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  1. Little bit of tinkering around on this has made some differences on it.
  2. That works for me. Looks good with the Motomags
  3. Glad it made it to you in good shape considering the packing job. Pretty nice race piece for time period.
  4. That is cool. RRS did some really outside the box at the time stuff. I think I remember seeing this bike a few times during practice at Corona Norco YMCA and San Bernardino YMCA among other tracks.
  5. That is pure old school goodness. Looks great.
  6. That brace on the bottom of the stem would have been a good spot to have welded on a badge or medallion showing it was one of so many of the 2019 production run. Not just tacked but fully welded like some of the Robinsons' had.
  7. Impressive looking ride. Cool that you have kept it since then.
  8. That is a beauty. Like the look of the black chainring also. Was wondering with these if anyone has noticed a difference in the ride or feel of the 531 vs. 4130 Quads. One stiffer or flexible than the other type thing. Maybe it had been brought up elsewhere but just curious.