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  1. Cool to see you return. Sounds like you still managed to be involved with bikes other than BMX ones. Probably really nice doing that in Colorado too.
  2. One of the founding fathers of BMX. Doesn't seem like its been five years already.
  3. Probably the best thingto do. Things are changing daily almost so trying to put on a event would be difficult.
  4. Hope my math is wrong but that article is almost 41 years old. I'm getting old but the bike is timeless.
  5. X-Caliber for the weight watchers, Suntour for the dollar watchers. Laguna has the over engineered market covered. Cool little article.
  6. Those two look great together. Job well done.
  7. Lucky kid back then. Lucky you now. Nice looking race rig.
  8. Some interesting stuff in this thread. Comment and bike wise.
  9. With the right advice and methods what you have will clean up better than what you think. Just think it over a little before you do anything.
  10. That is a classic looking Schwinn.
  11. Cool looking pair of Torkers
  12. Nice job finding a old thread .Good luck on the build mike. Great looking bike psycho. One of these was my first true BMX bike.
  13. Pretty cool. Neat alternative to a trophy. Have one from a local track a few years newer.