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  1. your right ,i too was judging someone i dont know ,i avoided posting for a while, but its hard to not respond to posts like this, your response seemed to just prove my point. i can back up what i said about tim with pics and witnesses,is there anything to backup the claim those people are short sighted or narrow minded ? from what i understood , an opinion on whether you think its ok to mod these old bikes or not was asked,not that specific project, like you i should have stopped at that, because i keep pissing people off ,i stand by what i said , but either way ,sorry to everyone i offended while i was here ,bye.
  2. short sighted and narrow minded for not thinking the way you do, ya, no superiority complexes here. i love these old bikes as much as anyone , and i recently sold several bikes so they could be preserved for a while instead of riding them into the ground, but why not do anything you want to them while you have them ?,nothing lasts forever, no matter what you do ! cars and bikes are just man made objects,stressing on what other people do with they're stuff will just make whats really important shorter, life. roll that up and smoke it.
  3. everything happens for a reason, thanks guys. I never stopped riding, but I stopped racing , looking at mags, and going to bike shops in the mid 80's so my knowledge is limited, even about some of the stuff I have . I build bikes and ride em til they break, I have 15 or 20 built and about the same unbuilt ,but I am not a collector, and after discovering this world of collectors recently , I feel guilty destroying destroying these old bikes and decided to sell some to people who deserve them , part of it is due to a surgery needed on my arm preventing me from riding the last 4 years ,and I don't want to look at my bikes ,I want to ride them, and might not be able to even with the surgery. with that said , can someone suggest where to sell them, here, ebay , the museum or ? any input appreciated, thaks guys.
  4. that is fuckin sick. I am jelly, the lake I live on only allows electric motors
  5. I never weighed more than 120, but I got to the point where it was near impossible to land softly, my quad bent at a jumping contest at SeaTac race track my best of 3 was 17 ft. ,but it was a flat landing, it would be hard to bend a quad if you sucked at jumping. there were a lot of bikes I shouldn't have been jumping ,the race bikes, but a lot of stuff broke that seemed indestructible, like a few flite crank arms, 2 spokes on 1st gen graphs, my ta in 4 places, etc. we built a jump at a dock on greenlake in seattle, water landings saved me a lot of money. same jump that tinker was pictured in on the back of bmxa. I will start a new thread with some jumping bitd, and hope others will post some too, whether they have style or not, I won't put them down.
  6. I gave up on s.e., they look cool until ridden, the only 1 I had that didn't break was my steel quad that bent. most of em lasted about as long as milk that was left out. I traded the pk and the flyer so they wouldn't end up in the trash with the others.
  7. my buddies mr. bmx was a 24", he did buy it new, I think he said he got it in 1980 ? still cant find pics of 1
  8. I didn't see the pic of the forks ,are these the same I have that your talking about ?
  9. austraila, shark noodling by croc

  10. o.k.,i'll assume you were just in a bad mood being sick,but i thought my response was very tame,considering the irrational post. we do agree on the bad first impression. no hard feelings, we are here for the love of bikes, and it got sidetracked. i will try to keep it on track if i do continue posting, and i'm sure to post more true but crazy claims that you will probably want to respond to, i do and will give respect until being disrespected, i don't believe i responded to anyone here negatively that didn't disrespect me first. so,we can sweep this under the rug,or you can ignore me,your choice, either way ,the earth will keep spinning. dogspeed in getting rid of your cold , cheers.
  11. noted on the posting meant that I understood to keep it private from now on, if that was unclear, sorry. to refer to someone as a fraud is only slanderous if its accompanied with a false accusation of what exact fraud was committed ,and the proof that the persons reputation was harmed. I wouldn't describe anyone the way I did without having something to back it up in the first place. and thanks for the correction on cooks,i couldn't be more embarrassed. and that little boy did leave out plenty on his quote ,and he is right about having no knowledge of skyways timeline, and he seems to be pretty upset for not giving a fuck about skyway frames. most of you guys are maintaining respect without agreeing on anything I say,but comments made like aussies are making it unclear whether someone is having a bad day,or is confusing being compassionate with being a hater. I know nobody will be crying if I stop posting, but spending more time defending my posts isn't as fun as discussing bikes. ya ,I'm a newb and have posted a couple things I learned I shouldn't have, but if some of the people read my entire posts before lashing out ,my time wouldn't be wasted repeating myself. not trying to disrespect you curt, but I have lost respect for few. our love for old bikes should have us on the same team, but some of the people here are riding solo. going for ride on my jmc, true medication. peace out.
  12. i think i will take my cruiser for a spin and think about jim. rip
  13. my friend was moving and gave me this rl 20 and a rl 22,both with esp necks ,flites and hutch pedals,i took the cranks off and put them on the 84 ta another friend gave me.