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  1. God, people are FUCKING STUPID. Motherfucker needs a bullet.
  2. Spent all day at the track again yesterday. Have also been the last two Friday nights there watching the races. I ordered a new Chase Edge race cruiser this weekend too. Love my 20" but want to ride the cruiser as well. She's going to try it out. May order her one too.
  3. Yikes Steve!!! Unreal. Stay safe. If I could only save one, I think it would be my Prodyne.
  4. That's the plan Jon. We went Friday night and watched the races at the track. We went back today to ride again but the gate was locked to keep people out because it rained hard there yesterday. Way harder than 30 miles north, at home so we went back home and got the ramp out.......I'm currently planning on buying a longer complete 20 and a 24 race bike.
  5. They didn't come with anything. They were sold as a frame only. No kits or frame / forks were offered. I have seen a couple different pics from bitd that both had Landing Gear Lites on them. A black one and the only other candy blue one seen thus far.
  6. We went back today and had the entire place to ourselves.
  7. The manual machine that she built after watching youtube videos last Sunday.
  8. Today (Labor Day) is my wife and I's 7 year anniversary that we have been together. Next month on Oct 4th will be our 4 year wedding anniversary. She has always been very supportive of my collecting and she is who got me riding again.We started riding together when my two nephews sold me their matching DK General Lee 24" bikes that they had got new for Christmas 2008 that were still hanging in their parents garage after they had both gone off to college at Northern IL University. The bikes are fun but pretty heavy. One Sunday a couple months ago, I went out to our shop and Melissa (my wife) was out there building a ramp to jump. We had a blast jumping on the GL bikes but again, they are super heavy. A few weeks ago I surprised her with a brand new 2020 DK Swift Pro and soon after she said she wanted to learn to do manuals and wanted to go to the track. At that point I bought myself a "new" 2005 Free Agent Limo. We made the 40 min drive to the Springfield IL BMX park today after going to Scheels Sat to get helmets. We had a blast. Track has Wed night practices and Fri night races but is otherwise open to the public. The weather was perfect. We had a ball. Planning on going back today!!!
  9. Not sure. I wanna concentrate funds on the GHP Trix frameset I just bought. I did buy a set of date correct OG finish and decals Tange TRX forks for this frame yesterday though.
  10. Did a thorough clean up on it with rubbing compound, polishing compound and wax.