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  1. Wow, all 400 (300 for world and 100 for NZ and Oz) sold out in 16 hours. $1629.99 each (all in) in US dollars paid up front. Stunning......
  2. Take it apart, clean it up and build it the way you/he wants it. DO NOT RUIN THE VERY NICE ORIGINAL FINISH AND DECALS ON THIS FRAME SET BY RESTORING (ruining) IT!!! If you want your son to have a nice perfect brand new looking bike then GO BUY HIM A BRAND NEW BIKE. Restoring this VERY NICE original frameset would be an ABSOLUTE TRAGEDY. Personally I would disassemble, clean and regrease everything. Buy new tires and tubes and grips and put it back together. I always use rubbing compound, polishing compound and then wax. The finish will shine. PLEASE do not restore this. Other option is sell it to me and go buy your son a brand new bike.
  3. This is AMAZING!! Tinley Park is only a couple hours north of me.
  4. https://www.bicycleretailer.com/industry-news/2020/10/05/race-inc’s-new-owner-plans-bring-back-bottema-fork#.X4DkwdZKiUk
  5. Don't know if anyone caught this but Race Inc was sold a few months ago from Chris in IN who had resurrected the name back in 2016 to ABC or American BMX Company. That same company has now bought all the rights to Bottema forks from Jeff Bottema. Yayyyyyy (NOT) (These are both screenshots from Facebook that I got as I DON'T do facebook).
  6. Yes. All three of my Navajo's forks are capped at the bottom of the steerer tube and bottom of the fork legs.
  7. Girlfriend runs every day so my fat ass doesn't stand a chance (yet).
  8. Yep. My new Fly Racing full face helmet arrived today and her orange/black full face Fox helmet to match her bike arrived yesterday. We literally are taking the next five days off to ride. We also just booked flights and hotels to go to the Grands over Thanksgiving to watch some good racing. Pretty stoked and it was her idea!
  9. Ya, they were 1983-84 only. Made in Arizona.
  10. Added a pair of 1982 dated og finish and decals Tange TRX forks.
  11. I don't usually do mini's but this is a nice addition to my two Navajo Warrior Pro's. Finish and head tube decal is original. All other decals are ebay replacements. I do plan on building it.