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  1. Nice MTB. Wish I could have got mine for free when I bought mine. Bought on credit and made bike payments for a year.
  2. Don't know what it is, but looks good so far.
  3. Very nice one to pick up.
  4. Claremont Village to San Dimas out and back ride today.
  5. Will check that out next time I go down that way. Actually rode by the ocean end of it on my last trip and thought about going on it but didn't.
  6. Some cool stuff. 70's definitely a time for innovation and experimenting.
  7. "If it doesn't move, drill it. If it moves, drill it anyway. " Remember seeing a few mini's that fit this description.
  8. Definitely changes up the look of the bike. Looks great.
  9. Was down in Oceanside a few weeks ago.
  10. Added new Oury grips and MKS rat traps, so done for now. Might change a few things as time goes by. Yellow grips are because mine from back in the day had them.