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  1. Sending a message right now I need to clear out my messages, I can't send anything right now. On mobile so I cant do that. PayPal is Noahgannusa@gmail.com
  2. Don't know what to ask, $40 shipped OBO seems fair, pm me with an offer. (1) Used Cycle Pro Snakebelly black 24 x 1.75. Great for show, could be ridden but I wouldn't recommend riding on any old tires as they will depreciate in value. 4
  3. 1980/81 Blazer Racing Mini frame. Frame has the original paint and decals. Some of the paint is scratched off mainly in the back but there are some chips in the front too. Tried to photograph to my best ability. Frame is in nice survivor shape but by no means is the paint perfect. No dents dings or rewelds. Frame is in very nice usable shape. $130 or best offer let me know if you want more pictures.
  4. Early red Cycle Pro/Jaguar Shotgun seat. I was led to believe the guts were original but they should be stamped, these are not. some wear but not bad. $60 shipped to the lower 48. unstamped GT layback seat post, 1981-1985. has zig zags as pictured and isn't perfect but there is no bend to it and no dings or anything. $40 shipped $50 OBO Black California Lite pad set. The bar pad and stem pad are Johar and are in very very nice shape. The frame pad is an earlier Perry Kramer and it is faded and has lots of dirt on it. Not the best shape but still functionally great. 43t Redline Bubble Font sprocket for sale. This chainring has some scratches but pretty good shape. Not bent, chainwheel lays flat and is in very good usuable shape. 2nd generation chainring from the early to late 80s that fits both kinds of chains. $80 shipped or best offer I have a pair of baby blue ame rounds that need a cleaning. no rips or tears. $25 shipped OBO
  5. I think TEXMEXBMX from the museum has a rebel with the same dropout/serial as well.
  6. has anybody come across a Rebel with a "P1568" serial on the rear dropout?
  7. yes it did. I can't edit it
  8. I was thinking Mike and/or Dave may have been friends with them and gave them an old Blazer for one of the Blacklite riders to race but then again it could have just been a coincidence.