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  1. My first thought was that it looks like an expert frame. Based on the dropouts it does certainly look like a Blacklite. I thought it could be a Rebel but I think the dropouts are too short. JMC?
  2. So cool!!! Bring it back to its former glory
  3. Wow, I think that is my favourite Rebel mini I've seen.
  4. Gosh, some people have all the luck... Killer find. I actually really dig the randomly placed stickers.
  5. Texasbmx

    Elf jr pro

    Pretty cool little bike
  6. The stem is placed too high, it could easily snap if somebody pushed the handlebars too hard. You need to take a wrench to the headset and lower it so it doesn't snap. That stem is worth a lot of money, would be a shame to break the wedge in half.
  7. Did these come with landing gear forks or race inc?
  8. It'll clean up. That is one of the coolest survivor blazers I have ever seen, even though it isn't complete. I am very jealous. Really wish I didn't sell all of my stuff :/
  9. The value is whatever I am willing to pay for it Amazing bike! Looks as if it was just raced the other day. Do you live in Texas?
  10. Looks more like a survivor than a build. Amazing