and started twisting the frame back anf forth and finally POP and I lifted the frame right off the sear post. Frame was greasy feeling from all the penatrant that ran down the frame so I washed the frame with soapy hot water and then went through the whole process again. Two rounds of rubbing compound, two rounds of polishing compound and then two rounds of wax. Nightmare finally over.
  2. No sir but Ive been given some good pointers from guys who have dealt with this so we will see what tomorrow brings.
  3. Sent the fork off today to be straightened but hoping to sell the LG and be able to buy some CBR forks. Decided to go ahead and bolt a stem to the seat post and attached the LG fork to the stem and twisted and the seat post snapped off so now it's back down to a bare frame. Filled the seat tube up with PB Blaster and then filled it with hot water and am letting it soak. It's about six inches into the frame.
  4. Also as far as the Tange being or not being bent, by looking at this set on Ebay, mine are extremely bent.
  5. Soooooo I spent ALOT of money on these 26" Landing Gear only to find out when I got them today and went to put them in the frame that Landing Gear steer tube is considerably shorter than the Tange. The LG steer tube is 6&3/8" long for a 5" head tube and the Prodyne has a 5&5/8" headtube so the needed fork has a steer tube that is 6&13/16" long. The LG fork top edge of the steer tube only comes up level with the top bearing.
  6. DIBS AND IMMEDIATE PAYPAL PAYMENT TO brianhaysbmx@yahoo.com Just bought these for my Prodyne only to find out that the Prodyne has a taller head tube than an OM Flyer and the steer tube is too short for the Prodyne. Unstamped 79-84 26" SE Racing Landing Gear forks. Original black finish and original gold decals. Dropouts, threads and fork race area are all perfect. Steer tube is 6&3/8" long for a 5" head tube. Just trying to recoop what I payed for them. $500 shipped. Will definitely trade for any fork that has a 6&13/16 steer tube for a 5&5/8" head tube 26" cruiser frame. Champion, VDC, Torker, CW, or Cook Bros
  7. I'll get it out when Im ready to redo the build and am ok with destroying the seat post. Just didnt want to do it now as Im temporarily gonna leave the bike as found other than the forks. Forks should be here tomorrow. Everything is scrubbed and reassembled. The good news on the post is that it has two fluted indents. One on each side so Ill keep spraying in those flutes.
  8. There is no hole in the BB to pour anything into the seat tube. I tried getting pb blaster in the keyhole but the post is tight and nothing gets between the post and the tube.
  9. NICE!!! I was sick when I saw the buyer parted out an all original bike. I wanted it bad but couldn't swing it. So glad you got the frame set. that thing turned out amazing!!!