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  1. Ya no kidding. Im not sold on this new brake lever either. May buy yet another one.
  2. Steve, still having issues posting more than 4 pics at a time. Literally have to close the tab on my phone and then re-enter web address every time I post four pics.
  3. Well she's finally done. After much back and forth in my head, I decided to initially go with the "as raced/ as found" combo. I'm a complete sucker for true survivors. I can't say thanks enough to shotgun for the help straightening the fork and farmboy for hooking me up with the exact seat post I needed and Metzone for the hookup on the exact tire I needed. As I said before, I replaced the tubes, rim strips, seat post, and added a brake cable ( it didn't have one). Everything has been scrubbed and polished (more than once). I also changed the brake lever. Otherwise it is all as it was back in 1981-82. Prodyne frame Tange TX1200 fork Tange headset Tange bottom bracket GT gen 2 bars Mushroom copy grips Shimano brake lever DiaCompe brake cable Shimano Tourney caliper Dia Compe brake pads ACS Stoker seat / Strong post combo ACS seat post clamp DK inverted stem Sugino spider Sugino sprocket Shimano DX pedals Ashtabula 178mm cranks (originally red) Sugino chain ring bolts Ukai 26x1.75 7C front rim Araya 26x1.75 7X rear rim Cooks Bros sealed hubs Izumi 3/32" chain Suntour freewheel Tioga Comp 3 26x1.75 front tire Snakebelly 26x1.75 rear tire
  4. Thanks. I read through it. My SG1 is dated 12/82 and the SG2 is dated 3/83.
  5. Feb 1984 frame. It is a PR200 which is a 19.5" top tube . They also made the PR200S which was for standard (not short as some claim) that had an 18.5" top tube. The seat tube decal says PR200 or PR200S to denote the difference. There has been a set of PR series forks on Museum in the for sale section for awhile.
  6. Cant believe its been a year and a half already.
  7. Also open to other trades. 80s Redline Flite full wrap cranks with BB and sprocket, Profile Box cranks with BB and spider, Technique midschool cranks with BB, Crupi pedals. Early 80s silver, chrome or black Tuf or Pro Neck. Early 80s Araya 7X silver, chrome, polished or black 20x1.75 rims with NICE hubs for my DY or whatcha got??
  8. When were the Cycle Pro 1 & 2 release dates? Google returns nothing here or anywhere. Thanks.