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  1. This was at the Society show earlier this year. Getting the Curtis Pro bars for it was a nice addition.
  2. 2009 Holmes retro. Still tweaking on it.
  3. Voted with phone. Worked good.
  4. It was a great show and enjoyed it very much. Met some new people and saw some more unique and rare bikes.
  5. A good read with a bunch of cool pics.
  6. Well a set of VDC Monkey Bars for sale at Museum. Guy says they are new and locally made. Not sure of his location. That pretty much sucks.
  7. Look forward to the show. Sounds like the local community is going to be actively involved. Which would be great for a event like this.
  8. Quads and Tuffs just work well together.
  9. Thats gone together nicely. Job well done.