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  1. Looks like some people are going to be happy and some others are going to be very unhappy. Cool to see it happen anyways.
  2. Figured to add to this thread instead of starting a new one. Picked this up from Leo (the flowrider ) Azusa Racing Frameset and pads . Redline double pinch cranks, Profile BB, Neptune spider, MCS chainring, Raceface AEffect pedals, KMC half link chain, TNT pro bars, Knight inverted stem and seatpost clamp, SDG Bel Air seat, Sun Envy rims, Technique Rocket Pod hubs, Kenda K-Rad tires, Shimano DXR brakes and Ame grips.
  3. Sad it got redone. But maybe that saved it from being scrapped and now it can go back to nickel finish with someone who knows what they have.
  4. Some cool stuff was probably talked about.
  5. Cool looking bike. Seat is interesting. Race only guy myself so won't be much help on its history.
  6. Hi Mike. Might have crossed paths back in 82-84. Ran a couple of the same tracks. Like TrulyOdd pointed out if you got anything to share, we are most definitely interested in seeing things.
  7. Stay safe up that way Steve. Sad to see that about Palfreyman and everyone else who lost everything. My save also a no brainer. My VDC, had since day one and just has so many memories attached to it.
  8. Being a race bike guy pads are normally needed. But this one shows they are not necessary.
  9. See if you are close to any BMX tracks that might be open. Go and check out what bikes kids like yours are riding. Maybe even get a quick test ride to check size fit. Might even come across something for sale. Like mentioned local bike shops and online shops are low on supply and waiting for restocking. Best of luck.
  10. Cool looking build on this one and look forward to seeing the 29er when you get it together.
  11. Patrick is a good one indeed. Has great bikes and a attitude that matches them.
  12. You've probably heard it enough. But if not, leave it alone. Awesome as is.
  13. Good starting point. Work well with the red of these. Which is a great looking shade of it.
  14. Pretty cool looking. Always thought this was a odd bike. As in GHP made a freestyle bike just to have one to fit in with all the other manufacturers.
  15. Cool you got it finished up the way you want it.
  16. Cool to see you return. Sounds like you still managed to be involved with bikes other than BMX ones. Probably really nice doing that in Colorado too.
  17. One of the founding fathers of BMX. Doesn't seem like its been five years already.
  18. Probably the best thingto do. Things are changing daily almost so trying to put on a event would be difficult.