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  1. You're never too old Brian. Looks like both of you are enjoying it. Have fun and race on.
  2. That is some nice work you have put into that wheel. Looks good and look forward to seeing the whole project move along.
  3. KTLA 5 news this morning showed a June 2021 show for Valley Relics Museum. Is that picking up for this show.
  4. Interesting project you have going on. Look forward to seeing how this moves along.
  5. Maybe Snipes Park picture #1 and Corona Norco YMCA for #2.
  6. American, Euro, Mid bottom bracket and now this type. These bikes are starting to confuse me.
  7. Finally got it back together. Had to have top part of steerer tube replaced to fix fitment issue. Rides nice just need to do some small adjustments to dial it in.