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  1. Ya, I'd be drawn right to this. People either "get it" or they don't. We do!!
  2. Great info!! Does the candy blue PK still have Skyways on it?
  3. Landing Gear were Landing Gear. They weren't specific to any SE frame. from 78-82 SE only offered all of their stuff piece by piece. If you wanted a PK Ripper frame, it had it's price. If you wanted a Quad frame, it had it's price. If you wanted Landing Gear, you bought them separate. A PK Ripper didn't come with LG forks. They were purchased separately. The no hole dropout Landing Gear were the very first run of Landing Gear in 1980. Rare forks for sure but not necessarily specific to PK Rippers. S.Brothers has an original finish looptail Quad that has matching no hole LG forks on it since new.
  4. Gusset resembles an early Panda too but dav451 is right. Google Madison bmx and a ton of pics pop up.
  5. No. The face of both sides is smooth. The back and sides are rough cast. It's just for looks.
  6. It is my understanding that only the 7000 frame had these dropouts.
  7. Well Im an idiot. Didn't have my glasses on. Just pulled it back apart. Front is an 800 and rear is an 810 stamped on the back. Both dated may of 83. Here is close up pics. I at least was right about Dia Compe
  8. Sweet. Ive always had a thing for the Murray and Huffy complete bikes. My first BMX bike was a 1981 Sears Free Spririt FS500 made by Murray so I have deep roots. Love the Stu Huffy too.
  9. The front and rear both have that quick release (which I've never seen before). Both calipers have a "g" on them in black and the front also has AC800 on it. Both calipers are clearly stamped Dia Compe on the back side of them. I'll get pics of the backside of both. Also, as far as the Huffy Pro Lightning and Stu Thomsen bikes, Huffy owned Raleigh from 1982-1986, so good eye! Here's a link. https://www.sheldonbrown.com/retroraleighs/huffy.html
  10. 1998 GT Performer all original except sprocket and pedals. 98 Performer bought new at my local bike shop by a friend of mine back in 98. He changed the GT sprocket out for a DK 43t and switched the plastic GT pedals for alloy Fishbone pedals.
  11. All original Raleigh R7000fs. Top of the line race bike from Raleigh. Frame set is 555s chromoly tubing. This bike was found by Museum member DUG. DUG was walking out of the bike shop as the OG owner was getting out of his truck with the bike in the back. DUG asked about the bike and the owner said he was there to see if anyone was interested in buying it. DUG bought it and sold it to me. 100% ORIGINAL. Completely disassembled, cleaned, greased and reassembled by me. 1983 R7000FS frame and fork in original smoked chrome finish and original decals Tange 125 headset Suntour stem Raleigh smoked chrome mustache bars Fuan grips Dia Compe Tech 3 levers Dia compe brake cables Dia Compe 810 and 800 calipers Dia Compe brake pads Raleigh/ Viscount seat Raleigh fluted layback post Suntour broken arrows seat post clamp Takagi 175mm cranks Tange bottom bracket Suntour XC2 pedals decal'd as Raleigh Izumi 3/32 chain Suntour 16t freewheel Duralum 44t sprocket Sugino chain ring bolts Tuf Neck disc Araya Aero 20x1.75 rims Suntour Gyro Master sealed hubs Raleigh skinwall tires and tubes Raleigh pad set
  12. That is crazy. Great stuff. As far as donating, you can contact Steve through here or facebook or use the site paypal/email address bmxsociety@gmail.com The support link here isnt working.
  13. Sod's my dad. He's Sr and Im Jr.
  14. DING DING DING. You took the words right out of my mouth. Coupe, NO ONE thinks you or Lin are trying to be shady. It's the rest of the worthless human race I'm worried about.