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  1. Will be cool if more info and pics pop up. Just this little bit is pretty neat.
  2. Riding around a little today. Had a long line for drive thru. Don't know if they would have let me go use drive thru on the bike.
  3. Top notch build. Parts are dead on for this.
  4. You're doing the best thing. Things are just too fluid at this point. Best to just wait for things to settle down.
  5. Figured a reschedule was a possibility. World is kind of crazy right now and like you mentioned Oakley is a big company and has to watch what it does. Never thought what is happening now would ever occur. Thanks for posting up a update for all those that have to do major travel plans. .
  6. Diamond in the rough. That came out great looking.
  7. Getting ready to drop into San Bernardino CA
  8. Irvine area should have some good hotels, possibly pricier though. Just check those hotel booking sites I guess.
  9. Race bike guy myself, but these year and style of Haro are my favorites. Looks great as always.
  10. Thanks for bumping this. That is one impressive looking RRS.
  11. Yep I know him, bought some pedals off him. He's about 30 miles or less from me or was when I dealt with him.
  12. Very impressive collection of GHP frames and such going on here. Nice stuff.
  13. Think this was local to me. Looking at dropouts and serial number is this VDC built ?
  14. Some pretty cool stuff going on here. Look forward to seeing the progress.
  15. Cool little read on a big bike. Couple adds on side a bonus to check out.
  16. Not familiar with these but this one looks very nice.
  17. Ten years apart and together again. Nice looking bike and interesting history.