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  1. Original owner on this one. My dad bought it new in early '84 for me.
  2. Have to agree with you. This would definitely be one to add.
  3. Rumor mill on other site has it that BMX Action might also be on shopping list. Fact or fiction wonder if Oz is up to date on his trademark. This Marc guy seems to be on the hunt for old names to revive/hijack.
  4. A build done with a purpose. Great looking bike.
  5. That is some pretty impressive hardware he picked up. Congrats are definitely in order.
  6. Medallion on it looks like it was pulled out of reject bucket. Probably why it was a leftover.
  7. Wonder if Jack let the trademark lapse or something, and this other company took advantage of it.
  8. Wonder what's next. VDC, Nomura, Slingshot ? At this point I guess nothing is sacred for the mighty $$$$$$$$$.
  9. This the shipping disaster that somehow didn't happen bike? Glad you got it despite the way how the box looked and how it was delivered .
  10. Pretty impressive riding for anybody. Congrats on his commitment and ability to riding.