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  1. Brian and TrulyOdd can add me in too on this one. It's too nice to redo.
  2. Great looking bike. Built the way it had to be. Those were the days.
  3. Have always had a liking for non chrome bikes. Looks great.
  4. Fork straightened, post unstuck rather eventful rebuild. Bike looks great.
  5. Bought a couple of British BMX magazines and found this ad. Expert size frameset which matches the bike they tested in the same issue.
  6. That bike is off the chain. Little bit of humor during these rough days. Bike looks great.
  7. That is some cool stuff to see. Thanks for posting them up.
  8. Nice pick up. A Patterson is on the wish list someday.
  9. The work on the frame really made the color pop up. Came out great looking.
  10. Will be cool if more info and pics pop up. Just this little bit is pretty neat.
  11. Riding around a little today. Had a long line for drive thru. Don't know if they would have let me go use drive thru on the bike.
  12. Top notch build. Parts are dead on for this.
  13. You're doing the best thing. Things are just too fluid at this point. Best to just wait for things to settle down.