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  1. Yep!! I remember that being on Ebay with that pic forever but he wouldn't ship, if I remember right. I had also bought a new 2007 retro when they came out and wish I had never sold it too.
  2. I too have always wanted one of these. Congrats!!!
  3. MaGoo, I sure will!! You are soooo right about the speed. I hadn't said anything here but I wiped out hard in turn 2 at practice a couple weeks ago. Riding hard, was too low going into the turn, front tire got in the damp stuff from the rain the day before. My smooth V tires got coated in sandy dirt and the front end washed out up the blacktop berm and I went down hard. Tore up my new helmet and my body. Multiple trips to the chyro to fix my back and a week and a half off from riding. Had to buy another new helmet. Speed was there. Talent was lacking.
  4. Backside of the team jersey worn by one of the Ace young guns
  5. Another great night of racing at Springfield. White puffy clouds in the sky and 70 degrees. Our third race. I got third all three motos and Melissa got fourth. The kicker is that she is now riding her GHP cruiser instead of her 20" Chase and I literally only beat her by inches all three motos. I had to pedal my ass off on the last straight to stay in front of her. She is improving leaps and bounds. The T.O. took a bunch of pics tonight. I'm 934 and she is 933. We are also going to another track about 1.5 hours away to race their opening night tomorrow ( been rained out three weeks in a row). We are both finally adjusting to the new track build and I'm starting to like it. OH and on a total surprising STUNNING note, my wife and I will both be riding wearing jerseys and pants just like these in the pic below starting next week as we have been asked to join and ride for the Ace Bike Shop race team!!! The two head guys from the team told us that we both need to be representing their shop and would we like to join. We were speechless. Ace Bike Shop in Springfield has been in business since 1957 and has always been owned by one family. Ace has also had a very tight relationship with Sprigfield BMX Race Track every year since 1978 through 2021 and counting. The shop even has it's own oldschool BMX collection room with bikes and jerseys from all the years span as well as stacks of photo albums from races from 78 on. GREAT GREAT BMX specific bike shop. Been a great day, guys!! The team manager, Jeff said us being out there racing each other at our age is cool and Ace wants us to be part of the team.
  6. Top pic is a week ago Fri doing warm up laps. I wasn't able to race Fri because of work but Melissa rode and got 3rd on her GHP cruiser I built for her.
  7. As I've said 8 million times, PK serial numbers mean jack shit. If it was a 79-84 looptail then the serial will tell you what year but nothing else. 1985 frames had a one year only serial sequence so it's easy. 1986-1999 PK frames all had serials PKxxxx. These meant absolutely nothing. They were pre stamped dropouts thrown in a box. Post a pic of the frame and I can give you a year range but noone can tell you an exact year by a serial number.
  8. What you have here is a nice original finish 1979 Race Inc RA7. It looks to be in nice original shape. As long as it has no cracks (usually at the seat tube slot or on the drive side where the chainstay tube bends around at the "matchbox"). Your frame is nice but it is nowhere near a $2000 frame. In the shape it is in, just the frame is currently $500ish. You can email me if you have any questions. Email is brianhaysbmx@yahoo.com
  9. Little fun fact. I have this late 85 GHP Pro 2 (post VDC production with serial on BB).that the OG owner bought from Greg out of the back of his van at an east coast race. All og decals. The forks are the Phase 1 forks and the seat post is also stamped Taiwan so apparently at the end of the first incarnation of GHP some of the Phase 1 / Redline parts were being used for GHP.
  10. Anytime!! Love me some GHP. Let me look to see if I have that mag tonight.
  11. Ran our first race tonight. 13 motos. Ran 46-50 novice and took three thirds. Melissa had to run us three guys and finished fourth but stayed with us the whole track. Great night!
  12. The track just posted this pic of me and Melissa leaving the gate.
  13. As many of you know, I bought my wife a new DK Swift Pro last August and we started going to the local track every Fri night and watching the races and riding that track every Sat and Sun from Aug through Nov. We then bought a Fresh Park practice gate and used it all winter as well as exercises and treadmill. Well tonight was the first practice night at the track and we went. We were kinda feeling like it was the first day of high school but everyone was so friendly and amazing. There were over 60 people at practice. At 49, my wife and I are the oldest registered racers at the track but we hope to show all the parents that they should join and just have fun. Friday night will be the first BMX race of my life. Hers too. I rode from 4 until 16 but never raced. The feeling and excitement is amazing. We were able to do alot of gate starts and make as many laps as my legs would allow. Wish us both luck on Friday. The only problem is that now I literally have as many new school race bikes as I do old school bikes. It's a disease. We both had our new Chase bikes there but we also made laps on my 2013 GHP 24.
  14. Mike Hey All very valid points. In 1975 I was 4yr old so....... Again GREAT build!
  15. Absolutely not. I just knew that's what it had to be so I posted that. ;) Just had never seen that before......ya know, because I'm not old like you!
  16. Is the master link the thing that someone would point out or am I missing something else?
  17. No clue how I missed this last year. This is freaking amazing!
  18. AMAZING build as always. Nice red or orange master link too. Please cut the zipties.
  19. I've only seen two of the 77's like yours. Yours in blue ano and another gold ano one.
  20. Ya, I saw last week in AZ at the National that Eric Rupe and Harry Leary were racing 50 and over cruiser. Those guys were flying!!
  21. It is a 2004-2007 Hi tensile freestyle Quad. It's literally worth $150 MAX.