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  1. That is a fine looking JMC. Nice parts selection.
  2. Have had multi-speed road bikes and mountain bikes and they just never clicked. Have a 26in. BMX that I ride for the really long hauls, but go back to my 20's for just about everything else. Just feel more comfortable on them.
  3. Slowly putting it together. Chrome Ashtabula cranks, Tange headset+ forks, Schwinn seat+bb.
  4. Happy Birthday a few days late.
  5. Sometimes you have to just swap things around. Changes give it a different attitude compared to before.
  6. Had one as a kid and figured it would be neat to have one again. Put up a want to buy on the Museum and a guy in New York replies. Says he has two frames, one well ridden and one near nos. Price was fine with me and picked the nicer of the two. Silver color like the one I had so that's a plus.
  7. Cool pic. Nothing to post up here.
  8. Couple of wear spots on it are showing the primer and paint that Schwinn used. Very clean, more scuffs from storage than use by the looks of it.
  9. You're never too old Brian. Looks like both of you are enjoying it. Have fun and race on.