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  1. Some interesting stuff in this thread. Comment and bike wise.
  2. With the right advice and methods what you have will clean up better than what you think. Just think it over a little before you do anything.
  3. That is a classic looking Schwinn.
  4. Cool looking pair of Torkers
  5. Nice job finding a old thread .Good luck on the build mike. Great looking bike psycho. One of these was my first true BMX bike.
  6. Pretty cool. Neat alternative to a trophy. Have one from a local track a few years newer.
  7. Sad to hear of this. Another person who made a mark on many of our lives.
  8. Cool little thread. Remember that BMXA very well. Thought that was a cool looking bike.
  9. That looks like a killer bitd racer. Great job.
  10. Race Inc and Quad look good. The JMC came alive with the parts swap for me. Was nice before but now is perfect.
  11. The old hot rod way to cut weight. Drill it out and if it doesn't break drill it a few more times.
  12. Think I was on F-book for less than two days and just dId away with my account. Just didn't like it at all.