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  1. American, Euro, Mid bottom bracket and now this type. These bikes are starting to confuse me.
  2. Finally got it back together. Had to have top part of steerer tube replaced to fix fitment issue. Rides nice just need to do some small adjustments to dial it in.
  3. That cleaned up nicely. Worth the work.
  4. So true. Just a chance to clear the head and try to relax.
  5. Just wandering around town today.
  6. Nice looking collection of bikes and welcome to the site.
  7. Bike was listed in Stolen section of Museum in 2013. Owner updated bikes submission in 2017 saying it was stolen in 2013. So looks like just 2013 and 2021. Still odd though, sorry for any confusion. Edited original post to try and clear it up.
  8. Well that sucks. 2017 repost of it being stolen in 2013 https://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=5854147#p5854147 Is this the same bike. Says it was stolen once before . Somebody must want this bike in a bad way. Guess this was original posting for its theft in 2013. https://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=4504349#p4504349