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  1. Loved the podcast Steve. Great interview. The guys were great. The guy I remembered was that motomag dude that wasn't there. He's the obnoxious one.
  2. Facebook is the devil. I will NEVER have a facebook again. Had it from 2009-2012. Never ever ever again,
  3. Listening now at work. I demand a current pic with the new goatee and stash.
  4. Wow. So glad you shaved and cut the dreads, Lenny Kravitz. Just looking at that pic makes my crotch hurt. I listened to the first. I'll listen again to this one but my tolerance for obnoxious humans is slim to none and those guys are over the top......and yes I'm sooooo sick of BMX collecting being about the money. It's all anyone (except about 10 of us) even care about. I wish all the flippers would drop dead.
  5. Any idea where he got it? He's horrible at responding to messages so I gave up. I also bought a complete mint og Greg Hill Replica Cycle Pro from him.
  6. Dragging this thread up from the basement. Bryce, does anyone know how many 26" and 24" frames your dad made? I read digging through the internet that approx 18 have been accounted for.
  7. Came from a guy named Kelly Coonrod. His Museum name is cancan.
  8. Recently was able to buy this 1983 Star Products frame, fork, and bars that have all been together since new. Original chrome and decals. Decals are kind of rough but still there.
  9. Thanks guys. I just also secured the first proto 20" alloy frame for the 2007 kickoff of the alloy frames. Working a deal on the matching 07 proto cruiser and some other smalls.
  10. IMMEDIATE PAYPAL PAYMENT TO brianhaysbmx@yahoo.com 1983 Race Inc RA10 in original red anodize, original red forks (together since new) and all original decals. Frame shows fading and the decals definitely show their age. No cracks but this IS A 37 year old race frame in its original glory. Headset NOT included. Look at pics and ask questions. NO I WILL NOT SEPARATE THE FRAME FROM THE FORK. Serial number is RA58764 which is 82 so It's a very early 83 frame. These were offered only for two years. 1983 and 1984. They look like a PK Ripper because they are. They were made in the PK Ripper looptail jig but use round front triangle tubes instead of floval tubes. $1200 shipped in the USA. That includes shipping and fees and all the bs. Be more to CANADA but with a shipping credit. Have a legitimate offer (meaning money ready in paypal immediately available) then hit me up by pm.