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  1. Brian Hays

    Bmx Redline

    16 days ago. I'd just smoke the ad, Patrick.
  2. 2013-11-05 3:14pm 1azbikeman Museum Newbie Registered: 2006-08-16 Posts: 16 Bikes: 2 Feedback: 1 0 0 PM E-mail Super Rare DG-1 BMX Bike stolen! Reward for information. (Repost) Hello fellow BMX brothers. My prized possession Jeff Bottemas original 1976 chrome DG-1 team bike serial # DG1 was stolen out of a locked storage unit in Mesa Az. I had the bike there during a move and someone broke the lock on the storage unit and took it. I don`t think they know what the bike is so hopefully it will show up at a pawn shop locally. If you do see it on E-bay or Craigslist locally please contact me or the local police dept. There will be a reward for the return of the bike. Thanks for your help with this. I am hoping it will eventually end up online somewhere since it is such a rare item and easily spotted.I have the bike posted on the museum under my username if you want to check out pictures of it. (I can`t figure out how to post pics on this forum). Thanks Randy Pittaluga 480-703-6887 2017-06-16 1:29am 1azbikeman Museum Newbie Registered: 2006-08-16 Posts: 16 Bikes: 2 Feedback: 1 0 0 PM E-mail Re: 1977 DG Racer Jeff Bottema Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know this bike was stolen out of my rented storage while I was in the process of moving. If anyone hears about it showing up online for sale please contact me there is a reward for its return. The serial # is DG-1 Thanks Randy Pittaluga 480-703-6887 Offline He posted it was stolen on 11/05/13 in one thread. In another thread he posts on 6/16/17 (four years later) that it was stolen but says nothing of the 2013 incident and now Jeff posts on FB on 1/22/2021 again that it is stolen???? sorry. Very weird.
  3. So it was stolen in 2013, 2017 and 2021??? I call BULLSHIT.
  4. With that serial, it is a 2003-newer Chinese owned SE. Post a pic here or email me at brianhaysbmx@yahoo.com and I'll help you. Those serials don't mean much outside of the build factory.
  5. Woohoo! I'm famous. Awesome read. Good stuff Steve. Thanks for the props. I'm gonna go back and check out the other 15 episodes.
  6. Great thread to bring back!! The PK I posted on page two is long gone but I have had this RA7 since Christmas Eve of 2012 when a bunch of members here surprised me with it. It is one of a handful I will always have. Truly miss the old days and crew that were here.
  7. Sweet Jesus. Put it on Ebay with a dollar starting bid and watch what happens. If it was original finish, I would be all over it.
  8. Glad to hear. No one keeps anything anymore.
  9. Wife got me the Sprintblock as a surprise too. https://www.sprintblock.com/
  10. Ya, the track is great and well kept. It is owned by the park district so as long as it's dry, the gates are open and anyone can ride. She definitely IS a keeper. She wanted a practice gate for Christmas so I got her one. We spent yesterday cleaning out the front room of the shop (tore out a sink and countertop to put the treadmill and race bikes in so we would have room for the manual machine and practice gate in the back of the shop.